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Show me the money! Was Jerry Maguire talking about pro or youth sports?

Well said, Glennon! Lollipops for all the well behaved parents!

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Glennon Doyle

Soccer Mom 101!!
1. When your kid’s game begins: sit down. Get cozy. Look down and check your shirt carefully.

2. If your shirt says one of the following words...: “Coach” Or “Referee” feel free - throughout the game- to yell coachy or referee-ish things. If you do not see this words on your shirt: hush, mostly.

3. This will be surprisingly difficult. Especially if one of you is an Olympic Soccer Player and the other one of you is a Bat Shit Crazy Mama Bear Who Truly Believes that Every Ten Year Year Opponent Who Touches Your Daughter’s Jersey Intends To Kill Your Daughter Dead.

4. SO. Since you cannot be trusted: Bring lollipops. Put them in your loud obnoxious mouths as soon as you sit down on the sideline. Let them serve as a reminder to you that children are dropping out of sports in record numbers - largely because their parents are behaving like asshats on the sidelines in record numbers. Things, in general, are less fun to do when bigger people scream at you the entire time you do them.

5. So Let the kids play. Let the coaches coach. Let the refs ref. You parent- which means yell nothing but yay and good hustle and you got this and good idea and maybe the occasional offside! These seems to be soccer evergreen safe things to yell.

6. Bring lollipops for all the other soccer parents. They’ll think you’re sweet but you’re really just quite tricky and wise and forever on the kids’ side. And YOU GET A LOLLIPOP AND YOU GET A LOLLIPOP and YOU....
6. OFFSIDE!!!!!!!
#SoccerMoms #LoveWarriors

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What lesson does this teach our children and future hockey players?

Fighting has been an officially accepted part of the hockey at the professional level for almost a century. In 1922, the National Hockey League incorporated ...

"Professionalism" on the pitch is important to DP Maxi Moralez, and it shows in his performance. Sportsmanship and rapport with teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and fans is important to a long, successful, and happy career in any profession.

Get to know New York City FC's new DP signing, Maxi Moralez.

Great work, Timbers!

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Portland Timbers

Derrick Tellez, our #100.💚💛
This is what it looks like when a wish becomes reality. #WelcomeDerrick #RCTID

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Did you know the best thing you can do for your athlete is chill out? #DareToChill

I'm going to work on not using the "language of fear".

I tell my four-year-old daughter to “be careful” so often that I’ve abbreviated it to “caref.” It become an instinctual tick. [She’s about to climb out of the bathtub.] “Caref.” [She’s swimming near the pool rail.] “Caref.” [Her knee is really close to her baby cousin’s face.] “Caref.” [She’s skippi...

Love the good sportsmanship and team spirit!

Youth sports is a public health crisis, and coaches are part of the problem, but with training they can be the solution.

"According to SFIA and Aspen data, seven in 10 youth sports coaches are not trained in six core competencies required to be a qualified coach. Those competencies are general safety and injury prevention, effective motivational techniques, CPR and basic first aid, physical conditioning, concussion management, and sport-specific skills and tactics. At the summit, Aspen described the issue as a public health concern."

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry and Aspen Institute, the “big four” American sports — baseball, basketball, football and soccer — all experienced declines in 2016.

Have a fun season!

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Dublin Soccer League

Dublin Soccer League can't wait to kick off the Fall 2017 soccer season!

Please arrive early as parking can be challenging at times. Click here for a map of A...very Park field layout:

Parents keep it positive on the sidelines to keep the environment positive for the players. Enjoy the game!

Good luck everyone! #dublinsoccerleague #soccersaturday

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This is why we play.

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Posted by ESPN
ESPN with DICK'S Sporting Goods.

A dramatic win. A crushing loss. But most importantly, picking up an opponent when they're down.

Today's Sports Matter moment from the Little League World Series:

Listen to all of the positive remarks and coaching the bench from Greg Berhalter. He is setting a great example for coaches at all levels and age groups.

“Take a listen from the technical box 🎧 🇺🇸 ⚽️ 🇩🇪

Great sportsmanship, and a wonderful human. This is what we should be teaching our athletes.

After losing the state title in wrestling, he didn't shake hands or head back to his sideline. Instead, he marched right over to the winner's dying father and shocked everyone!

Even a professional like Steph Curry needs positive coaching!

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Encouragement and positive reinforcement at its finest.

99% of kids can be coached, but only 1% of parents are coachable. Choose wisely.

Parents, coaches are watching you!

Chris Collins, Northwestern Head Basketball Coach, observes parents in the stands in recruiting players.