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Patricia Mc Peake
· March 15, 2018
Don't be fooled by big sale got bedding down from £59.99 to £22.99 thought I was getting a bargain �then on going on internet the same bedding £25.99 and no sale�and staff was not very nice when with me. Could have be a bit more pleasant .magherafelt store See More
Meg Ohliv
· May 16, 2016
Just out of Cuddy's Magherafelt where I purchased two items whilst being served by a very pleasant lady, One of the owners/managers rudely interpreted over my transaction to serve another customer who... conveniently owned another business within Magherafelt. No apology given and I was left standing puzzled as to why this happened. No explanation or acknowledgment either, I felt embarrassed. The blonde lady that served me actually looked belittled too. Just a pointer for Cuddy's bosses to learn a bit about customer relation skills and manners as all customers and their money are equal. Having frequented Cuddy's over the years it really soured my experience. See More
Delene Shannon
· April 30, 2015
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Magherafelt shop not only did I buy all my nursery items from Eileen when I was pregnant and she was more than helpful.
My son is now 2 and we go to m f...elt for our Christmas shopping and his 2 birthdays plenty of choice and great customer skills. The after sales service is second to none, both James and Stephen have been more than helpful in the last few days so thank u all so much. See More
Noelle Higgins
· June 21, 2017
Went into ballymena shop this morning to get measured, and the lady who looked after me was so friendly and helpful, I will definitely go back, thank you.
Kirstie Catherwood Keogh
· May 24, 2016
Absolutely disgraceful customer service!!! so unprofessional and an absolute nightmare to work with especially when your 9 months pregnant and being told your pram won't be here on time (another month...) when your paying A LOT of Hundreds of pounds then running the country to find another buisness that they could buy a part off because they won't let you get a refund and sort it yourself because their so money hungry to keep it within their business! The comments that were made would be enough to make anyone loose their cool let alone to be giving a day to pick up your pram eventually for the payments and money not be correct and all items to not be included and have to stand and argue and explain yourself and wait for them to correct THEIR mistakes! WAIT FOR THE BEST PART I got a 2 pound discount for my troubles brilliant! Il be in labour before the day is out if I carry on! But basically I wouldn't buy a pack of napkins off this joke shop ever again and wonder how their even in business as I was warned before purchasing anything from them and obviously just had to learn from my own mistakes...Save your time effort and money!!! Also there is no 0* rating! See More
Lisa Campbell
· June 16, 2015
Customer service is excellent, very friendly and helpful staff. Products are great quality. Around lovely place to shop.
Alison Higginson
· October 19, 2016
Cuddy's Carrickfergus store were the key presenters of a fashion show at our church, St Patrick's Whitehead, last week. It was a fab show. Well done to everyone!
Kathy Mc Erlain
· November 13, 2016
Had bother with a ride on tractor. Steven was more than helpful and very understanding. I have no bother shopping here again
Charmaine Mulgrew
· July 16, 2015
Absolutely terrible customer service!! So rude!! Will never be in the door again and will be telling family and friends to steer clear!!!
Eamonn Burns
· June 25, 2016
Was in cuddys today looking for a present for my neice. Must say very professional staff who helped me out and give me great advice of what to buy. Thanks again guys!
Tracey Ellison
· August 12, 2016
Hi would like to say how fantastic the shop and staff are and how much they help. :-)
Yvonne Fletcher
· August 22, 2015
Thanks for today my boy curtis really enjoyed making his cuddys shop ☺
Emma Hegarty
· March 2, 2015
Very poor customer skills will not be purchasing my nursery items from here
Emma McCloskey
· February 9, 2015
Never will be back lost out on my custom today as customer skills were terrible!!
Leona Saunderson
· April 5, 2015
Was at the Carrickfergus Branch and was greatly impressed. Great, friendly costumer service. Got just what I needed at a great deal Will definitely return soon!
Jeanene Marshall
· November 14, 2015
I get stuff out of here I love here at toy department

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