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Cindy Jarrell
· September 24, 2017
Our Daily Zucchini Breads are delicious. Moved on to the one and only fruit and vegetable stand. After getting vendor to choose "good" melons, I bought four Israeli cantaloupes yesterday. This morning... went to get one out of the frig and four fingers sunk right into rotten spot. Threw it away. See More
Tiffany Dilts
· August 5, 2017
We've been wanting to go and haven't been able to make until today! We will definitely go back prices are great especially if you realize what your getting! Please help support them so we can keep the...m. We purchased beef jerky, cheese, and a candle this time all were wonderful! Thanks to all the vendors for providing great options and service. See More
Ann Carter Kirkpatrick
· June 5, 2017
I am done with the Farmer's Market! I asked Mr. Hutchinson if the tomatoes were mealy & he told me none of his tomatoes are mealy. Guess what? Bought them 3 times & they ARE mealy! Asked him which ca...ntaloupe was good & he said they all are really good. Guess what? Had to throw out a $4.00 cantaloupe cause it was tough as shoe leather! Bought some plum jelly from him. Guess what? It turned out to be blackberry! Bought a $7.00 watermelon from a man that turned out to be really mushy inside! I can honestly get cheaper & better produce at the store! When you pay these high prices, you expect them to be edible! I wish the other vendors would set up on time! See More
Erica Robertson
· March 31, 2017
Love getting to take my kiddos to the Market to pick out fresh food made locally, always a fun experience
Liz Ruth
· July 4, 2015
Great place to shop. Wonderful selection of fruits and veggies, dog treats, soaps, cheese, and meats.
Donnave Abt
· October 12, 2013
Love the vendors...they offer advice, recipes and really know their merchandise. Great atmosphere...all this and a wonderful guitarist. What an enjoyable experience!
Brian Bennett
· June 15, 2014
Great vendors
It's hard to beat this beautiful June evening! Come on out for the final hour of the market. Bring a chair and relax to The Sideman's music. We still have tomatoes, Texas olive oil, pies, beets, patty pan squash and FIVE watermelons. Thanks Cleburne for a great start to our evening markets!
Largest Market yet! We have the most vendors for this season! Things are looking great! What does this mean? We need you! Our customers! Come support local!