Penn State alumni -- vote in the BOT election TODAY. Do it right now. Do it.

I'm not running for the BOT this year and would DEFINITELY recommend Dan Cocco (#3), Julie McHugh (#18), and Matt Schuyler (#21). #PSUBOT

Important note: these are NOT the PS4RS candidates. Anyone else sick of PS4RSers?

New Coalition Led by Past Presidents of Penn State Alumni Association, Current Students and Parents Endorses Team of Accomplished Candidates

Congratulations to the PS4RS candidates who won this year's election. I weighed-in at 15th out of 39 candidates with 1788 votes.
THANK YOU to all of my supporters! My desire to represent you on the BOT remains steadfast, and I will remain active for the next election.
Any suggestions?


Thousands of voters turning out already. This is outstanding!
If you need a ballot, contact and please be patient. They received hundreds, if not thousands of requests yesterday.

More than 9,200 Penn State alumni had voted as of 5 p.m. Wednesday on the first day of the race for three alumni seats on the university’s board of trustees.

Voting begins today for the PSU Board of Trustees! Thomas A. Conley, candidate #5 on the ballot. If you didn’t already receive your ballot via email, contact the Board office at or (814) 865-2521. All alumni are encouraged to vote. Many thanks for your support – spread the word!

Woke up this morning on the first day of voting and this was in my inbox -- thank you Robert!

"Your Air Force career will guide you as you attempt to restore the honor we have all lost in the past several years. You received my vote for membership on the Board of Trustees. Good luck... and thank you for your service."

Thanks to Douglas Dooling @DailyDiplomat "I endorse Chuck Mazzitti (#33), Pratima Gatehouse (#2) and @Conley4PSU (#5) for #PSUBOT!"

Check out #5. Looking forward to the coming weeks -- let us know if you want to help.…/39-candidates-running-in-2013-psu…/

39 candidates will be running for three spots on the Penn State Board of Trustees this spring.

Election ballots for the Board of Trustees will be distributed on April 10, and ballots must be submitted by 9 a.m. on Thursday, May 2. We will have more info on how to vote as April approaches. Please invite your fellow Penn State alumni in backing Thomas Conley!

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