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Are you participating in Mayor Dean's 5K Challenge this Saturday? Tell your Nashville MTA driver that you're on your way to the Mayor's 5K and you'll ride for free!

Mayor Karl Dean has issued a new challenge to all Nashvillians – walk or run with him at a 5K event on Sunday, Nov. 13, beginning at 2 p.m. at Public Square Park outside the historic Metro Courthouse. The “Mayor’s Challenge” includes a free nine-week training program, conducted at area Metro Parks a...

If you love listening to music (and/or making it!) and riding your bicycle, boy do we have exciting news for you...!

What if you would be able to generate music by the simple act of riding your bike? From a dream in progress to reality; follow the development of Feats per minute here! Or drop us an email:...

Thinking about burning your leaves this fall? You may want to think again.

A: leaf burning leads to air pollution, health problems, and fire hazards. Each autumn, homeowners across the United States rake up fallen leaves from their lawns. In the past, people routinely took leaves and other yard trimmings to landfills or relied on waste pick-up...

Great statistic...and not to mention, this is the perfect time of year to get outside and lend a hand to beautify your neighborhood!

Keep Anderson County Beautiful

Safety: Beautification projects bring neighbors together, building pride, cohesion and connection. Public housing areas with trees and vegetation have shown a 50% reduction in both violent crimes and property crimes.

As if we didn't have enough reasons already...

When viewed through the public health lens, the economic arguments against regulation of air pollution begin to unravel, particularly in the face of rising healthcare costs. Consider, for example, a spate of new studies that have found a rather convincing correlation between the presence of small pa...

The next Live on the Green event is tonight in Nashville...and you can get your bike fixed while you watch the show, thanks to Walk/Bike Nashville. Brilliant!

Walk Bike Nashville

Just when you thought that the FREE bike parking at Live on the Green couldn't be better, we added a bicycle mechanic. Drop off your bike—and have that brake cable tightened, seat adjusted or tire inflated while you watch the show.

What a great organization. Are you looking for a safe route to walk to your school?

International Walk to School Day is a global event where communities from over 40 countries walk and bike to school on a single day. Join families, schools and communities around the globe as they walk and bicycle to school in celebration of Walk to School Day every October. Learn more about the day...

As the humid days of summer are fading, we still need to keep clean air top of mind in Tennessee. What are some ways you will pledge to help out this winter?

TGIF, CTA Advocates! How many of you across the great state of Tennessee have ridden a bicycle to work within the past week?

Vendors from TVA and KUB as well as other companies with green initiatives explained the ideas behind the campaign to students and faculty.
In the home of Nissan North America, maker of the all-electric Leaf, there's a mixed current from Brentwood & Franklin leaders about getting more vehicle charging stations.

What do Monday's mean to you? In Tennessee, we're experiencing a Moderate AQI forecast, which means air quality can affect sensitive groups.

AIRNow - Tennessee Air Quality -

Do you remember the Magic School Bus? EPA's Clean School Bus USA program has partnered with Miss Frizzle to bring it to life and help keep our children safe by reducing diesel emissions. How cool is that?!

Clean School Bus USA is a public-private environmental partnership that seeks to reduce children's exposure to air pollution from diesel school buses.

We've got itchy eyes from weed pollen! Anyone else suffering too?

AQI across all of Tennessee today is Moderate, which means air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people. For example, people who are unusually sensitive to ozone may experience respiratory symptoms.

AIRNow - Tennessee Air Quality -