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Matt Egner
· April 4, 2018
Best Reporter this side of Sable Island. Bar none.
The Buzz: VW electric concept bus.
We helped Kevin Davari get a hospital bed at North York General for his dad, who has been in a German hospital since Dec.1 Tomorrow, he will be flown to Toronto on a medical evacuation flight. It is going to be a great weekend for me knowing we could do some good. It had taken a week for the family to get any help and they were getting nowhere until our reports. Praying the elder Mr. Davari, Ali, will respond to treatment here.
This is what we do every day.

Attention Walmart shoppers! One lucky one gets $21,000. She wants to give it back. Walmart won’t take it. My report. (Camera Jim Stewart Editor: Farshid Shabafroozan)

She's been trying for a month to give the money back to Walmart, but is having no success despite her repeated pleas.

Hostage aboard flight, says Sunwing passenger. This amid all kinds of problems for the airline. My report.

Dozens of Sunwing passengers contacted Global News about experiences on flights over the last four days. Sunwing said it regrets what happened to passengers.