Scott Pruitt's nomination to lead the EPA is raising a lot of red flags. Will the Senate notice?
Jeff Bridges and the Plastic Pollution Coalition
Groundwater Matters Trailer
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Norman Tingle
· July 17, 2014
The are great for the coumnity but they are very judgmental and stereo topical.. I was discremnated on and told I didn't fit the job in my traning ... And its weird because I was trained by a woman pearl. She pull me off the phones and called me I'm the office and told me I would b contacted.. Then I was called and told I wasn't a good fit.. What I didn't understand was how could u say that when none of them was in the room to even here me on a call.. Me and another older guy were singled out and called in the office.. 3 other people I know applied and went trew the same thing... Then you train for 1and a half hours.. And they pay u for 1 hour.. It not fair that because I ware polo and gucci .and I didn't get a fair chance. And others walk in with ripped up clothes and black eyes and they get hired... The company is great. I interviewd with a guy named nick he ran me trew all of the script and from previous job experience he said I should have been a great can someone not b a good fit if you never heard them. I won't say what i know the problem was because then I'm just as bad as pearl for saying it!!! But this is not the end or the last... Unfair you have to hear and see before you can judge.. She did neither!!!!!!! See More
Maria Ximena
· November 7, 2013
I'm hoping more people realize that yes you can change policy around you! Its not for the faint at heart, one click and goodbye. Nope, we've gotta be in their ear 24/7 365- otherwise stuff doesn't get... done! Come on folks lets NAG them into complying! Thank
s for all the wonderful work you guys do here in California! Please don't ever give up, we need more orgs like you!
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Ali Hyde
· August 26, 2013
Clean Water Action is GREAT! Last year we attended a city council meeting with them to urge the city of Belmont to ban the use of styrofoam to-go containers; the representative from CWA was well-spoke...n and organized. The council voted in our favor-- woohoo:-) sean even got up there and gave his 2-cents! See More
Peggy O'Neil-Rosales
· February 18, 2015
Water is the main source of life for all beings. It's essential. Thank you Clean Water Action California for raising concience awareness clean water is crucial.
Michelle Beaudin
· April 25, 2014
Pretty Sweet Group. Always working, always winning.
Nick Cassidy
· July 24, 2013
Help save the world!!!

On #WorldWaterDay more than a million Californians lack access to safe and affordable drinking water. Take action at

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Why CWA works on keeping toxic chemicals out of everyday products

Take our quiz to see which everyday products might be causing you harm.

What does "Regulations ought to make things regular" mean? Seems like it means pollution and destruction is the status quo.

Trump's EPA chief is supposed to protect the environment. Unfortunately, God has other plans for him.

Shopping for a baby or small child? Here is some essential info from the national Getting Ready for Baby Campaign to keep your little one safe from the toxic chemicals in so many children't products. Please pass this on!

The Getting Ready for Baby coalition is a joint effort of over 75 organizations working to ensure all products made and sold for babies and young children in the US are made free from harmful chemicals that can disrupt healthy development and contribute to diseases and disorders. Clean and Healthy N...

A million Californians lack access to safe and affordable drinking water. Visit to find out more.

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Which is why CWA works to eradicate toxic chemicals in products.

Consumer and industrial products are a significant source of urban air pollution.

Microfibers are one of the worst forms of plastic pollution. Its going to be difficult to stop. Thank you California Assembly Member Richard Bloom for taking the first step in alerting the public and giving them an option for reducing this scourge.…/20180214-california-legislature-get…

Bill Addresses Alarming Environmental and Public Health Issue

GreenLatinos, Hip Hop Caucus & Children's Environmental Health Network respond to President Trump's infrastructure scam that fails to address our drinking water needs - and actually puts more water at risk by weakening clean water protections.

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Proud that CWA is sponsoring one of the California bills to keep toxic chemicals out of food packaging. This is an interesting read and may give you hope given federal inaction

Unregulated chemicals increasingly found contaminating U.S. water may hamper people's ability to lose weight, according to a study released today.

This is why Senator Bill Monning's bill, SB 623, is so important, to create a safe and affordable drinking water fund. Show your support at

"You can't do laundry, and if you do, the clothes come out brown and dirty-looking."

Kudos to folks in Washington State for doing this. We're working on it too in California-if these dangerous chemicals are in food packaging, it should be posted on the package so you can avoid them:

A bill under consideration in Olympia would ban certain non-stick chemicals that are widely used in food packaging.The chemicals are man-made compounds called PFAS chemicals.PFAS chemical are used to coat paper and cardbaord so that food liquids and grease

San Franciscans! Great opportunity to safely clean out that medicine cabinet while keeping the environment safe:

This SFPL event will occur on Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:00 - 2:00 at Ortega Branch, Ortega Courtyard

The groundwater picture in the Cuyama Valley is changing fast. But how can we make sure that community voices are incorporated in the sustainability planning process? Check out our latest film to find out more.

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People who take away information from the American public are dangerous in the extreme

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was personally involved in the

While you consider this, remember that what you should trash is your Teflon pans. Teflon includes PFAS chemicals (per and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances that are highly toxic, migrate into food, and are moving through the environment. They've even been found in the blood of polar bears. And they don't break down -- pretty much ever. So consider them hazardous waste and protect yourself. Meantime, CWA is working to eradicate these chemicals for you.

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Care for your cast iron pan like a pro. 🍳

We're quoted in this very important story on groundwater regulation...

The state's new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is setting up a new ecosystem of water utilities. But with deadlines looming to satisfy the law, some low-income groundwater users say their needs are being ignored.