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Mary Catherine Mullins
· 22 hours ago
My 14 year old daughter informed me this morning that she had about 4 contacts left!! Her sister is getting married this weekend and besides being short on time, we are also short on money!! After some quick homework for pricing online and around town, I decided to call CLK and place an order with overnight shipping. Usually, I am very afraid of ordering online from a company I have never dealt with, and I did find a mix of reviews online, some being very bad, but some very good! I went ahead and called and spoke with customer service and they were absolutely fantastic! They made me feel much better and Within minutes, the order was placed, and the rx that I emailed was received and approved. I should get a shipping confirmation soon! If all goes as planned, this eyeglass and contact wearing family will be a repeat customer! and will be sharing info with my friends! :-) I will update my review after we receive the contacts! See More
Nadine Atallah
· November 29, 2017
If I could give Contact Lens King 10 stars I would! I don't think it would be dramatic to say they made my wedding day that much better!

I have a very high prescription so I'm always wearing my conta...ct lenses or my glasses as I really can't function without them.

I got married over a year ago and was moving at the same time. Somehow, in all the brouhaha, I lost the two pairs of lenses I had left. I realised this about 10 days before my wedding.

So I ordered some new ones from Contact Lens King, my usual supplier (best price by far in comparison to its competition). I wear Proclear Toric and it takes 1-2 business days to ship them out and an additional 2-4 business days to receive them. It was tight but I definitely should have gotten them on time.

A few days pass by and I have no notification of shipment so I call customer service. They investigate and tell me that the company that manufactures my Proclear lenses is having issues and is updating their systems and all orders from Proclear are behind at the moment. It looks like I won't be getting them on time!

At this point, I'm freaking out because I can't wear my glasses with my veil and dress. The person in customer service is incredibly helpful, sweet and feels terrible! They put me in touch with the director of operations. He gives me his personal number and assures me he'll find me a solution.

He calls me the next day and tells me someone will personally drive up to Montreal and deliver Toric Optix lenses free of charge so that I don't have to wear my glasses on my wedding day. Once the Proclear lenses were available, they promptly shipped them to me!

By the way, it was the director of operations himself who delivered my lenses to my doorstep. This is customer service that can't be beat. Ever. I will never purchase lenses from anywhere else! Thank you a million times over!
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Johanna Schmersal
· March 15, 2018
Just had to let you know that I am super impressed with your customer service. I placed my order at 12:36 PM today. By 1:06 PM I got a notice that you had requested verification from my optometrist ...and by 2:07 PM I received notification that my order had shipped. Anywhere else my contacts would have cost more than twice as much as I paid here and taken more than a week to process. So glad I came across your website. I'm telling all my friends and family about you! See More
Dianne Wray Martin
· October 17, 2017
Contact Lens King is a company that stands-out with their customer service! Anytime I have had an issue with the product, they stand behind you and make it right. In a day and time where this kind of... customer service is hardly ever seen anymore, I am just so thankful to do business with them. They truly have integrity. :) I have saved so much money ordering my contacts this way. I have an expensive prescription, and they beat everybody with their prices. Finding Contact Lens King has really been a treasure for me. I do recommend them family and friends! Thank you Contact Lens King, for standing-out in so many ways! See More
Joann Rodriguez
· October 20, 2017
I've been ordering from CLK for years. I get my contacts in a timely manner and appreciate their customer service. 3-4 weeks ago, I had placed my routine order for my contacts. However it was so that 18 days passed and I hadn't received my order. The post office website said it was still en route. So i contacted the post office with no real help as to where my package was at and why the delay. Normally I get my contacts in 4-6 days. However when i contacted CLK, they helped me out and shipped me a new order overnight via UPS. CLk surpassed my satisfaction. I was so happy and impressed with their ongoing excellent customer service!! See More
Jeremy Harlin
· October 17, 2017
Been buying my contacts for myself, my wife and my Son for about 3 or 4 years now. I’ve never had a problem. Sometime my wife’s have to be special ordered and that can take a while (2-3 weeks). That i...s pretty much the same everywhere for her prescription. This company is dependable and has good customer service which is really what it all boils down to in the end isn’t it. Great prices and great customer service! Keep it up and you will have me for life. See More
Wanda Mogzec
· October 17, 2017
This has been my best experience ordering contacts online. The price is good and the customer service is great! I would recommend this company for your contact lens purchases. I also like the reminder... emails to reorder, so I don't forget when it is time to order more.
Thank you!
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Meredith Newbould
· October 22, 2017
I've used CLK off and on for years, only straying when I found a temporary better price on other websites. But they're so quick, accurate, and kind, that it doesn't make sense to shop elsewhere - and... they really do have the best prices on toric lenses. See More
Fiirre Foxx
· April 12, 2018
Great prices! Great quality, great service � I no longer have to overwear my contacts since ordering contacts from ContactLensKing is a lot more affordable. 2 boxes of my contacts cost less than the p...rice for one box at Walmart. See More
Jennifer Bellmund
· October 17, 2017
What I love most about Contact Lens King, is their consistency! Their web site is very user friendly, or if I order by phone, they are very courteous, friendly, informative and extremely helpful. The ...contacts lens always arrive sooner than I expected and in excellent condition. If there's a problem, even several months down the road, with one of the lens, they replace it, no questions asked. You cannot beat service like this! I've been getting my lens from them for many years & I highly recommend them! Oops-- almost forgot:
their prices are THE BEST!
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Des Wai Yin TO
· October 17, 2017
I am an existing customer for over 2 years, they provide great services with great price & products consistently. Same products as any local store you buy but the price is half of vision center.

I a...m highly recommend Contact Lens King to everybody. See More
Rachel Humphreys
· January 10, 2018
i LOVE this company. not only were they SUPER helpful in me ordering contacts for my husband in a hurry before he deploys, but they told me that it was cheaper to get one 90 pack of dailies (instead o...f the two 30s i had ordered), so they saved me money.
wouldn’t buy contacts from anywhere else.
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Aldwin N. Vidamo
· October 2, 2017
Ordered contacts for my usual re-order. But this time its taking more than 2 weeks for them to fulfill the order. I never had to wait more than a week but this is getting ridiculously late. I keep get...ting the same response " waiting from manufacturer". I think they should be more proactive on specialty lenses than on only order from manufacturer on a "need basis". See More
Beth Horst Hill
· February 25, 2018
I've ordered contacts for my 3 children and me from CLK several times and never had any issues. I keep going back because of their great prices and ease of ordering online. Thanks!
Joyce Ritchie Tincher
· October 16, 2017
CLK has always been very responsive in filling my order, and assuring that it is correct. I count on them to get my lenses to me in a timely manner, and I have never been disappointed. Their prices ...rival any other sites I have visited. See More
Stevann McDonald
· October 17, 2017
I have been ordering from CLK for a couple of year now and for the most part have been very happy. I had an issue about a year ago with a couple of my lenses having pin sized holes in them but it was ...a one time thing! See More
Rose Gold
· April 18, 2018
I have no ordered from you guys yet but I'm giving you 5 stars because a friend suggested you to me, and you guys carry brands that provide purple prescription contacts and thats good enough for me!
Maegan Brewer Holland
· October 16, 2017
I've been ordering from CLK for years now! Much cheaper than any other websites and it is a quick process and delivery! The only thing that made it better was free upgraded shipping!
Tamara Meyers
· April 3, 2018
Very affordable and fast. I use one of the expensive brands and was able to get it here very cheap.
Robbin Morris
· October 16, 2017
I've been buying my lenses from Contact Lens King for about 5 years. They are a great company to do business with. My lenses always arrive quickly and are of the finest quality. Ordering is easy an...d their prices are the best. See More
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