Hey tumpy!!! Wanna know what the heck I'm up to now that Dubb Nubb and I left each other at the crossroads never to see each other ever again? Dana T and me are going on tour starting tomorrow!!! He's releasing a truly huge album, tiny mind MASSIVE soul, and it's gonna be very dang available soon as heck on vinyl from Longplay Records and White Rabbit!!!!! Release show is THIS SATURDAY at Gabe's Iowa City, check the vid to get a little taste babas See you at the show Wade
in de studio with joseph

I put great love into every post

sometimes i like to let the content come to me


a lot of people i know get discouraged when they see others getting consistently more likes than they do.

what a lot of folks don’t realize, i think, is the importance of ratios. This is the number of likes divided by the number of friends and followers, a simple way to quantify the devotion of your fan base.

For example, an average “celebrity” with, say, 8k followers, will often pull between 100-200 likes per post, a paltry ratio of 1.25-2.5%. This doesn’t even take into a...ccount the number of bots who like the post. A post from someone who has 400 followers that gets 20 likes enjoys an impressive 5%, double that of a “more popular” post.

Next time you see a post with a lot of likes, ask yourself, “can they pull a 5% on the regular?”

i think not.

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Curt Oren added an event.
February 15

Experimental electronic musician Lynn Avery from Minneapolis is bringing their project Iceblink to Elastic along with a few local faves, if you know of a better way to spend your Sunday night I'd like to hear it so we can make plans to do both!!!

If you've made it this far, may I offer you some clickable links?

Iceblink - experimental electronic from Lynn Avery of Minneapolis, digital sculpture resting on oil paint canvas...

Ulla Straus - solo music from Ulla of Wiggle Room, a rowboat, a wave, a cloud goes by

Lilac - new band feat. Anya Davidson, "Deranged" - Chicago Reader

Birdlabs - ambient music courtesy Izaak Thompson, the view from the big window

A mere $10 gets you a night of great music, bring your student ID and a recent report card for a $3 off coupon!!!



Respect the space
Respect yourself
Respect each other

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when you like great content, what you’re really saying is “y’all gotta see this”

I make myself known online

i used to be such a baby

you cannot control what someone will "like"

you can only produce Great Content

hate to break it to ya, but i'm curt

one thing i like to do is make a post and watch the likes roll in

this is bullshit

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There are two kinds of posts in this world:

those that get liked,

and the rest.

wonder how many likes my life has gotten

don't forget: your facebook profile is YOURS

would you think of me if all the likes went away?

would I think of you?

You can get an idea of a person's personality through their accounts online