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Remember our Q&A request earlier this week? Here's Chip Hunnicutt with some answers. Thanks to everyone who posted, we hope to do this again!
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Lawrence D. Blanton
· September 17, 2017
I just bought the tormentor whisper 380. Overall it's a good shooting crossbow once you get all the bugs out. Quality control/attention to detail was lacking. The center point bolts/arrows are junk. T...he 3 that came with the bow and another 6 pack. All the inserts fell out within 2-3 shots. I lost most of my 125gr. practice tips that I bought separately. Took along time to site scope in. I still don't think the scope is good. But We will see when I take the bolts back and get some better ones than center point brand. See More
Dan Gaddy
· September 4, 2017
I just purchased the Crosman CO2 SNR.357 and I'm very pleased with this gun. It not only looks real, but the weight is pretty close to the real thing and the function of the gun is great. I've always ...been hesitant about purchasing a revolver airgun but this one gun changed my mind completely. This is my new favorite airgun and I am having loads of fun with it. It is totally worth buying. Thank you for producing such a fine airgun. See More
Howard Graham Jr
· December 1, 2017
Just opened my crosman benjamin discovery pumped the gun up and it leaks air sending back for refund....
On Monday I opened my new 392 benjamin pumped it up and it leaked air sending back for refund
...2 different NEW guns from different vendors both leak air..
No quality ... sorry same vendor CROSMAN
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Tim Smith
· September 27, 2017
Bought the 370 sniper. Tonight lsid a 150 6 pointer out at 35 yards. This bow is wicked, i shoot 100 grain to 2 bladed inch swhacker broad head, these are mechanical, its recommended to shoot fixed... heads but i truly believe the swhackers are better. I have pictures for those who want to see, just message me. See More
Ben Parker
· November 14, 2017
I purchased a Benjamin Marauder in .25 cal. I tried four different pellets and the JSB 33.95 gr pellet will put 10 shots in one ragged hole the size of a quarter at 50 yrds. I would like Benjamin to c...onsider making a .308 cal rifle if Texas makes it legal to hunt White Tail Deer in the 2018- 2019 season. See More
Vance Gore
· January 7, 2018
I just Bought a legacy 1000 for my son for Christmas, the first one had a messed up spring and wouldn't load bb's the second one just broke in two about the 10th time shooting it,so much for made in America
Hyon-Kun Kwon
· November 27, 2017
I bought a crosman F4 break rifle 2 weeks ago and was shooting targets with my fiancé in the back yard when the gun stopped working. After reading online found out that the gas ram went bad. So a 2 we...ek old break rifles gas ram went bad after 20 shots... quality right there. Did I mention it cost me 130.00! See More
Conrad Milachouski
· March 21, 2017
I have had crosman products since I was very young. I'm passing this down to my son. I have recently had some issues with co2s an the p10 pistol. I sent emails to the company they responded very and replaced the co2 and is sending me a new p10 .customer service is top notch very quick to respond an resolve any issues.I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with sally schinsing she was very helpful an very professional..customer service top notch. I would have no problem referring family friends to this company. People should realize that it's impossible to have products with no defects. Quality control is just human people make mistakes. It is a pleasure to deal with crosman . See More
Kenneth Butler
· October 4, 2017
just bought the 2240 shot 110 pellets using two gas bottles looking to customise to spice it up any ideas
Oscar Figueroa
· February 1, 2018
Purchased the Beretta 92A1 replica and it shoots like a charm. well done Crosman
Tim Peeters
· July 27, 2017
nice, and nice stuff. i like it and i will by two air guns from crosman the buldog and pioneer, bet i have a questen? i want to know how much in mm is te inside of te arrow of haw much is te tickness ...of the barrel from the pioneer. can you tell me. thanks See More
Michael Pape
· August 15, 2017
Can't open the online manuals. They won't look up the part. Looking like I've got to trash the air rifle for an O ring. Guess who I won't be buying from.
Robert Dillard
· December 26, 2016
I bought a Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB gun a few months back. We took it out to shoot it ( The best moment of his life he said) and noticed the lever action was extremely stiff( not really a problem ther...e, makes for a good safety feature) we shot approx 30 rounds through it before the lever action snapped off as I was pushing it down to cock it. Luckily the jagged edge didn't gouge me, but it was definitely a surprise! I have owned numerous Crosman BB guns in the past with no issue, this particular gun I will not be buying again. See More
Jon Davis
· July 18, 2017
I can tell you first hand that crossman shoots true because as I grew up I've been shot in the behind a couple times. Not really sure why but both times it's been a crossman for sure! Man those things... are accurate! If you don't believe me buy one! See More
Jana Dearmon Sullivan
· November 28, 2016
I got a pink 760 pumpmaster air rifle last year for Christmas and I have never been able to shoot this gun! 3 adults have tried making it work and nothing! After calling in to Crosman I was told the... gun was 2 years old so no warranty even though it will not work! You people are a joke and craftsmanship and customer care is what brings customers back! I will make sure I never own another of your guns and make sure none of my friends or family buy any from you! WARNING potential customers if u buy a gun from a retailer that has had one of these on their shelf for a year and u buy it and it don't work your warranty is not valid! Or if you can produce
A receipt where it was purchased in the last year! Mine was a gift from my son last Christmas and he doesn't have receipt and I wouldn't have the receipt because it was a gift! Shitty Policy Crosman Corporation.
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Shawn Godbout
· November 21, 2017
i just purshase a crosman shokewave .22 and it just perfect pellet gun.
Matt Maida
· June 2, 2017
I have been shooting airguns since my dad introduced me to it at the age of 10, My first gun was a Crosman 357-type CO2 revolver. I have always stayed with Crosman since thats the brand I was introduc...ed to and its been a treat using their products. See More
Rev. Scott Fair
· August 11, 2017
I bought a Crosman 22 cal backpacker for my daughter, and a Benjamin varmint 22 np for myself. Both are awesome, and the pest problem around our property has been meeting it's match.
Chris Melvin Pinoak
· January 1, 2017
I Bought the New Crosman Airbow during Deer season in SC had a little Trouble with the first one the customer service took care of it ASAP and ship me another since then I have to 4 deer with this air...bow including a 12-point the biggest deer I have to look in my life Crosman rocks! I am a Taxidermist an all my customers have to shoot it when they come and see it they love it too! See More
Joshua David
· July 6, 2017
Totally unhelpful customer service. I bought a Benjamin Prowler for pest control at my cabin, and it's terribly inaccurate. I followed all of their tips, and tricks, and break in procedures. I spent s...o long giving this product the benefit of the doubt that I could no longer return it to the store where it was purchased. Upon contacting customer service I received a copy and paste e-mail with the same instructions in the manual. When I replied to that on the ticket system, I received the VERY SAME copy and paste letter. Total waste of money and time. See More
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Nice review and Ballistics test on the MTR-77!

The 495 Test Range - Episode 3: The sub-cal AR-15 Music By: Offspring, "Hammerhead" Ruckus and l run the MTR-77 through its paces! ...

Becoming one of our most popular builds to date! The Crosman DPMS full auto!

Make sure to visit for more info on SHOT Show 2018 as I post it: So it begins, I have been to this years SHO...

Benjamin Titan NP .177

Image may contain: outdoor

.177 or .22? What's your pick and why?

Yesterday we showed deer hunting with the Airbow. Today, we want Bacon!

Howard and Chuck hit the wood with the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by Crosman in search of hogs. In south Texas they're plentiful so it doesn't take long find a ...

Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellets win Hard Air Magazine Gold Award

EAST BLOOMFIELD, NY - Crosman Premier Hollow Points are among the most widely available pellets in the airgun industry, available at most sporting goods and mass retail stores. Now, the bestselling pellets have been recognized by Hard Air Magazine for their excellent performance for the price in their Gold Award review.

The 14.3g heavyweight .22 Caliber pellet provides maximum power and expansion versus weights and shapes of pellets, making it the perfect choice for taking out targets, pest control, or small game hunting. The Crosman Premier .22 Hollow Point was a strong performer in a variety of Hard Air Magazine air rifle test reviews.

“We are pleased that Hard Air Magazine, one of the most respected publications in the airgun field, chose to recognize the great value and performance of the Crosman Premier .22 Hollow Points,” said Jay Duncan, Director of Marketing for Crosman. “We look forward to future reviews and evaluations of additional pellets and are confident they will perform well for Hard Air Magazine and their readers.”

Crosman Premier Pellets are 100% made in the USA in the East Bloomfield, NY headquarters, where Crosman manufactures more than 12 billion steel BBs and pellets every year.

See More
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This week, we're following Chuck as he shoots and hunts with the new Pioneer Airbow from Crosman. It's a new weapon for hunters that utilizes full length arr...
 EZ Adjustable Tactical Stock with Adjustable Cheek Pad provides shooting and aiming consistencyErgonomic Grip and Foregrip Design for Maximum Comfort and shooting stabilityAluminum rail with shoot through riser provides repeatable accuracyAdjustable, angled, fore-grip for stability and comfortInte...

Wonderful visit today at Crosman HQ from Rich Funke Pictured here is Crosman CEO Bob Beckwith and Senator Rich Funke. Thank you so much for your visit sir.

This visit is a testament to Senator Funke's commitment to economic growth and support for Crosman Corporation in up-state NY.

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A Little Mil-Dot education. Visit our Mil-Dot Calculator online!

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AIRSOFT SNIPER! Check out our GF529 Sniper Rifle

<p><strong>Spring Powered, Single Shot, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle</strong></p> <p>Velocity: Up to 350 fps (.20g ammo)</p> <ul> <li>Sniper rifle with a one-piece precision metal barrel for long-range shooting</li> <li>Dual Picatinny accessory rails fo

One of the most popular BBP Pistols on the market.

<ul> <li>Authentic blowback action</li> <li>Full-metal construction</li> <li>Functional grip safety</li> <li>Full-metal magazine holds 18 BBs</li> <li>BB - 450 fps</li> </ul>

Have you checked out the Crosman Custom Shop yet? If not, you got to take a look!

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$5 Mail in Rebate on our 8x42 Phase 1 Binoculars!

<p>Small, light and compact, these binoculars go where you go with ease. The extra-large 42mm objectives collect more light and give you a brighter picture than average compacts, letting you see every detail.</p> <ul> <li>Quick focus bridge helps you s