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Teresa Ann Bush
· April 3, 2018
Besides rude and only half cooked pizza. I realize to some this may sound petty but add it up. My order was 9.98 and when I asked for change I was told they could not give me 2 cents. So add that up f...or anyone and EVERYONE that orders and cannot get their 2 or 3 cents. That's a lot of $ over a day a week a month a year.
So bad pizza and cannot get change.....
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Pete Petkus
· October 3, 2017
10/03/2017 Tonight my pizza was lack of toppings and cheese. Looked terrible. Brought it to the shift managers attention. He stated "it is what it is". No apologies, no offer to remake.

This is my... first bad experience at this location out of 4 visits here.

I even waited around to speak to the general manager. I couldn't quite understand what he was saying
His English wasn't clear. Something bout me complaining about a $5 pizza and telling me to never come back again because I asked him not to be so rude. Maybe he didn't understand me.

Cousin Vinny's in general make great pizza. However, I will encourage anyone to Stay away from the location on Wayne Ave across from Tank's.
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David Hale Jr
· January 4, 2018
Its Horrible. The managers acts like a asshole. He never wants to listen to his customers complaints about shitty food. They were talking aboit getting high when they thought i was on hold. Think imma... call Patterson rd. If the employees are getting high no telling whats in the food. See More
William Humston
· August 29, 2017
Ordered probably 500 times in the past, starting the very first day at Patterson Rd. Go to order tonight, they say they can't take my order because I'm calling from a different number than the one I s...tated (my temporary wi-fi number vs my normal number) and paying cash. Seriously? You took my order 12 days ago under the exact same circumstances, except that it wasn't 15 minutes to close so you chose not to claim a shitty new robbery policy and serve me that time. After something like 15 years, I'm done with Cousin Vinnies. See More
Jeffrey Sharp
· October 15, 2017
Suck as far as any cousin vinnys ive ever ordered from. Id post the pic of my pizza tossed around the box but it wont let me.
BrittSly Locklin-Hill
· September 16, 2017
I will never order from here again. Customer service isn't the issue for me as I've never had a problem with any of the staff. My issue is my son and I got food poisoning from here. They need to better sanitary conditions to avoid these types of things and asking their employees to look cleaner. See More
Joanna Marie
· March 28, 2018
My pizza was wet and falling apart but it was like 5 bucks and I hate myself so I ate it anyways.
Aaron Belcher
· June 23, 2017
They threatened to call the cops on me like I was a criminal just because I called to complain about service I called the Patterson Cousin Vinny's and they made everything right Patterson Cousin Vinny...'s is amazing, the wayne ave store is the worst excuse of customer service ive ever encountered. Especially the management, they hung up on me while i tried to explain my issue multiple times. Decided to never order from Cousin Vinny's again and then I figured I would give Cousin Vinny's on Patterson a try will be ordering Cousin Vinny's again but only from Patterson See More
Darshawn Romine
· September 16, 2016
They got perquisites on the food. Don't eat from there the employee's on heroin, and the spit in your food. Mangers have no experience, and they always fucking up. wonder why i dont tip ! No customer ...service . I reported this cousin Vinny's to the health department. #disrespectful . See More
Mariah McGuffie
· November 16, 2016
Just got the steak formaggio.... took 20 minutes less than estimated delivery time. Very nice driver! Pizza is very good, hot and delicious!!@
Emily Sorenson
· August 16, 2017
Great pizza and friendly staff! Will definitely be coming back!
Nanci Janes
· January 17, 2017
Honestly, the BEST and cheapest pizza I have ever eaten. Seriously, so good. Oh, and this location is ALWAYS friendly!
Heather Ann Hardin
· December 17, 2016
Always love the pizza here. Ordering some now ;) yummm
Harold William Holdren
· April 26, 2017
Fast delivery! Second time in a row. Good pizza!
Keith Freeland
· May 6, 2015
I believe this is the old address to what was the old Forest Records store. Anyway the Cousins Rocks too.
Selena Perez
· August 25, 2016
I honestly just came out for a good slice of pizza but I feel so attacked right now.
Edward Frostt
· March 27, 2014
Had a big 10 meal with mushrooms, sweet stix, and 2 iceless mountain dews last night. Came quick and just as I asked. Very tasty... I want more.... Yum!
LaVonne Meyer
· August 26, 2017
Kerry Anne Duncan
· December 23, 2013
Love Vinney's! Best customer service ever! Especially the guys on Miller Lane location.