The Making of Badb

I'll see you at SDCC!

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Pat Loika Photo Works

Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been preparing for Comic-Con International next week!

Aside from doing photos at the show, I'll have a panel discussing p...hotography, cosplay, art, costume design and many more.

I'll have some awesome guests, too: Andy Park (of Marvel Studios!), Caitlin, AKA Contagious Costuming, Maid of Might Cosplay, Jesse Thaxton, and Amanda from the Birds of 'Play! The panel will be moderated by Meredith Placko, who knows quite a bit about every topic I mentioned!

So visit us at 4 pm, on July 21 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, in the Grand 1&2 rooms.

See you there!

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I had such a great time last weekend at Heroescon! I'm so thankful that Acme Comics hooked me on comics... the art has inspired me so much.

Photo by Val of Acme Comics Presents of me in my new Ivy costume with my friend Chris in his amazing Joker.


I made a new corset for my Emma Frost costume... proper photos coming soon. 💋

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I'm finishing my Poison Ivy costume up today to wear at Heroescon this weekend! 💚😘💚

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I've been posting progress on my new Heroescon costume over on Instagram this week! I've been kicking around the idea of doing a Poison Ivy bunny suit with laser cut appliqué textile for a while... I'm pretty thrilled with how it's turning out! Lots more pics to come so go follow @caitlincontagious if you dig WIP posts. 💚

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Hey guys! I made the finals at a contest hosted by Mood Fabrics with a dress I created to promote my upcoming debut fashion collection at Greensboro Fashion Week! If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your like on the shared photo on Moods page. I'm saving for my line and a gift card would be a huge help. 😘

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Mood Designer Fabrics

caitlincontagious: I just got home from a promotional photo shoot for Greensboro Fashion Week's 2017 Emerging Designer show, where I will be debuting my first c...ollection this September! (More on that soon 😘).

The theme of the shoot was "Paint the Town Red"- we had to design a red, red carpet look for the occasion. I went classic with my silhouette and detailed it with fuchsia silk. They had an amazing team of hair and makeup artists that made me feel like a purple haired Barbie doll. I can't wait to see how everything turns out! 💜❤️💜

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Hey guys! I'm streaming on Twitch this week in honor of Free Comic Book Day! I discovered cosplay waiting in line at Acme Comics and have made a new costume for the event every year since. 😊 I'll be putting together Raven afternoons this week for Free Comic Book Day 2017 at ACME around 2pm on Twitch Creative- link in the comments! Feel free to come ask questions about your own FCBD cosplay- I love to help!

Monday: Spandex
Tuesday: Cape
Wednesday: Accessories (AKA Fun with Googly Eyes)

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Frank and Rachel, BFFs

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I made a Punisher style tactical vest this week! Sandwiching craft foam between layers of outdoor canvas makes for fairly convincing armor. 💀

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Contagious Costuming added a temporary profile picture.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Professor Frost, circa Generation X
Photo by Pat Loika Photography

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Oh look! another insanely awesome shot of my Emma Frost by Pat Loika Photography... we shot this in my living room and then he worked with Ghani Madueno to make it magical.

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Here's something Magik to get you through your day...

My giant, glowing Soulsword was easily my favorite project from last year- sewing together that PVC was a little less fun.

Photo by Pat Loika Photography ...
Illyana is made and modeled by me, Caitlin.

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TLDR; Cosplans 2017

I took it easy with cosplay in 2016 and cut out a bunch of events (I bought a house, which meant a lot of saving$$ and no extra time!) so I didn't do much... I've got a TON going on this summer so will be spending more time than usual on my personal costumes in the upcoming year. I'm also going to start streaming on Twitch again- my new studio is much easier to mic and light than my loft and faster internet means less technical issues. Hopefully up will be Doctor Aphra, one of my favorite Star Wars ladies- her leather jacket will be perfect for Free Comic Book Day (if you haven't read Darth Vader yet, get on it.)

My Wicked + Divine obsession continues at Heroescon this year- I'm finishing up Woden for Mike and pulling Luci together so I can help him get around without Badb feathers poking everywhere. Already making good headway with both these looks... Woden just needs lights and armor. I think I'll sew myself a really tailored button down to go with suit I bought for Emma, then all I need is an decent hair cut and some eyeliner.

I haven't decided what exactly I'll end up making for Gamora from GotG2, but I've already accepted I'll get obsessed with SOMETHING the minute I see it and let's just plan on trying to fit that one in by Heroescon.

My big first for the year is going to SDCC. I'm a little nervous but have the best tour guide around and I know it is going to be the most fantastic week. We've got a big photoshoot planned, so I'm upgrading my White Queen and working on an original design for Ivy (inspired by Versace ss2012)... Don't know what I'll actually wear to the con. Probably a t-shirt. Maybe Wolverine.

Evil-Lyn is my fun mixed media experiment costume, featuring a corset and armor and ridiculous skirts and headpiece... it would be cool to have that finished for Comicon but we'll see.

Finally, I'm celebrating a landmark birthday at Dragoncon this year, so I'm doing wrestling costumes with my friends. Obviously I chose the best look of all time, Triple H's Wrestlemania 30 entrance gear. Fight me.

Anyway, lots of cool cosplay stuff on the horizon for me... It's going to be a busy year. Thank you so much for following

(I'm going to try to get better at cross posting this year- I admit to neglecting Facebook.)

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Here's a White Queen image from my December shoot with Pat Loika Photography... Hope you are enjoying the winter wonderland- stay safe this weekend!

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Happy Wednesday! I've been spending the week with one of my favorite people, Pat Loika Photography. We took a TON of photos, so I'll be sharing a lot over the next few weeks.

Here's a little preview of Emma Frost, times three.

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