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SPRG Trilogy by Aileen Santos

Google originally set its hiring algorithms to sort for computer science students with top grades from elite science universities.

In 2013, Google decided to test its hiring hypothesis by crunching every bit and byte of hiring, firing, and promotion data accumulated since the company’s incorporation in 1998.

Project Oxygen shocked everyone by concluding that, among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM expertise comes in dead last.


The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills:

- being a good coach;
- communicating and listening well;
- possessing insights into others (including others with different values & points of view);
- having empathy toward and
- being supportive of one’s colleagues;
- being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and
- being able to make connections across complex ideas.

(Good thing these are exactly the skills I teach to my corporate leadership clients. )…/google-finds-stem-skills-arent…/

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What skills matter? The ability to work with others, think critically and be a lifelong learner​.