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From World Flight 2017. QFA25 arriving LOWI off the RNP APCH. Great scenery and approach. Landed after a missed approach. Crap pic but better than nothing I guess. Oh did I mention I was in the left seat 😀
Taken by one of the other Sims scattered around the world.
All up I think we raised around $30000!

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Do you have the technical capability and capacity to support VATSIM and join the Board of Governors?…/vatsim-seeks-vice-presidents-netwo…

Submitted by Mark Richards on Thu, 2018-03-01 06:35 VATSIM seeks Vice Presidents, Network Systems (VATGOV3), Technical Development (VATGOV5) and Web Services (VATGOV6) VATSIM is a voluntary international online flight simulation network with well over 70,000 active members. We're working to make VAT...

The grand old lady The B722F. On ground Darwin after a round the coast flight in this bird visiting YPDN, YBAS (OK so Alice isn't strictly on the coast), YPPH, YPAD, YMML, YSSY , YBBN, YBTL, YBCS and then back to YPDN.
This is the FJS V2 Xplane 11 B722. The V3 will be fully XP11 compliant! Cant wait for that one!

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Image may contain: airplane, sky and outdoor

New liveries on the way for the XPlane 11 Flight Factor A320. The Sharkfin has kindly been painted by our resident painter Bruce Blackshaw (aka Picasso) 😁 Thanks Bruce for the great work as usual.
The liveries will appear on the web site shortly once all the bits have been added and all the ducks lined up!
This is just a teaser.

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For the more adventurous and fun seekers try this at home, unsupervised!
Shared cockpit is a great tool in XPlane, FSX and P3D.
Will Reynolds, Tuppy and I used to use it in FSX and P3D when the Leonardo MD82 was out and about.
Smart Copilot is used for XPlane and its a great experience.
Will and I dusted off the FJS B722 the other night and did YPAD YMAV. What a hoot....
I can't remember now what we used in FSX or P3D but I am sure there will some out there who use it and can help.
From memory also YMA1080 uses shared cockpit during World Flight (or did previously.) Apparently 1080 is used to kill rats (ala wingless kangaroos ) 😁
So if you and your buddy are looking for something a little different the shared cockpit experience is highly recommended!
Need help? Just ask though Will Reynolds is your go to man at least for Xplane 11.
And while we are at it, here are a few shots of the grand old lady the B72S out of AYPY for YBCS. She is still a great aircraft to fly.

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Compass Airlines Virtual added a new photo to the album: Flight Factor A350-900 — at CORAL waypoint.
January 21

A359 VH-JAB enroute YBBN YBCS
Flight Factor A350-900 for XPlane 11.
Exquisite flight characteristics and excellent FBW.
Thanks to Bruce Blackshaw for the great Sharkfin livery!

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Happy New Year to all and your families and friends. Be happy, Be Safe!

To all our pilots a very merry Christmas. Rob, Tuppy, and I hope you continue to enjoy our efforts to bring you the best VA possible over the coming 12 months.

And the picture? The real life Compass Mk II did this with one of their MD90s. Many years ago we did the same with a B737-700, and did two more as well. Who knows what will happen next year.

Best Regards for the Christmas season to all!

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Merry Christmas to you all, your families and friends. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Update for YBWW:
Additional routes have ben added for YBWW including DH8D, B748F, E195 and A320 aircraft.
Several more will be added during the next few days so enjoy the new aerodrome.
Scenery for P3D and XPlane is available.

Attn all crews: Brisbane Wellcamp West (YBWW) has joined the network.
Initial routes cover YBBN and YSSY using A320, E195 and DH8D acft.
Additional ports will be added in the very near future with notification through the Compass Forums.
The routes are available in Smartcars.

The Majestic Dash 8 Q400 has been released for P3Dv4 . My favourite regional turbo prop!
Out of YBSU for a flight up the coast!

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Image may contain: sky, airplane, cloud, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: airplane, sky and outdoor

Hi all. Looking for a little something more to go with our relaunch? Head over to VATPAC and have a look at VATPAX. Some are already using it. The address is here

Welcome to VATPAC's Virtual Passenger System "VATPAX". This system allows you to emulate the movement of passengers around the VATPAC airspace. Simply place PAXON anywhere in your remarks to turn it on. If you plan a flight where there are no passengers you can turn the system off by placing PAXOFF…

Hello all and thanks for the support for Compass Airlines Virtual. When you get a chance please login to SmartCARS and update your details. To update your birthdate you will need to email one of the staff. We currently have A LOT of 10 year olds flying with us 😀

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