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If your bowels and urinary tract are like a plumbing system, a fistula is like an untrained plumber.

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Dave Smith
· November 29, 2017
Love Cleveland Clinic! Excellent staff------thought I'd give back to those battling disability or I wrote a book "Powering through Paralysis" that I wished was available when I was in...jured in a severe car accident leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders down...

Great Christmas present! A one-of-a-kind insightful and practical guide on how to survive and thrive with disability or disease! Written through the eyes of one who has successfully managed high-level paralysis for many years, sharing his thoughts, wisdom, and knowledge of how to overcome the greatest challenge one can face, whether living with MS, MD, ALS, paralysis, and any physical or mental tragedy. How to hire assistants, staying healthy, setting goals, meditation, career, ways to handle loss successfully, --- An excellent source for healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, veterans, family or friends and a must-have for those facing the greatest battle of their lives. On Amazon--could change your life!
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Earl Rohde
· October 11, 2017
To All Cleveland Clinic Nurses and Nurses Aids :

I had surgery which is one of many but this one was during September 5th thru September 17th 2001 - I went in to have hip replacement surgery and it b...roke 4 days later while still in the hospital -

I laid in bed in constant pain the whole time - I wasn’t allowed to sit up stand or anything but lay straight on my back - I remember mostly waking up and crying from so much pain it would knock me back out -

I was keeping others awake so they put me in a room half remodeled all by myself so I wouldn’t disturb anybody - before my second surgery to repair my new broken hip I remember something that has stuck with me for 16years and it bothers me everyday -

While lying in that bed I thought I died - I seen a bright light and in the middle of that bright light was a Black silhouette of a woman - a woman that I took as an being an angel holding my hand and crying - at that moment when I seen her I felt nothing no pain no nothing - so I calming fell back to sleep -

what happen was a young lady entered my room and sat next to my bed and held my hand and she cried for me - she prayed for me - I was told that she felt sorry for me because no one visited me -

so she took time out of her own life after her working hours to sit with me and show love and compassion to a stranger whom she never met - someone who at the time was a worker from a temporary service employed by the Cleveland clinic -

All I know is that her name is Carla - the day she sat with me was her last day - I called the HR department from my room and they did manage to have her call me while I was still recovering - but I never had a chance to meet her - I think of her all the time - it’s hard thinking of someone you want to meet and let her know how much her act of kindness effected me all these years - please share and help me find her.

All Nurses and Nurses Aids are just as important as the surgeons themselves and nurses and nurses aids need to be told that -

every since that time I have had several surgeries and I always let nurses and nurses aids know how much I appreciate them - but I need to find Carla please help me find Carla.
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Christina Brown
· January 8, 2018
I have always loved this hospital and staff there, but I am at a loss for words. My cousin is currently admitted there. She is a CF patient up in ICU. Her mother and grandmother have spent months with... her in the hospital. She is scared and doesn't want to be alone. The only place her family has to go is in the waiting room of the ICU. They are exhausted physically and emotionally. Their focus should be on her and not the cops you all called, to wake people up. These families deserve better. You should be ashamed of yourself. See More
Brenda Asbury
· October 29, 2017
This hospital system is the worst place I have ever been too, espcially Euclid location ER! I was repeatedly given the wrong antibiotic at Euclid ER for a kidney infection. I ultimately went into kidn...ey failure in 2015 because they failed ro send my urine foe a culture to see what antibiotic would kill my infection. They almost killed me! Then, thinking they couldn't possibly do it again, I had spine surgery at mail campus in 2016 and, have recently been told at another hospital that DR. Ajit Krishnaney operated on the wrong part of my neck in 2016! Then he, other doctors, and and his staff have been trying to cover up his mess. I have been losing function in my arms all while he and others have tried to make it out like I was making up my pain exaggerating my function loss, and rapid decline, and even hid my records to keep from me finding out what this jerk did to me!!!!. I hope you rot in hell Dr. Krishnaney. Total bunch of death sentences is what they are! See More
Valerie M. Revell Rosian
· November 14, 2017
The staff have all been wonderful for the most part an all the care we have recieved has been wonderful. My issue is with the parking garage.
I have had to stay at the hospital with my daughter who cancer for long periods of time. I have witnessed over the past year that people drive too fast and reckless in the parking garage, to make it worse a majority of the time its the valet drivers or nursing staff in a rush to get in and out. Today my car was hit not once but twice in 1 day, not because I was parked sticking out too far but because people are being reckless. I know I'm not the first that this has happened to, I'm just wondering what can be done to help enforce a speed limit or something to protect vehicles from hit and runs? This is by far the last thing a person wants to deal with when they are staying beside a child whose going through chemo. See More
Ross David Mitchell
· November 20, 2017
The online appointment service was unreal. They scheduled my appointment for 2 months away to look into a acute painful gallbladder issue. When I called to see if we could do better I was told the 8 w...eeks was the best available at any of their locations. I guess the advertising for same day care is only for certain problems at certain locations, when they have nothing else going on. The phone agent didn’t seem to care about discomfort or urgency.
Needless to say, I cancelled the appointment since by then I would be long past the point of care. Nice that University Hospitals could get me in this week.
What I shame, since I always tried to patronize CCF.
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Mike McClellan
· October 28, 2017
I had my first of perhaps several visits to the Cleveland Clinic yesterday, October 27th 2017. I was referred to the Neurological department by my family physician. They typically schedule 4-5 months ...out. I got scheduled in 5 days!

The information I received before my appointment was very detailed, thorough and easy to understand. The staff were very kind and very helpful. I live nearly 4 hours away and drove in the day before.

We stayed at the Cleveland Clinic Holiday Inn which was built in 2016, is beautiful, and a short 2 blocks from The main campus building of Cleveland Clinic. Great Hotel!

My appointment was with Dr. Richard Lederman. It was a 7:40 am appointment and by 7:45 Am I was checked in, had my paperwork completed via an I pad they give you to just touch screen your way through the pre appointment questions.

By 7:45 am I was in an exam room and speaking to Dr. Lederman. He is kind, respectful, wise and VERY thorough! Dr. Lederman spent nearly an hour and 45 minutes with me and did a complete neurological exam. He is no nonsense, very knowledgeable, and I feel completely confident in Dr. Lederman as my Neurology Specialist.

The staff at Cleveland clinic are amazing! The staff at the Lakewood clinic location I went to for a same day MRI and imaging were amazing!

If the need ever arises, Cleveland Clinic is the absolute best choice you can make. If a neurological need arises, Dr. Richard Lederman is an excellent choice! He is a professor of medicine and is VERY experienced.

So far, I can not say enough good things about both the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Richard Lederman.
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Emily Manhart
· February 14, 2018
I simply cannot express how grateful I am that I chose Cleveland Clinic Pain Clinic and met Dr. Xu and his staff and team. I had a Kyphoplasty done just yesterday and I already feel so much better phy...sically and emotionally. Thank you to everyone who I encountered yesterday during my procedure. To all the nurses and Dr.'s and operating staff even the anesthesiologist, all of you were remarkable. It was a long drive 3.5+ hrs but well worth it! Thank you. See More
Jamie Leftheris-Mckalip
· November 15, 2017
I recently had surgery at Cleveland Clinic and from the first pre op appt through the arrival on my unit post op, the care was first class! I honestly cannot say how impressed I am right now. They every process so streamlined and professional it's impressive. The facility is immaculate! Everything is white including the nurses uniforms. As a nurse myself, I watched and critiqued everything and was happy to see how well they worked together and did an amazing job. The surgical team in preop, Dr Sarah in anesthesia with Dr Delany and his NP Julianna were awesome and the team of nurses/aides on H50 were great and deserve an A+ rating! See More
Sally Minkler Stoever
· December 18, 2017
Our third trip to the Cleveland Cinic fro OK. Experience has always been amazing. Today the urologist we saw and his office staff were fantastic~Dr Luria. Also
Saw an allergist, dr Lang. Soooo disappo...inted in that visit. Zero help, total asshole who spoke to myself and my son like he was God and we were morons. Worst Dr experience. Could have had a worthless appointment in Tulsa. An allergy dr saying allergy testing is worthless?!?!? What the heck. If you come to CC stay away from Dr Lang, unless of course you want to hear from him how amazing he is!😡😡😡 See More
Theresa Sweeny
· January 8, 2018
I have just wasted an entire day of my life and have no choice but to leave before I can complete my tests. Overbooked appointments and being herded like cattle is not my idea of good patient care. 3 tests out of 6, including not being able to see Dr after multiple hour wait is not acceptable. If you didn't have the only HOCM Dr in Cleveland I would never come back. Not happy to be held over a barrel like that. See More
Kimberly Williams
· October 12, 2017
I cannot believe how awful customer service is here. I've already been offered a referral to see the doctor I need but Cleveland Clinic refuses to schedule it unless I see another doctor. So now you w...ant to Bill me and my insurance for something that doesn't exist so you can get extra money. Not to mention being dropped on a call after 40 minutes of hearing some woman talk about her pork chops and macaroni and cheese. Being told that there's nothing they can do for me because it's just how the computer schedules it. Awful. Thanks for making me wait in pain. See More
Damion Price
· November 28, 2017
Was referred to the Cleveland Clinic in Wadsworth by my doctor who also works for the Cleveland Clinic. I drive there from Wooster only to be told by the nurse practitioner Denise Page that she wouldn...'t see me because she "didn't think her bill would get paid." Talk about a "WOW!" moment,smh. Even worse since I never offered the chance to pay it up front etc. Kinda sad considering she has NO clue how much money I have etc. See More
Penny Karaffa Smith
· February 7, 2018
Buyer beware! It is interesting to learn that not all physicians and facilities listed as part of the Cleveland Clinic are treated as such when it comes to insurance coverage. Call your insurance ca...rrier to confirm coverage of each individual doctor. Specifically, I have learned from my insurance carrier that the Consultants in Gastroenterology are not covered as in network even though they work out of Cleveland Clinic facilities and are employed by the Cleveland Clinic. I have been working for 5 months to resolve a $3,000 bill that no one at the Clinic seems to care to resolve (though some tell me they are trying). It has been turned over for collection though Clinic personnel admit it is their error in setting up the gastroenterology group properly with insurance carriers that is causing my insurance carrier not to properly process the bill for payment. See More
Jessica Lynn Howell
· October 9, 2017
My daughter has been going to Cleveland clinic for 3 years now every 6 months and they ALWAYS, either randomly cancel her appointments or call to tell me the doctor will not be in and they need to res...chedule. If you have patients on your schedule you do not cancel those appointments. My daughters appointment is a very important appointment ( her health is my number one priority as is should be yours as well) See More
Jamileth Carranza Zuniga
· November 12, 2017
I love this hospital are the means that God used to give a second chance of life, my daughter in 2011 through the foundation helping hands Honduras treated my daughter as a princess I am wholeheartedl...y grateful they are the best hospital in the world and without a doubt some are a plan of God See More
Michael Geffert
· October 10, 2017
Doctor logic: "oh, you need a piece of paper saying you can drive and work on a ladder so you can earn a living and pay your bills? No, can't do it." "Oh, you have strep throat? Here, let me write you... this prescription for 80 mg OxyContin so you get addicted to opioids and eventually end up overdosing on heroin. Sure, no problem" thanks Cleveland Clinic! See More
Tina Vigoffi
· February 11, 2018
Not very considerate or understanding. My sweet 85 year old mother has vaginal prolapse and desperately needs this corrected. She was scheduled on November 20 for a hysterectomy. We got her there, ...they put her under and then they aborted the surgery because they found a small tear in her bladder and could not do the surgery without her consent. Not true! I was there and I am her POA I would have signed without hesitation because I know she would have agreed. Remember, the drive for us is 3 hours one way. Since November we’ve had her in The ER with UTIs and the prolapse fell on other organs. Our local hospitals don’t have anyone that handles this issue. She has still not had the surgery and is still suffering. But instead they want to put through more tests and to see more doctors for unrelated issues. Treat one thing at a time and the most serious at that. The other issues can be handled locally but they won’t allow the surgery unless we go there. She’s had all of the tests that they want and her insurance won’t pay because they’re within three months. They will only pay for once a year after the deductibles have been met. We will not be coming back to this money grubbing place. They are not about helping people but about making lives miserable and taking their money. We are in the process of getting a second opinion at a university hospital within an hour of our home. No more Cleveland Clinic! See More
Kim Oxley
· January 4, 2018
Does anyone realize how ginormous Cleveland Clinic is? The main campus is over 180 acres and has 50 buildings. This hospital and it's affiliated hospitals employ over 40,000 people. The concierge is so wonderful and pleasant. I don't know what we would do without the shuttle service or the guides along the way to tell us where to go next. See More
Teresa Taylor
· February 7, 2018
Hey fb family!! I'm so into my feelings pain on 100 One of my frustrations I'm giving only one cause it's so many when I had an appt. yesterday this mofo PA had the nerve to ask me why I had a pen and... paper Wt.... she mad a smart comment because I was writing down what was said at my appt. this bitch had the nerve to make a smart comment then t did not even send my prescription to pharmacy correct. Can't wait to run into her today�
So many professional / paid individuals drop the ball. Im only one but how many have the done the same or worst. I'm up bout to go sit at the GREAT Cleveland clinic in bad weather just to see if it a cancellation do get this bs nerve block injection from my back to my damn stomach. I will wait daily everyday-all day . Pain on 100 No food or water either�
This system is so sad.
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