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Doc Sharon

Need your help, with my latest TEDx goal.

I'm up to 480,578 views. Which is phenomenal. Can hardly believe it. A very small... % of talks get anything like that. So my new goal for Daylight Savings is 500,000. Can you watch and /or invite others who might like it? I'll keep you posted.

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Had a great interview with the talented Lou Diamond of Thrive Loud. Hope you enjoy it.

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Dr Sharon

In this week of Thanksgiving I want to acknowledge that I'm grateful for life's challenges. It helps us grow, become stronger.

Free Webinar this Saturday!
How to Rebuild Your Life after Divorce


No matter how or why the divorce happened, the aftermath is disruptive, leaving each side feeling loss and confusion about how to move forward. Come join us on a new journey to Rebuild your Life After Divorce this Saturday at 10am EDT. We'll help answer your questions

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Motivational Speaker | United States | Dr Sharon Livingston

Thanks Gary Megel

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Chrissy Martel

Celebrating women, today and every day♡

Had a great interview with Stephen Woessner of Onward Nation

Episode 237: Put your ego aside and be a great listener, with Dr. Sharon Livingston.

Radio Host Ed Tyll is a dynamic AND compassionate interviewer. I enjoyed talking with him on Friday. You can hear our talk at And if you're curious about whether or not you're in a friendship that might be making you sick,

go to

for a check list of indicators that something might be amiss.

15 May Is your friendship making you sick? I had a great talk with Ed Tyll on Friday about toxic friendships. You can listen here. AND, if you’d like a cheat on signs of a toxic friendship, go here: getl...

Want to be a leader who helps create creative teams?
had a great interview with Amy Climer. Take a listen here

Companies lose billions in the U.S. alone due to low employee engagement. In this episode Dr. Sharon Livingston explains how to engage team leaders and provides tips on how to coach the leaders to lead their team towards more creativity and innovation. What You’ll Learn Why team leaders need to iden…

Had a great interview with Bill Conrad. Check it out

Dr. Sharon Livingston is a motivational researcher for Fortune 100 companies and amazingly has interviewed over 62,000 people to include Jack Canfield!

I love this quote. Thanks Helen Thorgalsen

Do something nice for someone out of the blue - it could create a ripple effect that reaches farther than you could ever imagine. ~ John Holland

Had a great interview with Marc Mawhinney. Thanks so much Marc! iTunes | Android | RSS Dr. Sharon Livingston is the Co-Founder of ICCA (International Coach Certification Alliance), as well as the Founder and President of The Livingston Group. She has worked with coaching…

The two most expressive women in the world?

Nancy Krueger won my Get Lost Girlfriend! book giveaway. We were both so excited about it. Meet Nancy here and hear what she had to say about what she won. FUN!…/

26 Jan The two most expressive women in the universe :D So it just so happens that Nancy Krueger is one of the most expressive women I’ve ever seen. But then I saw my expressions and had to laugh. We’re BOTH such face makers!!! Nancy is the winner of my Get Lost Girlfriend! fantasy book giveaway. …

The way you say 'farewell' at the end of a #CoachingSession is HUGELY important. Watch / listen for more on the right way to end a session with a #CoachingClient - you'll be pleased you did!

Don't spend your time WONDERING how you can apply what you have to being a #Coach - why not just #TakeTheCoachTest here?

� � "QUESTION: (regardless of whether you're a personal, life, or business coach) Accelerate achievement of all your coaching goals free, customized report (and help you build your practice) approximately 4 minutes from right now-- (You'll also get FREE teleclasses, client acquisition tools, and eve…

Many #LifeCoaches by nature are inspiring, but this #Coach (who we have had the privilege to work with) is one of THE most inspiring, bar none!

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