So my 7-year-old daughter was singing "Blackbird" (The Beatles). Some of the words were off so I thought I'd let her hear the original. She basically told me Paul McCartney didn't know the right words. Please pray for me in 10 years.

Just heard my 7-year-old daughter in the shower singing "Blackbird" (The Beatles). Did my heart good.


Delighted to announce my friend Robbie Bryan and Barnes & Noble will be back as the official bookstore of Killer Nashville 2018. Very excited to have them back.

International Thriller, Mystery, Crime Literature Writers Conference held annually in downtown Nashville, TN.

It's 10:45 PM and I'm craving a cup of coffee. Please tell me I'm not pregnant.

For a project I'm writing, I told my son I was trying to get into the head of a 14-year-old boy.

My son: "You'll never get there."

Most people my age are thinking of retiring. I keep building companies. I’m proud to announce the incorporation of Clay Stafford Books ( and our summer release authors: Richard Helms, PJ Parrish, and Cathi Stoler. Solid manuscripts all.

Independent Publisher New York Times Bestselling & Award-Winning Authors Clay Stafford Books is an independent book publisher based in Nashville, TN. The company was incorporated in 2017 by Killer Nashville Founder, Clay Stafford, as a subsidiary of American Blackguard, Inc. Under our “Killer Nash...

Hardcover and trade paperback up. Mass market and audio down.

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In novels, characters always "cluck their tongue". Never in real life have I heard this strange, but apparently real phenomenon!

"A writer's duty is to keep on writing." - William Styron

Just scrapped two week's worth of work. New novel was going in all the wrong directions. It happens.

I tend to prefer my first dead body by Chapter Two.

My review of "The Midnight Line" by Lee Child.…/

Book of the Day The Midnight Line By Lee Child Jack Reacher Series 22 Delacorte Press$28.99ISBN 978-0399593482Publication Date: November 7, 2017 Buy it here! The Midnight Line Review by Clay Stafford Character Jack Reacher catches a bus going anywhere and ends up in a little town with a pawnshop. In...

Lots of good info in Nancy J. Cohen’s blog “Choosing a Writers Conference”. Check it out:…/conferences-chosing-a…/

How do you decide which writers’ conference to attend? It depends upon your purpose. If you intend to schmooze with fellow writers, attend workshops on craft or marketing, and soak up the wisdom of…

Sent a fiction manuscript off to my agent today.

I thought of something so profound while in the shower and completely forgot it by the time I got to my laptop. : o )

When I'm outlining, I feel like a horse in a chute. I want to run. In time...

As the founder of, I get A LOT of solicitations for contests, grants, agent, and publishing opportunities for authors. I don't want to clog up your "in" box. Would these publishing and representation opportunities be things you'd be interested in hearing more about? If so, I can pass these on as they come in. LET ME HEAR FROM YOU. I'd love to see everyone published in 2018!