Scapula Dysfunction
This is the setting for my Monday Lecture on Training Surfers 'beginner to elite'. @nationalmarineaquarium How lucky am I! What a beautiful setting. 😊 Parking is available in the multi story car park, next door.

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SURF FIT NEWS – No3 by Clive Rodell January 13, 2018 by Slim Leave a Comment SURF FIT NEWS – No.3 by Clive Rodell Continuing on the theme of getting ‘your house in order, before the renovations’ here’s some info on hip angle, with relation to back issues and associated problems. I am not a...

This is the topic on my next Bali Waves Web-site Article.

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Here's a snippet from my latest Bali Waves article, go to Bali Waves and click on 'News' then click the Surf Fitness level.;

Scapula dysfunction (the shoulder blade not functioning correctly) is often deemed the cause of shoulder issues. However, scapula dysfunction is most often than not caused by tight chest and shoulder muscles overpowering them and could be viewed as a secondary issue.

The rule to any shoulder blade rehabilitation is ‘lengthen, before you can strengthen’. Without allowing the shoulder to return to it’s natural position, the shoulder blade rehab is doomed.

In my latest article on the Bali Waves web-site, I eluded to a shoulder diagram, whilst talking about upper X syndrome.... well some bugs got into the Cyber space and for some reason the diagram didn't appear.

Try this;

The human shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (upper arm bone) as well as muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Learn about the four different parts of the hip joint that can cause hip pain and understand how doctors diagnose hip pain in this physician reviewed video.

One last Cornwall shot.... actually Devon. Plymouth National Marine Aquarium, Big shout out to Mark and John for hosting my lecture on Training Surfers to Elite Level. @ellofabloke @jc_surf1 #cliverodell #clivesqualitytraining #highperformancesurfcoaching #surfstrengthcoach #cornishsurfer #surflecture #worldsurfleague #askcliveapp @baliwaves

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I am in the process of looking for an RTO to update my Trainer and Assessor qualification.

I have recently been bombarded by a company called Inspire Training. Not once have they addressed my inquiry directly, but have contacted me over and over again to buy a complete course as a 'first timer'.

Terrible customer service and totally un-inspired by their lack of attention to detail on my inquiry! It doesn't really sell them that well! The reviews on the web also have convinced me to avoid them.

Of late I have been choosing to include a lot of fitness advice etc on my instagram page; clive_rodell

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I call this 'the Rodell Pole Squat'! I've been using this technique since the early 90s to teach correct squat technique. A sore nose the penalty for a fwd squat angle! The benefits, once mastered are a complete balance between quad/hip flexor and rear chain activation. Also ensuring many other benefits from the physics perspective. Featured Dr Douglas J Hoogendyk, sampling one of the 'Clive's Method' theories. 😊 @jc_surf1 @nssurfboards @stevedsurf @austinware @harry___mccabe @lukeegan @courtneyconlogue @philmyersfreeflight @_jayphillips @bellaemporiorozelle @sportsperformancelab @bededurbo @peonyyknight @croydesurfclub @nationalmarineaquarium #clivesqualitytraining #cliverodell #askcliveapp

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