Come support Conservation Queen's and hit up the first flashback Friday of the year!! Message us for lineskip tickets!

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We're in the last few hours of exec applications!! If you're a lover the planet and are looking for a way to get involved, Conservation Queen's is for you! Be part of the team and make our '18-'19 school year a little better for endangered species!


One more day to send in your Conservation Queen’s exec applications!! We would love to have you on our team! Check out the Facebook event page for details on positions and how to apply!

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Hello, friends! It's that time of year where the Conservation Queen's welcomes new members to the family!

We are looking for members for the:
• Fundraising Chair (2)
- Plan monthly events to raise money for charity of the month...
- Plan logistics of events, sponsors, contact groups

• Community Outreach Chair (2)
− Communication with other clubs on campus and Kingston community
− Organize Green-up Days
− Coordinate Toronto Zoo Presentations at local schools

• Marketing Chair (1)
- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram +)
- Market fundraising events(9work with events team)
- Coordinate awareness campaigns (work with community outreach team)
− Photography, promotions (side walk chalk, list serves), marketing

• Secretary (1)
− Emails, minutes, reminders for meetings, agendas of meetings
− Writes in Facebook groups (members and exec)
− Members lists
− Email lists

• Treasurer (1)
- Keeps records of all expenses and earnings from events
- Come up with budget, where money is going
- Apply to grants
- Go to financial workshops
o Charity aspect: Look into animal species, campaigns, figure out what we want to raise money for, donate to, charities, how to get money to them, donation forms

• Graphic Designer (1)
- create cover photos and visuals for events/social media pages

For more information on each position and applications, follow this link:…/1MwUBB3TY_pIB4iP00IORaruBHE…/edit…


For any questions, send a message to our page:

Invite all your Queen's to apply for an opportunity to be part of the team that contributes to the world!

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Hey guys! Be sure to check out our bake sale, which is going on in the arc right now-- we have lots of baked goods! and we're selling green shirts for St Patrick's!! Come and show your love for our animal of the month the Irish Red Deer

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Prowling our way into another #mammalcrushmonday , Siberion Tiger edition. This majestic beast is the largest cat on the block, and can weigh up to 660 Ibs (not the kind you want curled up on your lap wow). Siberion tigers have the classic striped look of other tigers, but fewer and lighter to help in their snowy homes! have undergone some serious habitat fragmentation due to human activity, and are listed as endangered- although this listing USED to be critically endangered, so let’s hope we can keep the positive trend going! 🐯🌍

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Environment and animal-lovin' friends! Conservation Queen's is hosting a speaker series at the Tea Room tonight (march 8th) and we want to see as many friendly faces there as possible! Guest speakers include Dr. Manian, Dr. Arnott, and the Earth Center, followed by as awesome performance by Queen's acapella Momentum Vocal Group !

Tickets are by donation and all proceeds will be going to our March animal of the month, the endangered Irish Red Deer!!

Hope to see you there

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Welcome to #mammalcrushmonday !!! Today we are featuring the cutest Himalayan bear, the Red Panda! Closer to the size of a cat the the traditional panda bear, the Red Panda eats bamboo as well as insects and berries. This cutie is unfortunately endangered due to poaching, habitat loss and inbreeding consequences. Hopefully these critters make a comeback in the coming years!!!

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Applications for our Exec team are live!!! Apply now to be involved with Conservation Queen's for the 2018-2019 year, and help raise awareness and funds for endangered species.
Applications close on March 16th at 11:59pm.

To apply: download and fill out this application, and email it to

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Conservation Queen’s Executive Application Form 2018-2019 Our Mission Statement: Conservation Queen’s strives to raise awareness about the conservation of endangered species and the preservation of their environments. Statement of Commitment: As CQ Exec, I will... • Become a positive, motiva.....

Don’t forget to come by the tea room this Thursday evening for some inspiring speakers, tasty beverages, and jaw-dropping performers!!

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Oh no! We have to make a difference with Right Whale populations before it's too late! Read more about our February animal here!

No calves spotted this year For decades conservationists, and scientists have been extremely concerned about the population of North Atlantic right whales. Estimates are that there are now less than 450 of the animals left, only about 100 of which are breeding females. This is barely enough to

Hey guys!! Be sure to check out Society for Conservation Biology's photo contest and silent auction! They're n March 12-16,both should be great and they're for a great cause so definitely check it out!

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Come one, come all!! Conservation Queen's is hosting a speaker series at the Tea Room next Thursday March 8th featuring members of Queen's campus, coming to us to speak about endangered species and our planet! Guest speakers include Dr. Manian, Dr. Arnott, and the Earth Center, followed by a performance by a Queen's acapella group, Momentum! Bring your friends to learn a lil' something and enjoy a refreshment by our lovely Tea Room hosts!
Tickets are by donation, proceeds will be going to our March animal of the month, the Irish Red Deer!!
We will also be doing a raffle at the door
Hope to see everyone there!!!

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This is it. We will never have a cuter #mammalcrushmonday (keep checking up on us just in case tho). The Mountain Cottontail is a species of rabbit confined to mountain ranges in Canada and the US. This cutie of a critter generally lives in solitude due to food sparsity, always thinking about its next meal (relatable). ALSO a concern is being eaten by basically everything bigger than itself. Make like a cottontail and hop on over to our account for more mammals to love!

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Brought to you by #mammalcrushmonday is the Walrus! There are various species of walrus subdivided by which ocean they’re swimming in - Arctic, Atlantic & Pacific! These buck-toothed beauties are a keystone species of arctic marine environments, keeping mollusc levels in check. They are also traditionally very important to Arctic indigenous peoples that have utilized all aspects of the animal as a resource. More recent industrial movements hunted walrus for blubber, ivory and meat, sinking Arctic walrus populations which are currently on the mend! Stay frosty walrus friends! 🌎 ps. Happy Family Day from your pals at CQ 💚💙

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We used a random number generator to choose our Dairy Queen raffle winners, and the winners are the 15th team to comment! Congrats Melanie Jordyn and Megan Vahabi!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for joining in on the fun! Stay tuned and like our page if you haven't already for fun animal conservation facts, info on our events, and potentially more fun competitions in store!

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Do you love candy? Do you love whales? DO YOU LOVE THE EARTH?? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these candy grams are for you!! Stop by for a $2 candy gram to save the North Atlantic Right Whale 🐳💕

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Stop by our booth at the ARC, today, tomorrow and Wednesday to buy a candy gram, and we will give you a free adorable valentines card!! 🙂

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