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Clifford Enoc
Jesus Follower, Father, Internet Marketer.
Personal Information
I am an entrepreneur from Cebu, Philippines. I started my journey when I joined an MLM company after having a regular job. It was the start of re-wiring my und...erstanding of profit versus wages, working for yourself versus working for others, building your dream versus building others dream. I reached the income level where it replaces my previous income.

Having that experience, a few years later, I joined another Network Marketing company but this time it's mostly based on marketing online. It was a very unique thing during that time and I'm proud to say I was one of the few who made it on the top. I honed that skills to improve my computer skills and started without computer or IT background. Yes, I learned computer coding through self-study and using Internet. Now through the years, that improved through learning how to code and redesign client's websites. Having developed the most profitable and engaging websites in real estate industry, I was sought by other real estate brokers, appraisers, consultants and lawyers.

It was not easy at first, but when you start to love what you do, it will be very easy how to do it, and you become an expert in that field.

What I DO

Right now, I do mostly on consulting. Marketing your stuff online, tweaking and split testing to generate the most conversion. And also, I currently building an automated marketing system that will be used in any business online.

With that having said, I only share my precious information and valuable stuff through a newsletter which you will receive occasionally when you subscribe with the link below. These are really new and almost a top secret information. These includes latest in marketing strategies, marketing tools, blogging, social media and technology.

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Rise above,

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