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Sharon Spencer
· December 11, 2015
I have been on a chat to fix my computer with 4 different geeks. They have sped up my computer but in the mean time, I have not been able to reconnect my 2nd monitor. I have spent all day one day an...d been on the current chat from 8:30 - 12:40. My computer still can't recognize the 2nd monitor. If I were you, I would not work with these guys. They are working with 3 or 4 other suckers the same time they are working with you.

I tried to connect by phone. That was a disaster too. Get another service. NOT COMODO.
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Nephi Kemper
· May 21, 2015
I downloaded the "free" firewall application, then called the toll free number to have a "certified technician" help me configure my firewall, per the invitation included in the setup.

What I was gre...eted with was a salesperson who ignored all my repeated requests for help configuring my firewall, and who insisted on changing the subject to her suggestions of which product I should buy from Comodo to protect my computer from unwanted spam and viruses. I pointedly told her that I was not interested in buying anything until I determined if I was actually happy with the product I just installed. She still didn't get it.

I politely ended the call, and promptly uninstalled the Comodo programs from my computer. The products may actually be good products. I'll never know because I don't support companies who provide such terrible customer service and use bait and switch tactics for sales.
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Matt Okeson-Harlow
· June 23, 2016
Trying to hijack the "Let's Encrypt" brand means that even though I have used them in the past, I won't be using Comodo certificates again in the future.

If I could give zero stars for this review, I would.
Rodrigo Barbosa
· June 23, 2016
After this unethical stunt of trying to copyright "Lets Encrypt", Comodo will never get my business, although I've got dozens of certificates from them in the past.
Unethical companies deserve to die.
Roger Morgan
· April 4, 2014
I've been using Comodo free firewall for some time - No problems. Yeterday it asked me to update, which I did. Would not run on startup, it could not repair problems. I tried uninstalling it without s...uccess. I tried system restore to no avail. Now I am left with an unusable firewall and its associated Malware - Comodo Dragon, PrivGuard and Geek Buddy !!!!!!!!!! See More
Peter Whitley
· November 7, 2014
>Install Comodo
>comes with some bloatware
>stop install and try again without the added bloat...
>it installed the bloat any way
>uninstall said bloatware
>get taken to a "why are you uninstalling this?" page
>options are:
Caused system crash
Conflicts with other software
I require dedicated support
Upgrading to latest version
Satisfied user.

It's as if they don't want to hear negative comments about their products.
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Barron van Deusen
· August 9, 2017
Don't call my fucking office trying to sell me SSL certs, you miserable shitting mutants.
Walter Johnson
· April 2, 2014
I have only had 1 experience with Comodo (recommended by a good friend and my computer tech for anti-virus) and it was NOT good. I browsed the website and suddenly was charged. I have not been able get resolution so I finally had to dispute the charge on my (Chase) Visa Card. Not a good way to impress a "potential" customer. I would love to get resolution and "RE-POST" on this site my success! Who @ Comodo can help? See More
Adam Granatella
· May 21, 2015
Why would anyone do business with a company that resorts to spam to try and drum up business? Especially a security company!
Mari Muccioli
· April 5, 2015
MACs no longer supported?!?
So not happy
New hard drive on my MacBook Pro, upgrades OS, ...
Comodo no longer works.
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Jon Ruehle
· June 11, 2015
Tech support is horrible. The ones that know what they are doing can't speak intelligble English to save their lives.

OMG -- The hold music is SO LOUD I have to lower the volume to #1 on the phone, t...hen when someone comes to the phone, you don't know it because you cannot hear them, so you don't respond, so they hang up. See More
Matt Riddell
· April 24, 2015
Just spent four hour in support trying to get the EV certificate and they just gave up and ended the conversation...infuriating
Kevin W Shaffer
· August 25, 2015
your support sucks.will not respond to questions why is that??????????
Francesco Cantalini
· January 28, 2014
Best AV, Best Firewall! Default-deny technlogy is the future :-)
Jj Stephan
· December 29, 2013
the best antivirus for phone en pc.
Renate Ottilie Laufs
September 13, 2012
Wir haben mit einer Gruppe von 19 Personen das Fußballspiel Deutschland gegen Österreich im "Comodo," angeschaut.
Wir haben kurzfristig reserviert,es hat alles super geklappt. das Personal war sehr und aufmerksam.Der Gastgeber hat zum Schluss für alle Gäste weil Deutschland nicht gut gespielt hat einen kleines Trostpflaster ausgegeben.
Uns hat es dort gefallen.
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