What's up folks. Long time no see?? xD

Thank you for supporting use through what was a hell of a two year stretch we had for those who are abit late we are DEAD! no more exodus-craft anymore regrettably but for those who have premium accounts and wish to still play with vet players you can join (owned by Mazcara04/Animal37) or join (owned by flyingtaco725/Onlyone_Canoli/Evil_Lemnz) apart from that on behalf of the previous staff of exodus-craft we say thanks for the ride and good luck with life/minecrafting

(Exodus Co-owner, Elandrios Moderator, IndigoMC Lead Admin)


Our alternative website for the time being is .. as we are facing problems with our domain host.


A wonderful picture thrown together by our Lead Moderator [CrazyFlasherTDB]

From left to right; ReackEx [A], joker1209 [M], james50a [M], CrazyFlasherTDB [LM], Evil_Lemnz [LA], IsusMC [M], Sarwan [O] & CascadeXx [A]

M = Moderator...
LM = Lead Moderator
A = Admin
LA = Lead Admin

Thank you for playing on Exodus-Craft!

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Enjoy this collection of pictures by ReackEx, it's of our server and our buildings with shaders.

Thank you for playing at EC

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The server has run into a problem;

Someone with console access decided to change the server version to 1.7.9 without consulting the senior staff.

Unfortunately after multiple attempts to restore it to it's original version, it's still unable to receive and hold connections.


Until this is resolved the server will be offline.

You will be informed when updates are available.

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There have been more staff changes, the new roster looks like this;

[Owner] iNevaMiss

[Lead-Admin] Evil_Lemnz...
[Admin] ReackEx
[Admin] CascadeXx

[Lead-Mod] CrazyFlasherTDB
[Moderator] IsusMC
[Moderator] Alee
[Moderator] james50a

Congratulations to CascadeXx for her promotion to Admin, and to CrazyFlasherTDB for his new position as a Lead Moderator.

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Staff changes have been completed, although MrTutTut and Sarahx3xx have been removed from staff, there are 3 new moderators added to the staff roster.

Please welcome CrazyFlasherTDB, IsusMC and Alee to the team.

Congratulations guys

Due to recent staff changes and moderator applications being stopped, the staff was cleaned up. Sarahx3xx and MrTutTut have been removed from staff but have kept their donation ranks and other such items.

The new staff roster is as follows and will be updated when 2-3 new moderators are added (This will happen over the next week).

[Staff Roster]...
[Owner] iNevaMiss
[Lead-Admin] Evil_Lemnz
[Admin] ReackEx
[Moderator] CascadeXx

[Applicant Roster]
- Crazy
- IsusMC
- Ahmed
- Meow
- Alee

The current applicants list are the people being reviewed, this was decided amongst myself, Evil_Lemnz and iNevaMiss.

Slayer and CreeperHunter have been removed from the possible applicants list due to inactivity.

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Exodus-Craft Minecraft Gaming Server updated their cover photo.
May 2, 2014
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Exodus-craft is under maintenance for the next 7 days please join our co-owners server for that period of time but don't forget to keep checking up on our website for maintenance updates

Exodus-Craft staff wish you a Happy New Year


Hello guys we will be updating to 1.7.2, removing useless plugins and updating plugins go to for information on when we will be back up

Ok guys we are down due to host issues nothing is our fault this time as soon as Nevamis gets online we can contact the host plugpayplay


congratulate some of our staffs premotions

HNK001 and rebel1231 are now admins
Evil_Lemnz Head moderator

Donations are needed in order to keep our server.
There is a huge sale in our store, and by purchasing our packages, players will receive great abilities in game.
Its probably the best time to both save the server and buy "permissions" for a lower price.


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We are about to reach 200 likes which is amazing,
I would like to ask everyone to share this page, and invite your friends to our server.
There is also many advantages in advertising xD
For more information regarding the advertiser rank, visit our webpage.



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