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Debbie Schwartz
December 5, 2011
Treating yourself to Creative Wellness is definitely an awesome way to take care of yourself! Kitty is extremely gifted and knowledgeable. My experience has been tremendously healing.
May Celebration 2013
Sun 8:00 PM EDTFrom your bed with your bunny slippers.

To your wellness. Wish there was nap time everywhere for grown ups.

If you’re among those who enjoy the occasional midday snooze, you should continue the habit as studies have shown that it’s a normal and integral part of the circadian (sleep-wake cycle) rhythm.

Healing and Wellness come in a myriad of ways.

3 Tips for Weight Loss

3 Tips for Weight Loss

Hey Folks. Unhappy with your physical self? Transform your body in 60 days with the Young Living Slique System. Monday night,Feb 13th 6:30PM at my house or on line, For specifics (like where Iive, PM me. You can also join online at or join on-line at

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Just to let you know I wont' be around back in the office until Feb 7th. It's going to be tough to be away but I'll manage. Getting some R &R in Costa Rica so I'm refreshed and ready to take good care of you when I return.

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I think we would all find ourselves feeling better!!!!

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A Gift of Healing

A Gift of Healing

Excerpt from Linda Lee Smith's Newsletter. They are always so interesting!!!
Your "Subtle" Anatomy Receives the Benefits of Oils FIRST!

Most people, even scientists have come to accept that we do not end at our skin. In fact, our being extends well beyond our physical border to fill up the space about 3 feet out from us. It’s called one’s energy field or aura. Auras are dynamic webs of energy with successively higher energy bodies, each composed of vibrational energy with... different frequencies. We are in essence, multi-dimensional beings.

Think about this. When you apply an essential oil to your physical body, the oil has to first pass through your energy field to your skin and in fact, the field receives the oil first. Does this make a difference? Yes. In fact, your physical body actually matches the vibrational frequency in your energy field so your subtle anatomy—your field benefits the most from the essential oils. This is true whether you apply the oils directly to the body or simply brush the field surrounding the body. All oils brushed through the field will affect the energy field. However, selecting the most appropriate oil for the individual can energize or calm, clean, and heal the aura. The right oil can clear auric debri (congested energy), seal holes in the outermost layer of the field, and enliven the spirit of the person receiving. And check out her e-book:

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Effects of Essential Oils on Your Energy Field is a helpful resource on how essential oils can affect the WHOLE person—body/mind/spirit. It was only about 30-40 years ago that Westerners even heard about energy fields and chakras. For most—it was like dabbling in the occult or Easte...

In the end, it's about staying present. Isn't that a daily practice?!!!!

No matter your age, you can accomplish anything as long as you have the willpower to do so. Here are 7 reasons why it's never too late in life...

It's the time of the year that we think and express more gratitude than the rest of the year. So let us set a beautiful intention to bring this into our lives every day. Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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Hard time meditating? This
makes it so simple and 1 Second long. I'M IN! ARE YOU?

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1 second Meditation. Gone Viral.
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