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Duncan McKee
· March 8, 2018
My business is so simple now. These guys just sort everything out. Almost feels automated... no, no one has asked me to write this. If you have a small biz I highly recommend
Khokon Bhuiyan
· August 8, 2017
I'm Ahamed
from bangladesh. I like to open new company registration in singapore...
plz what is the rules &regulations
I have business in KL Malaysia.
best regardss
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Jesse Ye Zhangs
· June 20, 2017
My first experience of company incorporation with Contactone was a smooth and fuss-free from 2 years ago. I still remember the agent that attended to us was called Catherine and albeit not the most br...ight and cheerful person, she was still courteous and professional in her correspondence.

HOWEVER, yesterday i went down for another company incorporation and it was such an UNHAPPY experience. Due to my previous encounters with other Contactone staff being a generally positive one, I went down without an appointment as company incorp is a very fast process from my previous experience. The first attending lady was very courteous but seemed slightly new as she was unsure about some procedures. While she was attending to us, I noticed that the 3 other customers on the next table were not so lucky. I wasn't really paying attention to them until i heard a loud sneer from their CSO (Tricia) of "next time if you got changes must tell me first so i don't need to keep printing over and over again!". Then she walked away very fast while tearing the documents in her hand in an angsty manner.

I immediately commented out loud "what a bad customer service". The 3 guys were just laughing it off so they were not offended, but I would definitely be. I mean in the line of CS, you should remain professional and courteous at all times. They were not even rude, just maybe made a few mistakes, definitely don't warrant a snide remark from this so-called professional.

Then our side were done keying in the details and the lady informed us gently that we have to pay, in cash or cheque. We only have $600 cash so we asked the rest to be in nets/CC but they dont offer such options. Then the lady suggested we can transfer the balance and then the Tricia girl came over just then. She briefly asked what happened and then proceed to start her "standard response" of "our company policy is full payment before we can lodge anything. If you pay tomorrow we will lodge tomorrow" with a (pardon me) bitch face. I tried to explain that we need the lodgement by today and tbh, all they are going to do was register and incorporate the company at the point. The basic incorp package is $600 and even if i were to not pay the balance (but i was definitely going to pay) through transfer the night, they have nothing to lose! All the accounting etc are not to be done till god knows when!

I stomped off after she repeated 3 times of her "company policy" in that bitch face. I swear never to come back again. She one person negated all the good impressions of the previous staffs. Maybe she is just in a bad mood that day but I don't deserve her bad attitude. The other girl (our original attendant) just sat there looking helpless and I'm sure she would have said it differently and I would be glad to accept their "company policy" with a better attitude. She genuinely looked slightly intimidated by our heated exchange and I deeply apolgise for traumatising her. But not at all to the tricia girl. If you don't wanna serve, just don't serve.
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Rich Jones
· April 26, 2016
Great service and an extremely knowledgable team; exactly what I want and exactly what o get from ContactOne!
As we say goodbye to a memorable 2017, let's welcome an awesome 2018 waiting ahead of us!
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