I’ve been receiving more messages than usual over the last few months from people asking about the “Egocide” project. I decided to write up a short lifecycle narrative on the new project, and help to clarify the state that it’s currently in at the moment.

TL:DR version:
I am still working on it, and am currently taking pro-active steps to help speed up production. Also, if you ever plan to make a movie on your own, it helps if you don’t start having kids.

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(An alternate version of this article was originally published in the Boston Globe)
Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian

The analytical focus on television shows in the video is because television was what David had explicitly cited as the primary source of postmodernism that he objected to.

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It can be very confusing to know that you won’t find a decent job, pay off student loans or put in a down payment on a h…
‘What are the chances that we’re living in a simulation?’
The case for complete self-determination—a guide for the furious, the curious, and the pure of heart
A new type of electrical component called "memristor" could mean the end of electronics as we know it and the beginning of a new era called "ionics".

Excellent. Definitely their best episode to date.

The New World Order: They control the world's governments; THEY rule over all of us from the top of the pyramid. While WE suffer at the bottom. Right? Today ...
The answer lies in human psychology. And probably like the old observation about history, people who refuse to understand human psychology are doomed to be victims of psychological manipulation....

10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that will appear by the 2030s

Two decades is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but owing to accelerating change we can expect to see the emergence of some fairly disruptive technological innovations in the coming years. Here are 10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that should appear by the 2030s.

Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis | Science | WIRED

Mass and length may not be fundamental properties of nature, according to new ideas bubbling out of the multiverse.

21 Technologies That Will Decentralize the World - Shareable

Across the planet, new technologies and business models are decentralizing power and placing it in the hands of communities and individuals. "We are seeing technology-driven networks replacing bureacratically-driven hierarchies," says VC and futurist Fred Wilson, speaking on what to expect in th...

Researchers are using graphene to develop artificial retinas that could be used as optical prostheses to help blind people see again.

An artificial retina made of "miracle material" graphene has been developed by physicists in Germany.
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Doug Coulter used to build signal processing and radio gadgets for our favorite three-lettered intelligence agencies, but for the past decade or...

SeeMeCNC Unveils a Massive 3D Printer - 3D Printing Industry

To 3D printer manufacturer SeeMeCNC, size does matter. Their latest 3D printer is a massive 15 foot tall delta style 3D printer set to be unveiled this weekend at Maker Faire Detroit.