"A good Rider can hear a horse speak to her. A great rider can hear her horse whisper."
CHR horse Andora being worked with by one of our Volunteer riders.

Consider joining our volunteer riding team. Individuals must have advanced horsemanship skills as well as problem solving riding skills.


For more information about the volunteer riding team please contact our Equine Training Coordinator at

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When people say "Its Just a Horse...." They just don't understand.
Saddle up this weekend and enjoy the beautiful Colorado Sunshine!

Horse pictured is CHR horse Adora. Available for adoption.

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95 Reviews
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Alysson Lafferty-DiFonzo
· September 26, 2017
As a Colorado native and lifelong equestrian I have always been aware of CHR's hard work and good deeds. After working in the show field for many years I decided what was most important to me was a la...sting, bonded relationship with my equine partner. I have no interest in showing anymore and just want to learn as much as possible, because you never can learn enough when it comes to horses. I have worked in the small animal veterinary field for years and am a huge proponent of adoption, this value was a heavy factor when I decided to become a horse owner again. I watched several rescue sites for months before stumbling across a horse I thought may be perfect for me at CHR. Added bonus is that he was with the most highly regarded and lauded horse rescue in Colorado! My application was approved right around the time I was getting married and they worked with me on time frame and I've now taken several lessons to get up to snuff on Natural Horsemanship techniques to make my bond with my new friend a trusting and fruitful partnership. I cannot say enough good things about Sarah, the CHR team and volunteers. Adopt don't shop! If you want to really learn how to bond with your equine partner, adopt here. They take every stride to make sure you're well matched and comfortable when you take your new friend home! Cannot recommend them enough! See More
Phyllis Simon
· July 30, 2017
What an awesome place! So clean, organized, and staffed by wonderful people. I volunteered and they love and need volunteers. They also have a thrift shop where I saw very expensive saddles for $200.00 and all sorts of people and horse goodies at great prices. Nice gift shop too where 100% of the proceeds go to the horses. The area is also beautiful. Check it out and spend some time there. You won't be disappointed. See More
Scott Hays
· August 3, 2017
I recently started to volunteer at CHR. Several years ago I was introduced to horses and found out what their healing properties can be. About a year ago I started to retreat away from society again.... After applying to volunteer with CHR and having the opportunity to help them out, I can't tell you how incredible this organization has been for me.

The staff makes sure you know the horses are the main priority. If you come out for a visit, there is no mistaking that is the case. With around 80 volunteers helping out, the horses at CHR do not lack for love in any way shape or form.

Although I am still struggling with some of my own issues; the slow reintroduction back into the equine world at CHR has really helped me get my footing back underneath me. No one, person or horse judges you at CHR.
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Cat Drentlaw
· April 7, 2016
Firstly, this place is amazing and the people are so nice. It's clean, the horses are well cared for and happy. They have a gorgeous facility. It was truly a pleasure to go there. They even have some ...very cute dogs that are incredibly friendly! I can't wait to complete the adoption process! Also, for everyone freaking out about prairie dogs: There were many prairie dogs there, alive and well. If they were eradicating them, it's for the safety of the horses because any rodent or small wild mammal has the potential to spread deadly diseases to horses and any other animal. I love CHR! See More
Rishab Rao
· July 9, 2015
My time in Colorado was brief, but CHR made it an incredibly rich experience. I volunteered my time in care of the horses... and I believe it did more for me than it did for them. I miss Colorado more... because of CHR than anything else. I am glad CHR exists for the sake of both, the horses and the humans involved. I met many amazing horses, each with their unique personality and I met some great people too. The staff is dedicated, warm, caring and love the horses. It is phenomenal to see a horse brought in skinny with health issues and be transformed into a beautiful, fit and healthy horse, ready for adoption, all by the loving care of an amazing bunch of people. I miss you all. See More
Pat Barlow
· February 13, 2018
Well run, ethical and dedicated to horses’ wellbeing.
Billie Behymer
· June 15, 2014
It was such a pleasure to see the horses in the care of a very talented staff and crew who manage and train the horses, The horses get excellent care here and the team works with you so that they matc...h you to the right horse. I want to thank Colorado Horse Rescue all for the wonderful work they do for every horse that they have brought to them. This is a Wonderful organization and what a pleasure to see and meet the staff! It is like they are angels to the horse world. See More
Tara Crase
· December 2, 2017
What a wonderful program, knowledgeable staff and volunteers!
Virginia Balch
· September 25, 2015
As an animal rescuer and wildlife rehaber I think it's rather disturbing that this place rescues horses and yet has gone out of its way to murder prairie dogs and blame them for things that are untrue... of their species. And the fact that they wish to expand their territory for "for profit" events for board members and murder more innocent prairie dogs is reprehensible. There are far better rescues out there that treat all creatures with love and respect even if the don't rescue thst particular animal. See More
Katie Rosner
· July 24, 2016
CHR is amazing! I have never visited a farm, or rescue where all, I mean all the animals were so well cared for and very happy!
I was very impressed with the warmth and friendliness of the... staff members that I met on sight. I am looking forward to hopefully
Being able to volunteer my time there! Katie R.
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Silvia DeToffoli
· September 21, 2016
Happy to know there are still good hearted humans out there with the same passion for Rescue Organizations that I have. Excited to make new friends being that I am new to Colorado.
Megan McGrath
· April 16, 2015
I've had the unique privilege of volunteering with CHR for 3 years before I moved. I am beyond impressed with the compassion of the staff and volunteers and the dedication given to each individual We need more animal welfare nonprofits like CHR. See More
Dananana Schewe
· April 13, 2016
Wonderful facility that provides love, attention, proper vet/feed/boarding facilities and individual grooming/training for all these rescues! As an avid equestrian & longtime rancher, I can't begin to... express how amazing CHR is, keep up the great work! See More
Geronimo Valukevich
· September 24, 2015
What "rescue" involves itself in the murder of innocents? I seriously question the values of "rescuers" involved in the killing of defenseless animals on land you were requested to steward responsibl...y for ALL animals living within it. Why wouldn't "rescuers" explore relocation as a last resort? Instead you poisoned them, dying a slow and horrible death. You are NOT rescuers, you make me sick. See More
Nancy Marie
· March 30, 2015
Probably great for horses but CHR is in the practice of killing wildlife such as Prarie dogs, breaking public trust and destroying eagles' habitat on its property. Facts and pending legals are posted... on Save the Castle Rock Mall Prairie Dogs page. See More
Ellen Kessler
· March 30, 2015
You may be great with horses, but do your fans know you're planning to inhumanely slaughter hundreds of prairie dogs? There are people who can relocate them, but you're taking the "easy" way by or gassing them. YOU SUCK. You're nothing but hypocrites. See More
Andrew Williams
· April 2, 2015
Great organization. And the staff is comprised of incredibly compassionate people who work so hard for the benefit of their animals. Really an inspirational place.
Gwyn Barton
· July 15, 2017
Can't wait to start volunteering at this awesome rescue.!
Sue Weber Mackay
· December 24, 2015
Loved the information I get from each and every one of CHRs clinics.
Laura Bickel Owen
· October 3, 2013
You are all so wonderful!!! We are so happy to have Finnegan home!
Pasha and Honey meet for the first time.
Say hello to Gamer! One of the wonderful geldings saved at auction. Good horses all to often end up in at risk situations and sadly Gamer would have gone to a feedlot had CHR not intervened. Today we are evaluating all that this adorable horse knows and turns out he knows quite a bit! #availableforadoption #adoptme #adoptdontshop #adopt #gamer #chr #coloradohorserescue #QH #quarterhorse #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #bay #baygelding #reininghorse #ropinghorse #therighthorse #righthorse #partners #horsepartners
Happy Easter From CHR

Do you know of anyone who could use a little extra help to get them through a difficult situation with their horse? Colorado Horse Rescue has a Crisis Assistance program to help horse owners with temporary financial hardships to help them keep their beloved horses in their homes and far from ending up in at risk situations.

For more information about Crisis assistance please visit our website at

Pictured here we have CHR horse Nara and CHR horse Hazel. Both available for adoption!

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Beautiful, Sweet, and spicy! Say hello to the gorgeous Cayenne! A 17 year old Arabian mare with big bone, big movement and a willing attitude. It is still unclear to us at this time how much of a riding education she has but it is clear she wants to bond with her human partners.

She is currently available for adoption and in need of a human partner.
Adoption fee is $500
Sweet, sane, sound and ready for her continued education! ...
Ask to schedule an appointment to see her today!

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Bristol and Monterrey are making such phenomenal progress. Please consider donating to help CHR keep these beautiful mustangs in training so we can give them the skills to find loving homes.

Both of these amazing horse are available for adoption.

To donate to help keep these amazing horses in training please visit our website at

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Part 2 of Svens amazing day of training! This was the first day we asked for forward motion with a rider and he did amazing. He still has a lot of fear from people but he is learning to develop bonds and Trust.
#partners #leader #beautiful #belgianhorse #belgiancross #Belgian #horses #horse #adoptadrafthorse #adopt #adoptme #horsesarelife #goodboy #adopt #adoptdontshop

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Andora's owner had 3 heart attacks and could no longer take care of her. A huge thank you to the Harry, George and Mary Harris Foundation, a designated fund of The Denver Foundation for providing a $10,825 grant that allowed us to help both horse and owner!

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Image may contain: sky, horse and outdoor
Image may contain: horse, sky, outdoor and nature

Look at the amazing Sven go! Love this big guy and how much progress he is making! If you need to add a big loveable draft to your herd visit for adoption information!
#adopt #adoptme #adoptadrafthorse #drafthorse #Draftcross #belgianhorse #belgiancross #Belgian #haflinger #horses #horses #chr #coloradohorserescue #rescue #rescuehorse #rescuedismyfavoritebreed

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Look at our Monteray go! As an 8 year old un touched unhandled mustang mare this is amazing! Its only the second time Monteray has allowed Autumn to touch her. What incredible progress!

Please help us fund her continued training for another 30 days.

To donate visit

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Our amazing little mustang mare Bristol has been in training with our partner Autumn Haney at Aspen Edens Horsemanship and look at the AMAZING progress she has made!
From wild and untouchable to haltered and doing ground work.
Consider adopting/fostering this beautiful mare or donate to help continue her training expenses!

This little girl is going to be amazing!

... See More
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Need to part with your transportation? Consider our vehicle donation program @

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Early last month our beautiful mustang mares Monterrey and Bristol were sent to training at Eden Aspens Horsemanship for 30 days of training. That 30 days is almost up! Here you can see young Bristol has gone from wild and untouchable to wearing a halter and leading confidently around the property!

She is still looking for a home and now that she is more handleable she could be an incredible addition to your herd.

If you cant adopt Bristol please consider helping CHR to cont...inue to fund her training. The more training Bristol receives the closer she can come to finding a family to call her own!

You can donate to Bristol's training at…/tab…/171583/Default.aspx

Every dollar helps!

Stay tuned for more training updates throughout the week! We would LOVE to keep these girls in training so as they can continue their education and be productive members of equine society!

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Image may contain: sky, horse, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: sky, horse, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

The winter we have had so far has been a mild one but there are still plenty of days where either the ground is frozen solid or the winds are blowing so hard the outside becomes unsafe to train our horses in.
Thankfully to the generous support of our donors and community we are able to train in our fabulous indoor arena!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality! Now CHR can help save more horses in need by continuing each horses individual educationa...l needs without the winter pause.

Consistency is the key to all of their success!

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Say hello to Clementine the QH and Ladybug the Draft! Both of these beautiful girls have been given a second chance. With the hard work and dedication of our local Animal Control these two beautiful girls were rescued from a life of starvation and neglect.

Thank you Boulder County Animal Control for being a voice for animals who need it most and thank you to our incredible donors who provide much needed funds to allow horses like these a soft place to land.

We are so happy to be able to provide safety, comfort and a future to these two beautiful souls. Once they have been evaluated by our vet and allowed to recover they will be available for adoption. Until then they can rest easy knowing they will never know a day of hunger again.

Image may contain: sky, horse, cloud, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: sky, horse, cloud, outdoor and nature