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Last one (I hope): I have one (1) opening for a panel on how to #write #scifi / #sciencefiction #thrillers / #mysteries. Sunday panel 52. You have to be registered for KN or willing to register.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

I need a panelist to talk about #cozy #mysteries on Sunday panel 56. I'm having such warm feelings for the airlines at the moment. : o)

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

I have one (1) opening for a panel on how to #write LOVE INTERESTS & MINOR CHARACTERS in #thrillers / #mysteries. Panel 50 on Sunday. Let me know if you have an interest.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

My life at the moment appears to revolve around the multiple schedules of major #airlines. Interesting.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

Likely going to release a new album this next year. I'll keep you posted.

Anyone have experience with #medical & #legal #thrillers / #mysteries? I've got one spot opened up due to scheduling on panel 17 on You have to be registered for KN or willing to register.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

I have one (1) opening for a panel on how to #write #fantasy #thrillers / #mysteries. Panel 9. Friday. You have to be registered for KN or willing to register.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

Cooked dinner. Now back to sending out emails to #authors regarding their panels. Very exciting time.

I've got the best team to work with. One of my co-workers is taking her DESKTOP home so she can keep working! I guess I'm going to have to buy her a laptop!

Some #authors can be downright snippy. Don't they know I can jerk them off a panel as quickly as I can put them on one?

I started today, but didn't get far: Tomorrow I'll be reaching out to all the participants on panels and connecting them with one another. If you're on a panel at, expect to hear from me tomorrow.

International Thriller, Mystery, Crime Literature Writers Conference held annually in downtown Nashville, TN.

Want to get excited for mystery, thriller, and suspense? These are some of the authors signing books for the general public at next weekend.

Stacy Allen
Ray Anderson
Traci Andrighetti...
Claire Applewhite
Shaun Assael
Barbara Barnett
Mary Adams Belk
R. G. Belsky
Paula Benson (Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded)
Baron Birtcher
Mark Brazaitis
Nikki Brock
Desiree Brown
Terry Calderwood
Ron Campbell
Ross Carley
Dana Chamblee Carpenter
Ross Cavins
Philip Cioffari
Mary Coley
Barbara Collins
Max Allan Collins
Kathleen Cosgrove
Becky Coyle
Susan Crawford
Kimberly Dana
Tracee de Hahn
Mary Davidsaver
Andy Davidson
Susan Page Davis
Tracee de Hahn
P. A. De Voe
Kurt DeManche
Leslie Diehl
Catherine Dilts
Angela Durden
Brenda Donelan
Robert Downs
Jason Fort
Anthony Franze
Eric Gardner
Shirley B. Garrett
Debra Gaskill
James Glass
Phyllis Gobbell
Debra Goldstein
J. Marshall Gordon
Chris Grabenstein
Peggy Grigowski
Michael Guillebeau
Leslie Hachtel
James R. Hannibal
Elena Hartwell
John Hegenberger
Richard Helms
Lynn Hesse
Paula Hinton
Christina Hoag
Cate Holahan
Cheryl Hollon
Bill Hopkins
Sharon Hopkins
Christine Husom
Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Steven James
Tierney James
J. A. Jance
Susan Keene
January Kerr
Charles Kowalski
Michelle Kubitz
Ernest Lancaster
Kathryn Lane
Nate Lenow
Michael Byars Lewis
Judith Lucci
Lisa Malice
Robert Mangeot
Sharon Marchisello
Kierstin Marquet
Jenean McBrearty
Karen McCullough
Carolyn McSparren
Bruce Meisterman
Margaret Mizushima
Warren Moore
Bruce Murphy
David Neilsen
Jim Nesbitt
Glenn Nilson
Kelly Oliver
Howard Owen
Ray Peden
Charley Pearson
Kerry Peresta
Andrew Peters
Mike Pettit
Linda Petrilli
Rob Price
Jean Rabe
Marc Rainer
Victoria Raschke
Randall Reneau
Bryan Robinson
Nancy Roe
Roberta Rogow
Mike Rubin
Linda Sands
Maureen Sappey
Kathryn Scarborough
Carrie Simon
Lois Schmitt
Carrie Smith
Sheila Sobel
Jane Suen
A. J. Tata
Jaden Terrell
Joseph Terrell
Linda Thorne
Maggie Toussaint
Jan Walters
Brent Warberg
Jeffrey Wilson
Reavis Worthham
Carol L. Wright
Gay Yellen
Rich Zahradnik

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Don't panic, ye who are looking at the panels. If something needs to be fixed on the schedule, it's just pixels on an electrical glowing screen; we can move them around. Message me here or at We'll take care of you. We don't want ANYONE going away unhappy. EVERYONE will get a panel.

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.

I just saw the schedule went up. I know there are still some additions coming. If you see something crazy, let us know:

View the 2017 Killer Nashville lineup.