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It's been a year already since I posted RE police station main hall fan art playable demo. And it was so well welcomed by many original resident evil 2 fans. So I just want to thank all of you for your huge support. I'm really glad I found a lot of like minded people who enjoyed the original game and still has pleasing nostalgia feeling towards it. It also inspired and motivated me on some ambitious ideas, that hopefully will see daylight someday when I will have enough resources to accomplish them.

Anyway thank you once again! And here is 360 panorama of Main Hall. Cheers!

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Playing with UE4 Real time post production, DOF, and convolution bloom.

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I've been learning more in-depth about ue4 shaders and general lighting for arch-viz and cad models and came up with experimenting on Audi r8.
Here are few screenshots directly from UE4. Short animated video clip is coming soon, once I set all cameras and put them in ue4 sequence along with sound.

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Another awesome walkthrough by Virtual Reality Oasis channel. I'm really glad that this gets so appreciated by re fans. Big thanks to all of you.

PS. I have left a small tribute for all re2 fans. Kudos if anybody will find it and post a screenshot of it in comments

I check out this awesome Resident Evil 2 RPD Main Hall VR experience made by CryingHorn. This recreation of Racoon City Police Department in Unreal 4 engine ...

Check out this cool short walk-through of VR RPD from Residence of Evil Thanks JJ Cheers!

Checking out CryingHorn's REMAKE of the R.P.D. Main Hall from Resident Evil 2 using UNREAL ENGINE 4 [NOW WITH VR! ] SUBSCRIBE:

To All Resident Evil 2 Fans: RPD Main Hall in VR. Have fun

Hey everyone, I decided to make a VR addition to my previous fan art of Resident Evil RPD Main hall. So if you have access to HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, feel f...

For those of you who are fans of RE2 and has access to HTC Vive or Oculus, here are some news: I'm releasing in few days VR version of my previous fan art RPD Main Hall. Guess who will be waiting for you there? lol #re2 #VR #anotherfanart

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Here is my version of RE2 Save room theme:

This is my experimental version of Resident Evil 2 save room theme

Here it is, Resident Evil Police Station Main Hall fan art. You can also download to play it yourself.

Link for Demo:…/0BzY0iE-8FLJeQ2xWLWw3RTQ3O…/view…


Here is my latest fan art and tribute to one of my favorite games of all time. This is Police Station Main Hall from Resident Evil 2. I used demolished polic...

some more screens of RE Police Station #residentevil #re2 #fanart

Some testing of alien queen on HTC Vive and UE4. Man, that thing feels huge in VR

testing out Alien queen in VR space. This is direct transfer from previous scene I made few months ago: I'm think...

Guess what's coming upresed as fan art on UE4 and VR ready

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Hey everyone!

So I finally finished one of my personal projects where I wanted to practice UE4 engine. I took Alien Queen as my "test" object for practicing rigging, animation, exporting, lighting, shading, matinee and etc. This is all going in real time btw.

Special thanks for Raging Raven ( for awesome and authentic sound design! The Alien Queen scream is made from layers of his own voice...
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Hey everyone. Lately I decided to make a short video to have an excuse for learning shaders, cinematic lighting, matinee and etc. So I picked famous Alien Qu...

Some Closeup. I think I like it more in b/w

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