Champion was a champ at the Pooch Plunge!
We hope everyone enjoyed the Pooch Plunge! I know there were some tired pups last night! #colonywoods #stonemark
Rosie wasn't to sure about the water
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Sean Stringberg
· July 10, 2017
To keep it simple, because I could honestly rant for days about this complex, the cockroaches were the worst I've ever experienced in apartment living. The staf...f are incredibly rude and genuinely uncaring human beings. The place was a mess when we first moved in, we're talking mold and dead bugs everywhere with carpet stains for days. We had to clean it for three days straight (without air conditioning mind you because it was busted the first day we moved in) before we could actually unpack anything. The maintenance crew takes minimum 3 to 4 days to to respond to a request and you're lucky if the "fix" lasts for more than a few days. Great location, terrible place to live, do yourself a favor and pass this one up trust me it's not worth the headache. See More
Kamerine Nilsen
· July 11, 2017
The staff is always friendly and helpful. If I put in a maintenance request it is usually done the next day. My power and water bills are very manageable. I lov...e my apartment view! The only problem I have had was at the pool when a couple of the kids were a bit rude. I know that reflects the parents and not the staff. I would recommend this place for my friends! It's so much cheaper than other complexes around here and I am glad they have been making improvements and renovating it around here! Keep up the good work � See More
Ali Files Stringberg
· July 10, 2017
Worst place we've ever lived! When we moved in the apartment was dirty, the AC was broken and mold was everywhere! The office staff is beyond rude and they've h...ung up on me multiple times! I've requested the manager to call me back numerous times and they have NEVER returned my calls. The maintenance staff was clueless and never fixed anything correctly. We had cockroaches in our apartment DAILY and even had them coming out of air vents! The water bills are ridiculously high and there are NO meters so you pay for all the water used by the complex divided up, not just how much you're using. The numerous speed bumbs are annoying and good luck trying to use the pool or workout rooms because they're always "renovating" them. We loved the area, but absolutely HATED living here! Do yourself a favor and pick another apartment complex. You'll regret every minute of living here! See More
Karen Wheeles
· August 22, 2017
I loved living here! Yes, there were a few bugs occasionally but that happens anywhere you live. The staff was always friendly and helpful and maintenance requests were taken care of quickly. It is an older complex, but still in great shape!