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Matt Valdemar
· January 26, 2017
I love the programming, knowledgeable staff, and fun group of clients. My oly numbers increased considerably after I joined. The coaches know what they're talking about and can break down deficiencies in your technique.
Jackie Schreider
· June 7, 2017
The community is wonderful, coaches are always there to help you if you need it! Love this place!
Andrea Andre
· November 27, 2013
I joined up about a month ago as someone who was new to CrossFit. I was pretty nervous because I had never done any routine outside of a "normal" gym. All those... fears dissolved as soon as I started the beginners class. The coaches are extremely friendly and go out of their way every class to make sure you are getting your moves down correctly. There is also no judgement for those of us who need some initial scaling before we can go full force. They answer all my questions, even if I think they are a bit silly. In just the first month I have noticed changes in my body and I have become stronger. I still have a lot of work to do but I know that CrossFit Manassas will be there to help me along the way. See More
David Sefton
· January 2, 2015
I was just dropping in from Nashville. What a setup at Crossfit Manassas. The facility is top notch and Coach Jenny was great. She gave me a few pointers that w...ill definitely help in my lifts. I can't wait to come back maybe in the summer and hit an outdoor WOD. I am jealous of the setup the members have here. Keep up the great work Coaches Doug and Jenny.

Great shirt too. Love the saying on the back.
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Richard Bendekovic
· December 2, 2013
Great gym! If you don't want to spend another second thinking about programming this is your gym. Coach Doug (and staff) do all the thinking for you so you can ...just show up and train... for whatever it is you wish to improve. I put 13 kilos on my competition total in about 3 months with no real special attention on the lifts, just doing their programming (I joined in the middle of a strength, snatch/C&J cycle). The coaches don't just walk around yelling, "Come on!" I once saw Coach Doug cue a high level athlete (-2:30 Fran) on a tough bar M/U workout without saying a word, just jumped on the bar and demonstrated. You won't hear BS encouragement but rather receive experienced coaching, working towards realistic goals. You will get stronger! And after all it is called STRENGTH & Conditioning. See More
Ben Lehmer
· December 26, 2013
I am a current CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Blacksburg, I attend CrossFit Manassas when I am home visiting family. This is what I have to say about it:

Doug and ...his staff are constant professionals. They are in this business for the right reason, which is, to positively change lives for the better. Great camaraderie, great coaches, great energy. There is never a moment of, "Oh, you can't do this WOD." It is a moment of, "Here is how you are going to scale." EVERYONE can workout here, and their life WILL be changed for the better. Listen to Coach Doug and his staff, they know what they're doing. See More
Melvin Moore
· August 16, 2014
I absolutely love this place. The number one rule is "No Ego" and everyone here supports one another. I've seen massive gains in my over all health/fitness. If you want an outstanding workout and a place to call home, then you should definitely come here!!!!!!
Farzin Maghsoudi
· June 14, 2015
Honestly vanguard is the Best gym in the area. Coaches are awesome, they have every equipment that you would want, their hours of operation is unbeatable by any other gym, and best of all it is affordable. Love it here.
Kevin Real Jr.
November 30, 2013
This was the first crossfit class setting I'd ever been to about a year back. I was alil nervous. But soon as I walk in I'm greeted by two massive wicked dogs and wicked friendly staff!! Incredibly knowledgable and helpful coaching! Wicked good family feel from the members! And of course Coach Doug's immaculate beard! Lol See More
Kenley Osborne
· January 4, 2015
Love the Coaches, Community, Programming, and facility. I started crossfit 6yrs ago, in Atlanta, where I still live, and have seen the full range of coaching q...uality, as crossfit's popularity has saturated markets. Coach Doug and his team offer top level knowledge, engagement, professionalism, motivation, and accountability. These are the major factors necessary for a SAFE, productive, and fun Crossfit program. I return any time I am in Manassas! See More
Holly Jean
· November 30, 2013
I dropped in for a Saturday morning class while I was home for Thanksgiving, and really enjoyed it! Everyone was friendly and the coaches were welcoming and knowledgeable. I definitely learned some things I will be taking back to the box in Richmond. Thanks guys!
John Donjoian
· January 26, 2016
Great place, great coaches, great programming! Very welcoming and attentive coaching and instruction.
Michael Pender
· March 14, 2017
Daniel Stephenson
· March 25, 2015
I have enjoyed dropping in this week. Great group of folks. Good coaching. A fun place to wod and lift.
Elder Ramos
· June 27, 2014
If you looking for a gym with good coaches, clean with a great team to push u n help u meet ur goals u need to come visit us
Erin Gomez
· September 19, 2014
Great group of people, excellent coaches, do it, you won't regret it!!
David Barr
· December 1, 2013
got me into crossfit, love it
Marco Mendoza
· December 23, 2013
Best Gym in Northern VA!
Rosco D Childress
November 25, 2011
Check This OUT!!!! Manassas Keeps Getting Better and Better!
Heather C !
Tim and his strong self.

This is Roland hitting a monstrous PR of 135lbs on his strict press. The most he had pressed before today was 102.5 for 5. 😳

If you didn't know, Roland set the goal for himself in December to lose 25 pounds in 2017. It's June, and he is only 2 POUNDS AWAY from his mark.

We always appreciate your ready smile, and the fact that you will dance to factually ANY SONG that comes over the speakers. Keep up the great work, Roland.

... See More
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CrossFit Manassas with Eileen Easterbrook Harrity and 2 others.

9AM push up recovery faces. 🤣

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