Well done everyone involved in supporting the action and trial process. One day we will #closepinegap.
Jim Dowling on sentencing outcome

Pine Gap is not the only US military base on Australian soil

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Hey folks,

Make sure you are signed up to Wage Peace to get news and information - occassionally about events and actions and new campaigns in the anti military #endwarculture scene. Facebook is terrible for staying focussed. We use email communications to do that. We hope you CLOSEPINEGAP folk will make the step sideways as we take on the #SASshame, military industrial investment and FRONTIER Wars at ANZAC time. Join us over at Wage Peace sign up!
So many good thoughts... lets come together in action.

Apr 19 - Apr 25Aboriginal Tent EmbassyCanberra, ACT, Australia
268 people interested

Kevin Rudd neglects to mention how he encouraged his executive leadership to discourage, via personal and public attacks, all elements of the grass roots peace... movement who were actively opposing the war in Iraq. These systematic attacks undermined the development of a movement against Howard's policy.

For example Labor Senator Jan McLucas a senator of the supposedly left of the Labor Party, who was supposedly against the wall, never did anything publicly against the war... Her only visible action was, on direction of the executive, to attack a small local peace group, which criticized Australian involvement and targeted the ADF for action.

Rudd was poorly advised because of his AND Howard's subservience to the US. In the 6 months leading to the attack, the Cairns peace group Peace by Peace for example, disseminated academic articles predicting the outcomes. Information about the Sunni resistance was clear. They would resist, and rise. And accurate.

Rudd's subservience continued in his own reign. He never has acknowledged or apologised to the peace movement for the role he played in dividing and undermining it. He is culpable.

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Fifteen years ago, John Howard took Australia to war based on a lie. He should apologise for this folly.

She said what we say - but she was reviled for it. Lest we forget Australia's Frontier Wars, Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine, as well as the soldiers who fell in... war- Lest we forget the victims on all sides, soldiers, civilians and refugees. Now she is being rewarded for free speech and held up as a role model for young women - as she should be.

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CONTROVERSIAL activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who infuriated Australians with her infamous Anzac Day tweet last year, has won a coveted free speech award.

We must tell the stories of the Frontier Wars in whatever ways we can. The NGV have created an exhibition...
What will your community do this ANZAC eve :

Duelling exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria present art that erases Australia’s ugly history, with Indigenous art that speaks to it

An open invitation for all and anyone, black or white, who wants to hear or tell Frontier Wars stories this Anzac season.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the Frontier Wars in the lead up to Anzac Day, to lament the suffering caused and the injustice done and to unite in resolution to end it.

Come to the Tent Embassy. Come for a session, come for a day or come and camp for a week.


Thursday 19 - Wednesday 25 April 2017
Aboriginal Tent Embassy
King Georges Terrace, Canberra

Each day there will be two formal, themed storytelling sessions 10 am and 4 pm plus plenty of opportunities to sit around campfires and just yarn.

A volunteer kitchen will cater. Food by donation.

This will be the fourth annual Frontier Wars Camp. It will be convened by Arrentre activist, Chris "Peltherre" Tomlins from Yamba near Alice Springs and produced by Graeme Dunstan of

Special guests will be Widabul shaman Lewis Walker of Tabulam NSW and Bruce Pascoe, a writer, from the Bunurong clan, of the Kulin nation.

Lewis will dance and sing a very different and very grim story about the founding, in 1885, of the Upper Clarence Light Horse by squatter C.H.E Chauvel, father of General Sir Harry Chauvel.

Bruce, author of Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture Or Accident? will tell of the Convincing Ground Massacre (1834 near Portland, Victoria) and other impacts of the settler frontier.

The Camp will conclude with participation in the Anzac Day "Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars" March to the Australian War Memorial.

This March will be led by Ghillar Michael Anderson ( and assemble at the corner of Constitution Ave and Anzac Parade, Reid, ACT from 10 am Wednesday 25 April.

Bring a flag or make a placard to carry which names the frontier war massacre in your home town or region.

Further information
Chris Tomlins 0490 023 419
Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688

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Apr 19 - Apr 25Aboriginal Tent EmbassyCanberra, ACT, Australia
268 people interested
Wed 10:00 AM UTC+10:30
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Hey Close Pine Gap crew.
You are invited to this Adelaide meet up with Margie Pestorius next Wednesday. Look at Nonviolence strategy and build relationships!

Wed 10:00 AM UTC+10:30
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ICANS project Don't BANK on the Bomb tells us the BANKS that invest in NUKES.
There is a new report coming out soon. [march]

Same corporations in Nukes and Weap...ons and communications technology. Raytheon Lockheed General Electric

But what about the Superfunds?
the Uni endowment funds?
the health funds?
OUR Superannuation Funds?
OUR Health Funds?

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Is your bank ready for the ban? Banks controlling over 1.7 trillion Euros are ready, with policies that strictly prohibit any investment of any type in any kind of nuclear weapon producing company.…
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Eureka Street

Bringing out the big guns.

And Lockheed are moving into Australia with the same goal. Which includes a foreign policy based on endless war. More war: more government spend. This is not dr...iven by conflict but by cooperation.
#Lockoutlockheed #nomoreUSwars
"Now, President Trump has opened the floodgates for defense spending, proposing $716 billion for the Pentagon, a 13 percent increase. And the defense industry is poised to profit, with Lockheed in the lead."

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The top five defense contractors get more federal funding than entire U.S. agencies
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Eureka Street

Bringing out the big guns.

Billions of Australian dollars to be spent spruiking for military business, and an American Military leader as ambassador. What is happening to our country? Do we really want to just roll over and accept US rule and support US aggression?

We can't just stand by and watch this happen

The US will send more Marines and cutting edge Raptor fighter jets to Australia this year amid a growing appetite on both sides to step up military co-operation in Asia to face rising security challenges.

The link to an mp3 of a 56 min podcast: "Pine Gap; the secret in Australia's Heart ".
is here:…/
Media Release
“Pine Gap: The Secret spy base in Australia’s heart “ radio programme
This special broadcast will be broadcast in the Extras slot on [time] ? It comes to you from the studios of Community Radio 2xx and is going across Australia on the Community Radio Network. ...
This is the story of six Peace Pilgrims who were arrested inside the top secret US military spy base near Alice Springs. Research shows that Pine Gap is probably the CIA’s “most important technical intelligence collection station in the world”.
The Peace Pilgrims walked all night onto the base - carrying musical instruments , an amplifier and a big poster with a picture from the US war in Iraq of a father holding his dead daughter with her leg in bloody tatters. They went to the base to play a musical lament to the death and misery caused by Pine Gap. They were called on spiritual journeys to illuminate how the base makes Australians complicit in deaths and murders in countries we are not even at war with.
Does it sound like the Pilgrims are crazy ? Not so...This programme shows how these ordinary people achieved their extraordinary goal of casting light on the activities of Pine Gap. Through their trial in Alice Springs they put Pine Gap and Australia’s hardwires complicit involvement in drone warfare on trial and got a wide medial audience . Facing punitive seven year jail sentences requested by the Attorney Generals, Senator Brandis, Department, they represented themselves in court attempting to show that is was necessary for them to enter Pine Gap base in order to stop the illegal deaths that are orchestrated from within.
Hear from the two expert witnesses they called to the bar:
• Former Senator Scott Ludlum
• Richard Tanter: who teaches Foreign Policy, Nuclear Weapons and relations to Indonesia at Melbourne University. He is the Chair of the International campaign for the abolition of Nuclear Weapons [ICAN] which was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
and from other peace advocates:
Chris Tomlins: Arrente [Alice Springs area] Traditional Owner
Kevin Buzzacott (born 1947), often referred to as Uncle Kev . He is an Indigenous Australian from the Arabunna nation in northern South Australia. He has campaigned widely for cultural recognition, justice and land rights for Aboriginal people.
Alex Edney-Browne who is doing a PhD about the psychological impacts of drone warfare.
Graeme Dunstan: long time peace activist
The Peace Pilgrims: Paul Christie, Jim Dowling, Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine, Tim Webb and Franz Dowling
Produced and presented by Bec Horridge. []
Length 56 mins

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1 February 2018, Pine Gap: The Secret in Australia’s Heart Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Northern Territory, Australia Pine Gap: The Secret in Australia’s Heart Behind The Lines audio files by Behind The Lines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Inter...