Comet ISON shared a link.
May 21, 2014
Heads up, folks! A new, monster of a meteor shower may grace our skies on Saturday.

Instead of looking from the ground to the stars, take a moment to do the opposite and join in the search for a missing plane/family in the Idaho mountians. Recent satellite photos have been taken of the area, but help is needed to look through the images!

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A small plane traveling from Oregon to Montana was reported missing Sunday after reporting engine failure ~125 miles NE of Boise.

Help search through satellite imagery for signs of the plane or its five passengers:

Previous reports of Comet ISON's death may have been somewhat exaggerated, but this time it looks like the real thing. Remnants of the...|By NBC News
Talk about the Comeback Kid. After Comet C/2012 S1 ISON rounded the sun yesterday afternoon, professional astronomers around the world looked at the faded
Comet ISON appeared to disintegrate as it encountered the Sun on Thanksgiving, as the video from NASA's solar observatories show. However subsequent analysis this morning shows that some part of th...
A million-year-old comet may have been a bit more stubborn than we gave it credit for.
Scientists hoped that the "comet of the century" would provide a spectacular show, but it seems to have disintegrated near the sun

Bad news?

Astronomers keeping a close eye on the highly-anticipated Comet ISON, are reporting that 'something' is happening to the icy visitor as it quickly plummets towards the sun. And it may, or may not, ...
Potential 'comet of the century' will be visiting the sun for Thanksgiving Day. There's one last chance to catch this week before it fizzles or makes history. Read this article by Eric Mack on CNET.
In 2007, astronomers were amazed when a solar storm hit Comet Encke. NASA STEREO spacecraft watched as a CME (coronal mass ejection) struck the comet head on and ripped off its tail.

Still intact and going strong!

As Comet ISON approaches its climactic Thanksgiving swing around the sun, astronomers are getting increasingly excited about the...|By NBC News
Over the years we’ve had some pretty amazing comets swing by our planet. I remember the ones I’ve seen myself: Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp, Holmes, Pan-STARRS, McNaught… they were all beautiful and amazing sights. Now we have C/2012 S1 (ISON) passing our way, and it’s certainly grabbing attention. It’s bri...
In late November, Comet ISON moves its fastest as it flies from Virgo, through Libra and Scorpius, and then heads north into Ophiuchus.


Comet ISON appears to have sprouted wings.
Hoping against hope, I was starting to dare think that maybe, just maybe, Comet ISON might live up to the hype that it will be a spectacular comet. Sometimes, dreams do come true. Check. This. Out. Holy sublimation! That ridiculously beautiful photo was taken by the outstanding UK astrophotographer…
Will The Comet of the Century live up to expectations?