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Jessica Walker
· April 3, 2018
We tried to sell our condo in 2016 only for CMC to botch the sale by turning over outdated information in the condo questionnaire. We scrambled to find renters for a year and the home is now currently... under contract. Again. CMC is, once again, doing their damndest to not allow this property to sell. Apparently, the reserves are $2000 short; no one from CMC will return emails or phone calls to our buyers, our realtor, the buyer's realtor, or us in order to get a letter stating how they plan to remedy this issue. Therefore, our settlement is likely to get pushed back and/or our buyers will walk away once they realize the ineptitude of this company. Fortunately, our buyers are using a conventional loan so the fact that CMC also let the certification for FHA loans lapse isn't compounding the issue; it is, however, holding hostage the owners who do want to sell to FHA buyers.

I will never recommend this company to anyone. Ever.

Edited to update a week later:
Will someone please return a call or email? We have offered to pay the $2000 to fix your mistake but can't get a return call so we know where to send the money. We contacted EIGHT people at CMC yesterday; only one responded and the best she could do was forward our emails to two other people. A total of TEN CMC employees know about this and NONE are doing anything about it. This company is ridiculous. We are going to pay money out of our own pockets to fix your mistake so we can sell our house and no one will even call us back. Absolutely ridiculous.
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Taylor Jensen
· November 6, 2017
Complete joke of an organization. Literally nothing gets done. Takes days, sometimes weeks to get a call or email returned. Took me four months to get them to come out and repair my leaking skylight, ...and that's after having to resort to giving them ultimatums of a lawsuit (miraculously they were out within days after that). After having my skylight leak like a dripping faucet onto my living room furniture and dangerously close to my work equipment, I had had enough. When I called in to chew them out for still not having it fixed (at this point it had been three months) I was told I needed to have more patience and me being upset won't help. Seriously? In addition to that, I have been double billed three months in a row, and have been told it will take six weeks for me to receive my refund. This is after trying numerous times to log in and cancel my automatic billing because they kept over charging, but the website conveniently never works and I can't log in to make the change (Edit: was able to log in and update now. The fact the website is so hit/miss is reason enough to still be fed up). It's consistently one issue after another. I have yet to go a single month without having to deal with issues like this for the last six months. But boy are they quick to let you know you have scratches on your window screens (the horror!) and threaten to terminate your community privileges (aka rights as a homeowner that pays the monthly dues). They will quickly try to hold the homeowners accountable, but refuse to be held accountable to their responsibilities as the management company. They're lucky they are even getting a penny from me at this point. See More
TJ Nguyen
· January 4, 2018
It’s the crappiest service Hoa/community association ever. I have own 2 houses in my life. This is crap unprofessional people working and know nothing bout HOA rules. The only thing you will get is... trash service. Last 2 years we’ve been here. They don’t cut the grass on time nor plow snow or salt the roads, and wants increase fees �.We are moving out the here and never deal with bs crap and Lennars home again. See More
Lakeya Tucker
· May 10, 2018
So far very dissatisfied with the service received to date. They didn't want to take responsibility for my claim a month ago but when I called back they rushed which leads me to believe they knew the...y were responsible from the start. Absolutely sickening! See More
JW Eng
· March 2, 2018
This is the biggest joke. Condo questionaire was order more than a week again, still don't have it!
MEghan Marville
· August 24, 2016
As an employee of CMC I have to admit that I love my job. Just this morning I was making my breakfast and thinking that I was lucky because unlike so many others... I don't hate coming to work, I lov...e it! I have been trying to recruit friends to join me here at CMC right and left so they too can share in the joy of working for a proactive company that treats me like family! See More
Michelle Hawks Reinshuttle
· August 18, 2017
CMC manages our Association out in Virginia and has for over a decade. The onsite manager, portfolio manager, and even the regional manager respond to phone calls and emails in a very prompt and court...eous manner. The property is in good hands with CMC. See More
Veronica Duggan
· June 1, 2017
Not impressed, they are our new Management company, and since they have managed our community the website is down, they staff doesn't have answers to simple questions, there are no events planned for ...the community : ( See More
Stephanie Engle
· August 24, 2016
I am an administrative assistant for CMC and they are big on promoting from within and helping to educate their employees. They are a great company to work for. My old roommate even helped me get job because she likes working for them so much! See More
Dee Singleton
· August 24, 2016
CMC is a great place to work! CMC is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients - who can ask for anything more? Looking for a great place to work? Look no further!
Bette Sanft
· August 24, 2016
Excellent company to work for..I have been here for the past two years and enjoy working for such a great company. Proud to be an employee of CMC!
Caitlyn Sabo
· August 25, 2016
As a manager for Associa CMC, our team strives to go above & beyond for every client, every day. I'm proud to work for a company that provides an excellent education to their Community Association Man...agers and promotes a customer-first atmosphere. See More
Jessica Sawyer
· August 23, 2016
its amazing place to work with the best people that just make me feel at home. Along with all the amazing things they do for their employees. I feel excited to come to work every day.
Jack Robinson Jr
· March 8, 2016
Terrible customer service and very poor management .. Our HOA hire these people and by far one of the worst decisions made by our current RCC President ..
Jan Ward
· June 20, 2016
Great place to work. Professional, well trained and educated employees. Friendly, caring atmosphere. A company that goes over the top to grant employees the opportunitiy to volunteer and reach out ...and lend a hand to others in need. See More
Richard Chard
· February 12, 2016
Incredibly poor customer service. They ignore calls and complaints. Overall the "rules" are inconsistently and unfairly enforced. You should not have to hire a lawyer to sue your HOA so that it will b...e fair and impartial. See More
Cory MacLauchlin
· July 15, 2016
While we were traveling abroad I could not access the website to pay our HOA fees. I messaged the company thru Facebook and they were very responsive. I showed evidence of the technical issue. And the...y were very understanding. All was take care of when we returned. See More
Patty Norris
· March 21, 2017
I've been waiting three weeks for a response from this company. They don't respond to emails or voice mails. Perhaps everyone likes working there because actual "work" isn't a requirement.
Joanne James
· August 23, 2016
Great company to work for. Numerous resources available for association managers to locate the best vendor, suppliers and contractors.
Niqua Holmes
· August 23, 2016
Amazing Company and Very Professional!! I would definately recommend them to anyone needing a property management company with values, family spirit and hard working staff members!

~~ Sheniqua Holmes
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On May 5, Deb Johnson, Leslie Cruz and Patricia Chilcote were representing Associa CMC at the Gold Cup! Thank you to our vendor partner BrightView, who sponsored them!

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Congratulations to Deirdre Baldino, Assistant GM for Cameron Station, who recently earned the AMS designation from CAI! The AMS (Association Management Specialist) designation demonstrates a higher level of commitment to your career and the community association industry. An AMS designation is recommended for managers who want to enhance their career opportunities by increasing their knowledge and expertise. Great job, Deirdre!