Considering relocation after you finish school?

MONEY Magazine says these are your best 25 options for career planning. #OpportunityAwaits

New York City didn't make the cut.

On April 19, 1998, Jay Peery said "I do." And he still does!

Our IT Manager of Infrastructure and Support for almost four years, Jay oversees our Support Team and our institutional hardware needs nationwide. The Lakewood, Colorado, native is this week's featured staff member in our #ConcordeHomeTeam staff spotlight series!

A graduate of the University of Kansas with a journalism/advertising degree, Jay switched course to IT in 2001 and learned everything he knows about comput...ers on the job.

"It's good to work where you're benefiting customers," he said. "Our students will potentially go on to save lives. That makes it extra special."

What's also special is his 20-year marriage to Jennifer!

"We still really like each other and look for opportunities to be together," he said.

The couple now enjoys living life through their two teenage children's eyes—and also obsessively attending Kansas Jayhawks basketball games!

It's our pleasure to have Jay on our corporate team and to wish a happy 20th anniversary to him and Jennifer. Help them celebrate and spread their story!

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Lillian Holguin Navarro
· April 4, 2018
I took the MOA class at the Garden Gove facility and it was bullshit. The instructor Lisa was terrible. The majority of my class was Hispanic and some of the girls had a little difficulty pronouncing ...some of the terminology words. I tried to help them and she told me that that was there problem and that they would have to figure it out themselves. So a few of us reportes her and low and behold her attitude changed. I had a BAD experience at my externship and ahe wanted me to stay and put up with it. Oh NO I wasn't. I eventually finished and was able to do the graduation ceremony, but I didn't. During my time at Concorde I meet quite a few people that attended Concorde and told me I would regret it and that irs all about rhe money. I truly though I would benefit, but I didn't. They tell you they will help you to find a job, but that didn't happen. I found my own job and that I own to my Sister who was an office manager for a doctors office and the billing company they used, well they reached out to me and offered me a job. When I called concorde to let them know I found a job on my own, well they started harassing by boss. After me telling them he didn't want to get involved with them, they still kept calling and showing up there. I have since been with this billing company for a year and now the office manager that runs the front office brings students from Concorde to do there externship, but they will never be hired. Its very sad. I guarantee you its cheaper to take a couple college course for Medical Office Administration (MOA) then to go to Concorde. See More
Stephanie Oropeza-Juarez
· December 18, 2017
I am currently enrolled in the MA program located in Kansas City No and love everything about it!! The staff and teachers are ALWAYS ready to help and the resources are available to help if you are st...ruggling.You get out of the program what you put into it� See More
Karen Vessels Laroue
· February 25, 2018
I don't know about any other campus but I would NEVER recommend the Dallas campus to anyone for the Dental Program anyway. I'm very disappointed in everything about the DA Program.
Ashlie Wright
· October 17, 2017
I had a great experience till after externship. My Jacksonville, Florida teachers did more to help me with job location than the staff. I made great friends, learned alot but got stuck after graduati...on and 12,000$ in loans I didn't sign for. See More
Veronica Castro
· August 31, 2017
If I could rate 0 I would . Every single time I set foot in this campus they try to redirect me and pressure me into studying something other when what I initially want. By saying it would cost me les...s money, and that the teacher (in the subject I wanna learn) would basically NOT pick me because they want people whom already have experience in a hospital setting. Also telling me that studying would "overwhelm me", especially working two jobs.(I've already accomplished obtaining my CNA while working two jobs.) Over all, I'm looking into better schools. Hope you guys hire better staff who encourages potential student rather what's taking place here. See More
Latoya Luvingmylife McCoy
· February 26, 2018
I finished my MA courses at Concorde Miramar I loved and the instructor was very helpful and I take up nursing soon
Nadal Marie
· February 15, 2018
Too expensive. Do your research before you enroll! Don’t let the Reps pressure you into a program. They have a quota to meet, you are just a number to them!!!!!!!
Amanda Kampmiller
· August 31, 2016
I graduated from the Portland Oregon campus in 2009 as a surgical technologist. I've been at my current hospital for almost 5 years, and I can say that Concord really prepared me for the O.R. I though...t the teachers and the program, as well as the clinical rotation were very good. Everything was well organized and the teachers were very knowledgeable. My only disappointment is that at the time they didn't offer an associates program. If there were a campus near me now I'd definitely go back to get my associates! See More
Brittany McNurlin
· February 8, 2016
Concorde is all about money! So unorganized and they do not tell you everything about the programs like the fact when you take dental assisting you don't come out as expanded functions paying 16 thous...and for the program. But go some where like Penn Valley and it's a year program and you are already expanded functions finishing with restorative one restorative two removables and ortho! If I knew this before I applied I would have never CHOSEN Concorde to complete my program at. I learned more at the dental offices than I did at Concorde. That's the honest truth! See More
Jennifer Ballantyne
· July 21, 2017
This is the most pathetic establishment I have ever been to. The staff is rude. The education is not of standards. They are not organized. I could not be more disappointed. Do not waste your money going her.
Monalisa Foster
· December 18, 2017
I graduated from Concorde and it's a excellent school very professional
Jennifer Long-Cole
· August 2, 2017
Received my Medical Assistance Degree at the Kansas City campus. Graduated with honors and scored the highest in my class on the certification exam. Great professors always willing to help!
Danniellie Holman
· April 27, 2016
If I could, I would give 0. (I was in the medical assistant program)
I enrolled at Concorde in July 2015. Straight A student. I was a lamplighter until December 2015, and the lamplighter head had remo...ved me from the program because I didn't "participate" in the volunteering events. I tried to, and when I tried, she told me she already had enough "lamplighters" for the event. Every event was the same lamplighters, the same people every time. She was a favorites person. She removed me due to "lack of volunteering." How can I vole tree when you won't let anyone else participate. Then when it was time for my externship, the externship coordinator wanted to place me at a place that wasn't in looking to hire. How do I know? I had a friend that was in my class and they told her, her last day she isn't hired because they aren't even hiring. And as of now (she's been graduated for 2 months) she has not found a place. I'm lucky I found somewhere else to do my externship, the doctor didn't hire me at my externship because he had one of his old employees come back full time. So after I graduated, Concorde even told me before I signed papers to be enrolled they will help with job placement. Since I have graduated from the program I HAVE NOT ONE SINGLE EMAIL OR CALL for any job opportunities. I have NOT found any job because of me going to Concorde. They would rather have someone with who went to a university or junior college. Concorde did nothing but fail me. Also to add, when I went to externship, I learned more than then I did actually during my 6 1/2 months of being in a classroom setting...
So I would not NOR recommend Concorde to anyone...
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Troy Crith
· November 24, 2017
Dillons is nazi bless me bye bless me bye and men will see me soon on this my own no not at all it will be a dream bye
Sheila Marie Ortiz Flores
· March 31, 2015
I'm a new student and I believe That I can fullfil my goal in this school...My DA teacher is kind ... I can understand the class even when my English isn't perfect..
Nana Akosua
· June 12, 2017
I just think if they can help come from Ghana(Africa)and help me make my dreams come through. I will love that
Theresa Vidal
· March 15, 2016
Since my life is now.full of postice things now, I going to skip any comments. The rating says it all.

They let anyone in. That test they give is just to make you think they only accept certain ones.
Brandon Coleman
· June 17, 2016
Most disrespectful graduation ceremony I have ever experienced. Unorganized management skills from the administration and the utmost disrespect from the students towards their on school.
Jen Mendoza
· January 8, 2016
Made my dream come true, love the teachers and what you learn everyday. Best decision I made.
Kourtnie Jarvis
· June 25, 2015
Love concorde finished the DA program and today I passed my TEAS so I'm now applying for the Dental Hygiene!! So excited to move forward just praying that I get in Special thanks to my admission rep.... Todd Robinson for all the help hope to be back soon!! See More
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