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Lisa Greenwood
· July 20, 2017
This place is awesome and so is the staff. If you've never eaten here before, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Plus there's a lot of great local history hanging on the walls!
Connie DeJong
· August 23, 2017
We have breakfast or lunch occasionally. Never had bad service or food. Started coming here in early 1960's. Never bad experience. Enjoy history touches of Salem as well.
Ken Cartwright
· February 6, 2017
I've been eating at the Court St. Dairy lunch for 40 years. It is still the best place in town for breakfast and lunch. Great staff and service and it always feels like hometown USA.
Bette Redinger
· July 22, 2017
I go there a lot and take friends and family. Great food, friendly staff, like eating at home except you don't have to cook.
Dakota Saunders
· June 23, 2015
These guys are the best around the staff are always friendly and kind to every person that walks through their door - highly recommend them to everyone.
Dallas Roemeling
· May 22, 2015
Wife loved the cold meatloaf sandwich, Patty Melt & fries was good, noise of kitchen was a bit much, but also gives it the comfortable feel like you've been here before
Marlene Roubal
· July 20, 2017
Had the avocado burger and fries 5/5 would recommend. Cute and cozy building.
Darrell Fuller
· November 23, 2016
Always good. Every time. Exactly the way a local diner should look, smell and taste.
Bruce Anderson
· August 6, 2015
Always awesome: great service, great food; excellent, friendly atmosphere! Marlene runs a great Salem business. It's a key spot in our wonderful downtown!
Stephanie Danner
· January 5, 2017
Best brew coffee I have found in any restaurant. I love this diner!
Samm Rutkowski
· March 28, 2017
People there were awesome. So is the food everything's was great
Robert Way
· February 8, 2017
Such a warm and inviting place. The food was sooo good!
Mary Dawn Irvin Colyer
· December 1, 2015
What a wonderful meal, we enjoyed the staff as well!
James Shugar
· October 22, 2015
The biscuits and gravy tasted weird
But every thing else was good.
Terri Ellen
· September 4, 2014
Warm, friendly, fast.
Frank Milton
· January 22, 2014
Burp... good burger
Rose Allen
February 6, 2017
My appt. Got canceled as I was in route. At first I thought, I'm so tired of this happening. Then I recalled my not being able to follow through this weekend on a quite a few things this past Sat. Mor...ning. So I refuse to let it bother me. Just reminds me, we are all human after all✌🐪👏❤ See More
Chris Hon
July 28, 2016
I love local breakfast places. Waiting on Alexa Danielle and Barbie Hon to fly back in from Denver and meet me in Salem OR.
Salem Dream Center
May 18, 2016
Thank you to Carol McAlice and Michael Davis with the Statesman Journal for the wonderful article about this Saturday's Annual Walker Beautification, and Dream Makers at the Vineyard on Saturday May 28th.
Craig Oviatt
May 17, 2016
Here for Holding Court. Trying to fill Krizti Caraway and Tracy Caraway shoes as I present Dream Makers at the Vineyard, and Walker Beautification to the reporters from the Statesman Journal.
A littl...e wine, a little cheese, flowers and garden tools (thank you Jeremy Mackay at West Salem ACE for hooking me up), lots of information and touching stories from Dream Center teens.
Now all we need is favor with the reporters and the editors.
See More
Cherry Country
February 10, 2016
Marsh and Celeste stopped into the Court Street Dairy Lunch restaurant on Tuesday for the Statesman Journal's weekly "Holding Court" to chat with Carrol Currie and Mike Davis. We enjoyed getting to kn...ow them and being able to let people know about our upcoming Valentine's Weekend - Chocolate Indulgence event. Thank you to Carol, Mike and the Statesman for reaching out to its community in such an accessible and welcoming way. It was truly a lovely mother-daughter afternoon. Link to the article in the comments below. Join us this weekend at our scenic orchard and CHOCOLATE FACTORY in the West Salem hills for chocolate samples, tours of our factory and scenic views with your sweetheart. See More
Michele Vanderyacht
January 26, 2016
Talking to the Statesman Journal about another fudraiser with Epic Fitness & Krav Maga Oregon :Salem for MCSO K9 Fund
CrossWalk Salem
November 3, 2015
Rilyn and Jordan excited to share CrossWalk with the Statesman Journal at Holding Court!
Salem Youth Symphony
April 15, 2015
Statesman Journal executive editor, Michael Davis, appreciated the yellowed clippings shared by SYS executive director, Joyce Epp, at "Holding Court."

Beginning March 17th we will be open weekends for breakfast only and close on Mondays and Tuesday

We are open weekend of the eclipse


Special today, turkey,bacon american cheese with mayo and lettuce, tomato served on a Bolillo Roll served with pasta salad(made fresh by Marlene)and fresh fruit. Also today we have a carmel pecan crunch cream pie

Special today.a turkey .bacon.american cheese and tomato,plus mayo and lettuce on a Bolli roll served with pasta salad and fresh fruit.Also have a carmel,pecan.crunch cream pie today

Remember its Thursday,open face hot turkey sandwich,every Thursday we have it, all made from scratch,except the bread sorry oh yes just so you all know we got 100 on our health inspection today

Special chicken strip sandwich topped with bacon and pepper jack cheese on a bun with mayo lettuce and tomato ,served with tatter tots

Special today, pulled pork sliders served with cole slaw and chips

Today our special is a Chicken breast sandwich on a bun with mayo, lettuce,tomato,topped with bacon and pepper jack cheese, served with tater tots,come see us

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
Willamette Heritage Center

Marlene Blanchard accepts the Heritage Enterprise Award on behalf of Court St. Dairy Lunch.

Tuesday we have a Teriyaki chef salad served with slice of garlic toast

Today our special is a chicken breast sandwich ,severed on a bun with mayo, lettuce,tomato and topped with barbecue sauce, served with a side of cole slaw

Remember everythursady we have our famous open fan hot turkey sandwich, all house made from scratch, best gravy in town

Todays special is a BLT on wheat toast, mayo,lettuce,tomato and Avocado spread, and Bacon, served with onion rings

Todays special.turkey sandwich on hog roll with lettuce ,tomato .turkey.cream cheese ,cranberry on side served with a tossed salad,also have chocolate cheese cake today yummy

Court St. Dairy Lunch updated their cover photo.
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Hope everyone has a great weekend