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This weekend is the Nature Conservation Council of NSW Regional Conference jointly hosted by our friends at Lithgow Environment Group Inc. With a focus on energ...y transition and lots of great workshops and panels – including BMRenew director Erland Howden talking about community energy, it's a great opportunity to learn more and meet key people working in this area. Check it out and book your place now!

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Come to the NSW Nature Conservation Council's Regional Conference

Are you a solar owner who was on the Solar Bonus Scheme and still waiting for your smart meter? CHOICE has some tips for you. Bottom line? Retailers are to blam...e for bad planning (or a strategic delay). Contact your retailer if you haven't got your smart meter yet and if not satisfied, contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) at or 1800 246 545.

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Ask for compensation if you smart meter hasn't been installed and you're out of pocket.

Joined the BMRenew: Blue Mtns Renewable Energy Co-op solar & battery bulk-buy yet? There's just a few hours left to get in on this great local opportunity!

Posted by Suncrowd

Bad news: The Southern NSW bulk buy closes in 72 hours. Good news: There's still time to get involved!

Go to before midnight on Monda...y 5th December, to access lower priced solar and batteries.

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Suncrowd feeling fabulous with Community Energy for Goulburn and 3 others.

Whistle whilst you save!

RSVP for your local community bulk buy of solar and batteries at

Our friends at BMRenew: Blue Mtns Renewable Energy Co-op are launching a SunCrowd solar & battery bulk-buy campaign here in the mountains. Check it out and get involved!

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BMRenew: Blue Mtns Renewable Energy Co-op

Hold on to your hats. We're partnering with SunCrowd to bring a bulk-buy solar and battery storage campaign to the Blue Mountains in November!

Solar and Easy. Accessible. Lower prices.

Save the date for one of two community events:

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"Bulga is the latest community to hear the hollow ring of Rio Tinto’s promise to protect the environment, boost local economies and provide jobs and ‘certainty’ to communities."…/battle-for-bulga-rio-tinto-prepar…/

The mining giant’s history of destruction spans much of the globe, but you don’t have to travel the seas to see it. Bulga, just north of Sydney is one of the latest casualties. Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, however, won’t get to see it – she’s been punted by Rio Tinto from a ‘community tour’ ofMore

A thought provoking article with direct relevance to Australia - what role does the media have in promoting feelings of efficacy on climate action? Many thousands of Australians DO take political actions, but how long will they be prepared to keep this up if politicians continue to ignore calls for stronger action on climate change? How do we get many more people speaking up?…

A new study suggests some journalists are missing a key piece of the story.

What's extraordinary about this new analysis is that is hasn't been commissioned by the government. Politicians are sitting on their hands instead of making use of all the tools available to reduce emissions as quickly as possible.

If Australia fails to move on its climate policies, it may have no choice but to cut emissions to zero within five years to meet its share of the global effort to avoid a climate crisis. But it’s not something that policy makers want to admit..

If Australia fails to move on its climate policies, it may have no choice but to cut emissions to zero within five years to meet its share of the global effort to avoid a climate crisis. But it&#82…

One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts seems determined to make his mark as Australia’s most prominent climate skeptic, after his performances on ABC’s Insiders program on 7 August and Q&A on 15 Aug. The Climate Institute’s rebuttal provides some useful reference sources for those with similar doubts about climate science……/m…/malcolm-roberts.html

Senator-elect Malcolm Roberts has made a number of statements regarding climate science and empirical evidence. There is abundant evidence that heat trapping greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere at record levels, this is causing the climate to change, and this is impacting on natural and human sys...

Apologies to our regular readers about the low rate of posting in recent weeks (one key moderator with chronic illness is not ideal, we admit!). Regular readers may have noticed that we try to post mainly original items rather than just repeatedly sharing what everyone else is sharing on Fb. We also try to find a "balance" between positive vs. negative items and local/Australian vs. overseas/global items - not always easy when there’s so much bad news out there! If you want to see something in particular on our pages, just ask. We’ll do our best to meet your needs… We feel particularly sad about the loss of John Church to Australian sea level research, so read his take on the situation in this article……/john-church-and-the-rising-ocean…

Described as the “Don Bradman of sea-level science”, John Church’s sacking from the CSIRO left many observers gobsmacked. Can we – Australia and the rest of the planet – really afford to let him go?

"Next year or the year after that, I think it will be free of ice in summer and by that I mean the central Arctic will be ice-free. You will be able to cross over the north pole by ship. There will still be about a million square kilometres of ice in the Arctic in summer but it will be packed into various nooks and crannies along the Northwest Passage and along bits of the Canadian coastline. Ice-free means the central basin of the Arctic will be ice-free and I think that that is going to happen in summer 2017 or 2018.”…/arctic-will-be-ice-free-in-su…

Scientist Peter Wadhams believes the summer ice cover at the north pole is about to disappear, triggering even more rapid global warming

Time for action and not more denialism (Trump, One Nation, etc).…/climate-change-here-and-now-d…

Environmental records of all kinds are being shattered as climate change takes effect in real time, scientists warned on Tuesday.

The language of a “climate emergency” is finally becoming mainstream… "The Democratic platform now contains language that brings shape to the enormity of the climate crisis, and thanks to Sander’s Policy Director Warren Gunnels, climate leader Bill McKibben, filmmaker Josh Fox and many others begins to point towards policy that we must implement if we are to transition away from fossil fuels and begin to draw down carbon sharply on the path to 100% clean, renewable energy and... zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

"We got as high up on this particular part of our climb as we could – and we put down a marker. And for that, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Senator Bernie Sanders and the millions of voices of the political revolution. It does not mean it is enough. The policy falls short. But that’s not what party platforms are for. That’s what movements are for.
Now – we must recognize where we are – and climb higher. Much higher. And fast. We are in an emergency. There is no time for gradualism. We must mobilise.”…/finding-courage-to-face-cli…

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Latest climate update… June continued the record run of above average monthly temperatures globally, being the 14th such consecutive month. It’s been 40 years since the globe experienced a June with average monthly temperature below the 20th century average. So far this July, Katoomba's minimum average temperature is running at 2 degrees above the long term average for July, while the average maximum temperature is 1.2 degrees above the long term average. A new monthly record was set on 20 July, with an overnight minimum temperature of 12.2 degrees - more than a degree above the previous record high minimum for July.…/june-2016-14th-consecutive-mo…

US agencies Nasa and Noaa say last month was 0.9C hotter than the 20th century average and the hottest June since records began in 1880

Combining the energy and environment portfolios is potentially a positive move, but not if you put a coal champion and climate sceptic in charge!…/malcolm-turnbull-just-made-mr-coa…/

Greg Hunt is gone, but the man who replaced him is likely to be even worse on climate action. Max Chalmers reports. For environmentalists, climate scientists, and any Australian who wants the Great Barrier Reef to outlive them, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that Greg Hunt…

Another very sad and entirely predictable consequence of climate change... As with the Great Barrier Reef, it's not millions of dollars thrown at symptoms that will solve it - it's leadership and strong long term policies that are needed NOW.…/unprecedented-10000-hectare…/7552968

Ten thousand hectares of mangroves are dead across a stretch of coastline reaching from Queensland to the Northern Territory.