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with an eye towards the future bmw is looking to secure a 10-year supply of cobalt and lithium two important ingredients in the production of high (...)
CAMP PENDLETON — A menacing vehicle with a cobra-like front and a lightweight camouflage frame — equipped to seize an airfield and do reconnaissance missions — made its debut Wednesday, Feb. 7 during a military expo showcasing new warfighting technology on the base. The concept Nikola Reckless...

" 21 kilograms of cobalt is the average amount of the metal needed to power typical car batteries and rose by $1,100 in half a year. The rapid rise in price is the new hurdle for the electric car industry"
( Andrew Haythorpe Managing Director at BetterCells PL)

While debate rages over how much lithium the battery industry can consume, there’s a more scarce mineral that has carmakers worried.
Last year, British appliance manufacturer Dyson confirmed that it is investing £2 billion ($2.7 billion USD) to bring an electric vehicle with a solid state battery to market in 2020. A new report …
Price of the mineral, a key input in electric vehicles, has tripled the past 2 years. Sweden seeks to pare global dependence on leading supplier Congo

Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd is No7 - Top IPO of 2017

It used to be the case that to get shares in a great share market float or IPO (initial public offering), you had to be on good terms with the right sponsoring broker and have plenty of available cash. With the requirement for a spread now at least 300 retail shareholders, getting set in a float has...
Five African countries mine more than 71 percent of the world's cobalt, with the Democratic Republic of Congo producing 62 percent of the world's supply.
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why the world's cobalt crisis is getting worse for companies like Tesla...
Over the past few years the belief that electric vehicle sales would rise exponentially, and that the automotive industry as a whole was heading into a period of rapid technological change, took off on the back of heightened concerns about air quality and global warming.
The London Metal Exchange could remove companies from its list of approved metal suppliers if they fall short of industry standards following an outcry about cobalt mined by children in Africa, three sources said.
<p>“We’re realizing that the Congo is to [electric vehicles] what Saudi Arabia is to the internal combustion engine,” said a chief executive of a mineral exploration company to the Wall Street Journal
Never mind the Roadster in space, Elon Musk says the Tesla big battery in South Australia has exceeded performance targets “significantly,” a success that has put a rocket under sales o…