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Binky returns home. No more babies for her!
Miss Emma
See a pile of kittens squirm around their bed waiting for mom to come nurse them. This is Lovey (mom) and her 4 babies currently in foster care.
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Nicole Raymond
· November 12, 2017
You guys are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! ��� Cannot say enough about how very important this is for the community and how wonderful each and EVERYONE of you are! Thank you for all that you do for the kitties... in the community ��� See More
Krista Lynch McGillion
· November 28, 2017
I love these peeps, well run, they know their stuff from funding to catching these critters. Extremely professional with great attitudes, personalities and outlooks.
Dana Lo Destro
· November 30, 2017
Great organization, great people doing an awesome job for the cat community!
Andrew Bell
· December 12, 2017
Totally selfless volunteer organization doing amazing work!
Jon Scott Powell
· October 31, 2013
I've been dealing with feral cats for 17 years and have always wanted to address the problem. I couldn't find the right organization to deal with the problem, until I found these folks. What a super...b organization! The health and well being of the cats is the priority, systems and processes come second. Exactly what I have spent 17 years looking for. See More
Lauren Dembkoski Adelizi
· July 13, 2017
The most wonderful people volunteer for this organization ♡♡♡
Michele Lee Hutchison
· September 15, 2013
These girls are beyond belief. They will stop at nothing to insure a whole colony gets spayed/neutered. Their hearts are bigger than they are.
Jessica Nance
· December 2, 2013
Best experience I hv had getting an animal. I love what they are doing for these animals. And I love my 2 new baby boys.
Jean Ann
· July 30, 2013
If you or anyone you know is looking for a kitten, Community Cats Alive has over 100 looking for homes. This wonderful group is doing fabulous things for feral & community cats. Please share this post.
Linda Caraotta Perry
· March 22, 2014
Thank you for the wonderful work you do in the community.
Kelley Casale

To all my Vet Tech friends....I am in need of a vet tech for Thursday, February 22nd for a community cat clinic. If you are interested, let me know.

This is awesome!

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Rare Life

The "Trap King" talks about his process of TNR (Trap. Neuter. Return.) and his unique approach to helping cats find homes. 😺


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Kelley Casale added 2 new photos.

My heart is happy this afternoon! "Lenny" the final babe from a feral trapped across the street from the Niagara Falls Country Club has found his forever home,... a huge thank you to our friends at Pets Alive for finding the purrfect human for this boy. And "Shamus", now known as Frankie, who has been with Community Cats Alive for over a year has also found his forever family!!!

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We love it when a person phones and is in need of help and once we explain what has to be done, they put the wheels in motion and make it happen. Today a woman on Grand Island who has been feeding a cat with a too tight collar since summer, brought us that cat, secured in a trap. Not only was the collar a problem, he was unaltered. With that we removed the collar, neutered him, vaccinated him, ear tipped and is now resting comfortably in a cage in the woman's basement for a couple of days. Boom....

Please forgive us. We will not have a January TNVR clinic. We are still hoping for February. The flu/cold season has hit us as well; not to mention the brutal cold we’ve been weathering.

Our clinic waitlist for February/March is very long. We are looking into alternatives, but these will cost more than our own clinic.

If you are willing to pay $75-$100 per cat, we can probably set something up with a rescue partner. Otherwise, please bear with us. We are doing the best we

Sabrina barn cat says “hi.”

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This is awesome.

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Juli Rose

Cat colony feeders... Easy to make.

Have you registered for our next webinar? Join us Jan. 25 at 2 p.m. EST! You’ll learn more about how local governments work, how to speak effectively to persuad...e elected officials, and how to rally your community. Plus, you’ll get an overview of our resources that will help and support you along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be creating meaningful change for cats.

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Cat Advocacy 101 is a FREE online webinar on learning how to build connections with elected officials and how to discuss cat policies with key decision makers. Watch the webinar
Kelley Casale

UPDATE! TRANSPORT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AND WILL BE HAPPENING LATER THIS AFTERNOON. THANK YOU ALL FOR WORKING TOGETHER AND THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL OF THE OFFERS. ...MUCH APPRECIATED! I just received this message. Is there anyone who can pick up cats and transport today? URGENT! This is for all my north towns friends who tell me “if there’s any way I can help you, let me know”. We have s young woman with no car in Niagara Falls. Her roommate moved out and left TWO pregnant females and a male cat. Pet Connection just outside East Aurora will take them, has cages set up etc. The problem is this young woman has no car and no way to get them to safety. Can ANYONE help with transport later today? Urgent! We are afraid they will be dumped or left behind.

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A recent study by a citizen scientist shows that her 10-year TNR effort in her neighborhood (20 discrete colonies) produced amazing reductions in cats: 54% on average across the colonies and 84% from peak levels. TNVR works!

The use of trap-neuter-return (TNR) as a method of managing free-roaming cat populations has increased in the United States in recent decades. Historically, TNR has been conducted most often at a grassroots level, which has led to inconsistent data collection and assessment practices. Consequently,�...

Tips for preventing cat food from freezing.

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Neighborhood Cats

With arctic temperatures continuing, is the wet food you're giving your colonies quickly turning into blocks of ice? Jade Vazquez, one of Neighborhood Cats' sta...ffers, suggests this trick to keep food from freezing:
START with two small, new litter boxes.
NEXT place three hand warmers at the end of one box, then put the empty litter box into the first one. Single-use air-activated hand warmers are available at most hardware stores, or find them on Amazon and other online retailers.
FINALLY, put wet food at the end of the top box directly over the hand warmers. Add dry food at the other end. Because no cold air is reaching the hand warmers, they'll keep food from freezing for up to six hours!

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Snoop...available for adoption!

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Kelley Casale

Okay folks...his two sisters have been spoken for! Let's get Snoop adopted so he doesn't have to go to the shelter without his siblings to be showcased! Inquire here and I will put you in contact with the foster family!!

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Kelley Casale

Hard decision for sure but I had to make one. This feral Momma had surgery on Thursday and stopped eating since she had surgery. I pulled her kittens from he...r last weekend. Two of the four kittens are currently in foster to adopt, leaving 2. One of the kittens is presenting "more feral" than the others. The littlest kitten has a frost bit ear that has been bleeding off and on, Doc addressed that again today. So today I separated the last of the 2 kittens, putting the wilder one back with Mom and bringing both Mom and him back to the original foster home. As you can see, Momma began eating right away. I am hoping this gives Mom the peace of mind to heal properly before returning to her colony and also giving the foster some time to try and work with the little wild one. Worst case scenario is he will end up getting vetted and returning to the colony with his Mom. The last kitten with the frost bit ear is having a meet and greet on Monday, hopefully going into foster to adopt. Sad as it is that she is alone, but separating her from her brother will give her a far better chance to continue to tame and she is well on her way.

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Kelley Casale is feeling frustrated.

A little story: A year ago an elderly woman contacted me about a small group of ferals she was feeding. I went to her home spoke to her about TNVR, came up the "plan", set everything in motion. Monday came, I set 7 traps at 6:00 am. Went to check things on my lunch, 1 cat trapped. 1 cat..that is unlike me, disappointed, I took the trapped cat, rebaited traps. After work went cats in traps. Closed traps, went in and spoke to woman. "I haven't seen them." This went on for another 2 days....the 4th day, after setting traps at 6 am, I decided to go unannounced and check traps before she expected me. No cats, but as I looked into her house from the backyard... there were 6 cats around a platter of food she had down on her kitchen floor. I tapped on her window, she was completely caught off guard and turned beet red! She then screamed, "I don't want them in the traps!" I pulled my traps and told her that my time and effort was needed elsewhere. I told her that she was setting these cats up for failure. Fast forward to now....her house was up for sale recently...she called me 2 weeks ago..."Kelley, my house is sold, I am moving tomorrow, what do I do about the cats?" Really lady? Let me tell you, you set those poor cats up for failure. They depended on you. A couple of the caretakers of the golf course have intercepted numerous kittens from the females you didn't want in traps...all have been socialized, vetted and adopted. Another woman just 2 weeks ago, trapped 4 more kittens and the feral Mom, from your colony that you didn't want in a trap. One kitten has frost bite....but they too will be socialized, vetted and adopted out. The Mother....oh she will he vetted and returned to the same spot she was trapped, as you see they put up a shelter and will feed her. The Orange male, you just loved so much and wanted to take with you....he has been trapped with 2 others from your colony by a caretaker and his wife awaiting clinic time to be vetted. A fourth is playing hard to get. You see they went looking elsewhere for food after you left them high and dry with no plan in place. The 7th cat, I am sure is lingering along with others that have been born this last year as you didn't want them in traps....and then left without any plan in place. Your little colony of 7 could have stopped at 7. Ugh! I feel so flippin' bad for the cats. Lady, do the next cat you feed a favor...don't feed it, as you won't follow through with the next step, fix it!

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The new year is the perfect time to set goals for yourself, learn new skills—and help save cats’ lives. You can do all three by becoming an advocate for cats!