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Darius Jermaine Conway
· 7 hours ago
I am beyond grateful for the love, help, and education from Cooperriis. 10 YEARS later and I am beyond happy, healthy, and coping. I came to CR a mental wreck! If I could go back to stay... I would lo...l... but the world needs us to lead the way since we learned from the best. Thank you CooperRiis for helping heal me from what I was before and better now. Appreciate all the work you all put into people, places, and things. Without CR... I wouldn't be here on this earth being a chef, fashion designer, and entertainer... I was able to tap back into myself with CR.
God bless you all.
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John Joseph Rochford
· November 6, 2017
It was an incredible experience living at Cooperrriis Healing community. The love and support was on another level. To create something through the power of love for a child is an unstoppable force an...d I was so thankful to be a part of the Cooper's movement to change the mental health care in the United States. The Cooper family are awesome people who changed my life. See More
Bruce Kiser
· October 21, 2017
Cooperriis has been and still is an important part in my life. I believe that I will never lose what I learn their. When I found out about Cooperriis I was at a very low place in my life. In not if I would still be on this earth if I didn't find this place.

I was in a depressed state and wasn't on my meds and sleeping 16 hours a day and really not living.

You may ask why should I go to this place, I can answer that question and that is give it a chance. The staff is so wonderful.
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Ryan Lucas
· May 18, 2017
I was blessed to spend a year at Cooper Riis. I was at the farm from May'15 to Oct'15 and Oct'15 to May'16 in the Foothills Community Program. When I got there I was shocked there was no palm trees an...d beaches but there were mountains which were amazing to look at everyday. Cooper Riis instilled structure and accountability which I didn't have. I am Dually Diagnosed with mental health and Addiction. One of the coolest things I got to experience was being the chairman of peer led Dual Diagnose Anonymous which is a discussion meeting where any resident may attend to share your experience strength and hope of your recovery. I was able to mentor new men entering the doors at the farm. Lodge outings were amazing. The community program instilled more structure and accountability in my recovery which I was continuing to understand. Going grocery shopping and following a budget was one of the things Ive never done before and it helps me to this day. Community outings were also amazing. Cooper Riis in my experience as a whole instilled in me to go to any length for my recovery. What that means in my experience is asking for help instead of not saying anything, picking up a volleyball and asking people to play, creating events at the spur of the moment when there isn't anything planned. It taught me how to get out of being self-centered and being able to learn how to be self-less. I recently just got back from visiting the farm and FCP and I was amazed of how welcoming people were to me and how much they still genuinely care for residents and there own staff members. It was like I picked up just where I left off at. With help from Cooper Riis I picked up two years of Recovery in February. In my experience Recovery is not given, it's gotta be earned. See More
Adams C McHenry III
· July 22, 2017
"Thanks to Don and Lisbeth Riis Cooper for creating CooperRiis fourteen years ago!!! This Great Healing Farm outside of Ashville, NC helped to save my life several years ago!! I strongly Recommend t...his Treatment Center for any and all people who have suffered through Mental Illness and Depression!! God Bless those who have given so much to this Great Community in the Beautiful Mountains of Western North Carolina including Don and Lisbeth Cooper, Virgil Stucker and Lis Stucker and Dr. Sharon Young who have given so much of their time, effort and energy in helping those who have battled the Great Challenges that Mental Illness brings!! #CooperRiis #HealingCommunity" See More
Jean Wood Comeaux
· October 6, 2016
The first words that come to mind when I think of CooperRiis are, " Game Changer!" As a family, we have been on a journey through the broken mental health system for over 12 years. We have tried to ...educate ourselves and to stay on the forefront of available therapies and medical management. To say it is difficult to navigate the world of mental health care, is an understatement. We have often been frustrated, overwhelmed and at times, simply lost! There is nothing worse than to watch one of the "loves of your life" struggle with mental health challenges, to watch them lose sight of a purpose and a future, and to see them long for answers that you are unable to give them.

Our son has been a community member at CooperRiis for only 5 weeks. The change we have seen in him is phenomenal. The structured day, the sense of community, the renewal of purpose and of personal goals, the amazing resources, and the unbelievable support of the staff, are all working together to re-establish his hope and to re-establish his self esteem. He has, once again, found his Will! He is determined to get his life back! There is not at doubt in our minds, that with the help of CooperRiis, our son will not only meet the challenges he faces, but he will learn to overcome them and he will certainly win his life back!

The philosophy and the environment of CooperRiis should be the model for mental health recovery in this country. It is proving to be a "Game Changer" for us! The holistic approach to whole body wellness is working! Our son's dreams are alive and well. He will make them a reality. Thank you CooperRiis!
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Kat Kearns
· September 24, 2017
About a year and a week ago I discharged from Cooper Riis. I went through every level. I owe my life to Cooper Riis. I will not claim that my life is perfect, and I don't have the occasional bad day(h...eck even bad week) however, my baseline of happiness, health, and fulfillment are far greater than any expectation myself or my family could have ever hoped for. My family was asked during the admission process, "What are you going to do if this doesn't work?" We had no answer to that. We put all of our eggs into the hands of Cooper Riis. I had moments when I would freak out, in tears ready to give up. But, they passed and I grew: myself and my family in those moments of discomfort. Recovery is not comfortable. It feels awkward and strange. At times I felt myself resisting it. But, it had it's way of balancing itself out. Community is a gift but it has to be nurtured. There is no community I have seen or heard that does a better job than Cooper Riis. You can truly heal. Also, like any community there is good and bad. That really used to eat at me at the Farm. But, Cooper Riis offers a safe home for you to learn how to navigate moments in life that don't seem fair, or that to you on a personal level don't make sense. Things like that, the skills you learn from those moments, while receiving care make a difference. Recovery in some ways is also allowing yourself to tolerate discomfort. Emotions can be extremely uncomfortable, situations can be extremely uncomfortable, life is messy. At Cooper Riis you find the beauty in the mess. I was a mess. Cooper Riis helped me to discover who I was underneath the piles of baggage, trauma, addiction, bipolar disorder, a mental health system that doesn't take the total person into consideration or isn't treating you like a human being. This journey follows more into their community program. It will work as hard as you are willing to work yourself. It is not as structured, but that is the point. So, that you can learn to build it as you go. This helps you more once you discharge than you would think. I am glad I went as far as D to prepare me for how to manage life where I am now. I am 28 years old. I was hospitalized 4 times prior to arriving at the Farm in December of 2014, and once while on the farm. I have been in solid recovery with no signs of ever feeling the need to go back to that acute care. I see my therapist biweekly, and psychiatrist every 6 months. I am on half the dose of medication than I was prior. I have been sober for almost 3 years now. I have a full time job in another recovery community now. I am happily engaged to be married next May. I have two kittens. I have multiple plants(if they survive the kittens) I have an amazing family that has supported me from day one, a fiancé who supports and loves me unconditionally, as well as my future in-laws. I am mostly financially independent. We have an apartment in Hendersonville, NC. Sometimes I still stop by the farm to say my hellos. I take part in as much as I can to support this place of hope, healing and recovery. I would not be where I am today without them. See More
Danièle Albert
· March 19, 2016
Devoted Program to Whole Person Recovery. CooperRiis staff and family work tirelessly to see people through to their unique whole selves. With an integrated approach, dynamic community, and outreach s...ervices, mental health recovery doesn't come any better. See More
Madison Verger
· December 11, 2016
It's kind of hard for me to review Cooper Riis when there is such a drastic difference in the level of quality between level A and level B.

Let's start with level A: A well researched, thoroughly th...ought-out program that combines ground-breaking research with people who care about mental health. The progressive, recovery-oriented approach to mental health that this program is based upon stands in stark contrast to modern, psychiatry oriented programs, in which the patient is merely a case that needs to be treated. The psychiatrist at level A has been willing to work with me in lowering my medication in a way that no other psychiatrist that I have encountered has ever done. There is an abundant set of staff members that are there for essentially any circumstance. from assisting with simple needs, to being there to listen during times of distress. The community work and service program might not be a great fit for everyone, but for those who are looking to become higher functioning individuals with mental health obstacles, those who are also invested in their own recovery, will find this program to be an excellent choice. The program is founded upon research from Sharon Young, the creator of the holistic 7 domains recovery philosophy. The 7 domains applies to many aspects of the program, one could say that it is the groundwork for decision-making that takes place within the program. Any confusion about why the program is layed out the way it is can be cleared up fairly easy by consulting one of the staff members, preferably those who are directing the program. There were many times when something came up that I disagreed with, but most times there was a reason behind why it was done that way, and while I may not have agreed with the reason, there was almost always a reason.

Now, for level B. This program hasn't been around for nearly as long, and it shows in rather obvious ways. You will rarely get a clear answer if you are confused about why something cannot happen the way you would expect it to. If you want or need a ride somewhere, expect to hear the same trope about why level B doesn't provide rides for anything. Something like: "if we provide one ride, then people will become dependent in the future", "teach a man to fish, blah blah blah". Even though it is clear that in a city like Asheville which is designed for cars and has few and effective means of public transportation. It's amazing to me when the staff could easily provide for a ride here and there and will resort to the old tropes or tell them "we just don't do that". The organization of the program is another core issue. I could really just go on and on about the poor level of organization with the phone system, scheduling, obtaining necessary information, and many more. For one, the people who are directing the program have almost zero management experience. The inability to organize the program starts at the top and trickles down into nearly every facet of the program. In short, I think I'm being fair in giving the program 3 stars, as the amount of benefit that I've derived from level B of this program is measly at best.
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Liz Cross
· September 20, 2015
Grateful every day that I get to come to work and this incredible community. Staff, residents, and those incredible views inspire me constantly.
Zach Dachman
· November 7, 2013
There concepts of recovery are massively flawed by a poor staffing choice. April was one of the worst staff choices made at cooper riis, another poor choice in staffing was Debby. It was because of th...ese 2 people and a team of fail staff who lied to get around certain problem that I never completed my goals and dreams here. I remember they made up false reasons for me to be involuntarily placed in a mental asylum and they told me they couldn't help me. I did everything they ever told me to do here only to be thrown out in level 2. Yeah maybe they helped some people, but in my belief they killed people dreams. Not only that but they let many seriously depressed people leave there program and one of them jumped off a bridge and died. He was my friend and he should have never been kicked out. This place wreaked havoc and was hell and back again to finally succeed in a fake non for profit place. I highly doubt it isn't for profit since it cost near 22k a month to stay there. See More
Erick Wood
January 25, 2013
Yall nee to start doing drug test as one of your employs is on meth as well as many other strong drugs at work and she also is letting information on your cliets out.its at the farm location in tryon,...i will be forwarding the information to the local police as well as the local new people are there for help not to be watched over by drug addicts See More
Deborah Dee St James
January 25, 2012
This is an awesome place to acquire information about mental illness and how to gain control of your life without being overly medicated!
Pat Schlueter
October 17, 2011
Cooperriis is the best,the greatest,and only place to heal of Mental illness!!
Janet Seagle Harrison
August 12, 2012
Thank goodness for people like Don and Lisbeth Cooper who have the vision that has opened doors for many people.
Briana McCallum Cavin
· August 18, 2014
Best job I have ever had :-)
Connie Revell
October 11, 2011
I had a wonderful tour of this amazing place.
Jane Sarah
August 12, 2012
CR is saving my life
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Cowboy loves carrots, forehead scratches, and hugs. He is a retired barrel racing horse and has been used to teach young riders for many years. He now lives with us and cared for by Emily Rickenbaker Moyer, and our residents. He will no longer be used for riding, he’s become an #equinetherapy horse and his gentle demeanor will help many in their #recovery.

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