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The Buzz: VW electric concept bus.
We helped Kevin Davari get a hospital bed at North York General for his dad, who has been in a German hospital since Dec.1 Tomorrow, he will be flown to Toronto on a medical evacuation flight. It is going to be a great weekend for me knowing we could do some good. It had taken a week for the family to get any help and they were getting nowhere until our reports. Praying the elder Mr. Davari, Ali, will respond to treatment here.
Arrested, charged and Evgeni is STILL SEARCHING for new "customers". He takes deposits, but his clients say he doesn't do any work. Evgeni was surprised to see US this week. We've been on his trail for six weeks. Story Monday.

Towing and what you can do to stay safe: features the video where we get assaulted and hosed down trying to help a woman get her towed car back (2004).

Watch How to protect yourself when you’re towed Video Online, on

If someone took your car, and wouldn’t return it, would you expect the police to try to retrieve it? I would. Now meet the man whose flat tire led to a nearly $13,000 tow bill. He hasn’t seen his vehicle since last November! We pushed the OPP to investigate and we found the tow driver. (Camera: Phil Pang Camera/Editor: Tyler Thornley) As always kudos to my talented crews.

After returning the rental vehicle, and after several inquiries about getting his van back, Lan said he was told by the company that he had a large bill to pay -- $12,480.

This Toronto contractor Adam Gardin (who now lives in Michigan) took a lot of money from customers. He pleaded guilty to 11 charges today. I tracked him down three years ago and I was in court today when he was arraigned. My story and video here.

A Toronto contractor pleaded guilty to 11 charges under Ontario's Consumer Protection Act.

Counterfeit goods at a licensed retailer? My report on the Raptors, Foot Locker and a fake.

"[Foot Locker] said, 'It's after 30 days, you have to call Nike.'"

Show me the money! say some Loblaw and Shoppers Drug Mart customers. No cash available on gift cards or the right number of loyalty points, many complain. My report.

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More salty boots! Went to the auto show and we discovered consumers think it is is unsafe you could have a car fire if your kids salty boots come in contact with the rear vents. Here is my report.

After Global News first reported the case of a Mississauga woman whose Audi SUV filled with smoke after an electrical malfunction, the manufacturer is continuing to blame kids' boots.

Salty kids boots: Audi blames owner for smoke in the cabin. Really? My first report.

A Mississauga woman is angry with Audi after she said smoke filled the backseat of her luxury SUV earlier this month. The reason for the smoke, according to the manufacturer, is salt on her kids' winter boots.

Driven a Ford lately? A Brantford man’s five day old F-150 bursts into flames on his driveway. It is a write off and his home is seriously damaged. My report on Kevin’s issue and Ford’s response, which isn’t winning any praise from the customer. Beware, he says.

Watch Ontario man’s Ford truck catches fire… 5 days after possession Video Online, on
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February 16
Global's Sean O"Shea and Koenigsegg Founder and CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg take an up-close look at the 1341 horsepower Koenigsegg Agera RS, the fastest pr...

I talked to a guy who makes a really, really fast car today.

Global's Sean O"Shea and Koenigsegg Founder and CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg take an up-close look at the 1341 horsepower Koenigsegg Agera RS, the fastest pr...

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Reporting tonight exclusively on how consumers got hammered by a company demanding debt repayment. That company was led by a Toronto lawyer now running as a Liberal candidate. She was disciplined by the Law Society of Ontario in 2013 for professional misconduct. Her mom is a Liberal MP named Judy Sgro. Her name is Deanna Sgro. Aka Deanna Natale—but many complainants wouldn’t know her as Sgro because she was known as Natale prior to her candidacy.

Ontario opposition parties are calling on the Liberals to dump a candidate who was once reprimanded over her law practice, which used threats and intimidation to pursue debts for collection agencies.

Thanks to all who check this space for consumer information and help. We try our best to get back to viewers/readers but the volume of emails and calls can be overwhelming for a very small team. And thanks to those who’ve noticed my bus shelter/bus ads the last several months! #IWorkForTheViewer

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Airline was “tipped off” to transportation agency decision before public was told. Not fair says consumer advocates. Imagine a criminal court judge calling the defence lawyer the night before the court verdict and giving his/her decision and sentencing in advance just to the defence and not the prosecution. Never. And yet...

Two months after the country's airline industry regulator ruled on how Air Transat treated its customers in Ottawa, a document shows the airline got advance notice of the decision from the Canadian Transportation Agency.

How’d you like to get stuck having to pay thousands to get home —because the airline can’t turn your booking into a board pass? This happened to a Toronto family. My exclusive report.

A Toronto family returning from a trip to Iran had to spend almost $8,000 in extra tickets and expenses because of a mix-up that prevented their infant daughter from getting a boarding pass.