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Look out for these signs to determine whether you made a good tech decision.

Here are some clear signs you're doing it right.
Microsoft recently rolled out security updates to Office 365 for business and home users. These enhancements aim to increase safety when sending or receiving an email in Outlook, sharing links in OneDrive, and alerting users of possible malware infection.

You may not want to log into other apps with Facebook after you read this.

New research from Princeton University exposes vulnerabilities in the social network's universal login API.

Microsoft plans to speed up Windows 10 updates in the coming months.

Microsoft is working on a trimmed down version of Windows 10 which lacks many of the basic features of the OS.One user noted several issues with this version of Windows 10. When he tried to install Microsoft Office, he received an error, but was given no details regarding the cause of the error.
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Hackers have plenty of ways to breach your systems. They can use complex programs to exploit software bugs, send emails to dupe you into downloading malware, or insert a malware-infected USB drive directly into your computer. However, another increasingly popular hacking method is a watering hole at...

Will blockchain technology be as essential as the cloud? Read what analysts have to say.

While the full potential of blockchain may not be understood by business execs, that's not keeping companies from aggressively exploring how the secure, distributed ledger technology can save time and money.
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It was recently exposed that Facebook has been collecting Android phone users’ call history and SMS data for years. This may be alarming to many users, but Facebook has assured us that it was collected with consent. Here’s everything you need to know.

Virtual assistants are the new operating systems. Here's why.

It's the virtual assistant's world now. The operating system is just living in it.
If Microsoft’s latest server software is any indication, the virtualization trend shows no signs of slowing down. The first preview of Windows Server 2019 was released in March and includes a number of features focused on IT efficiency. Let’s take a look at the most valuable updates for small bu...

Everything you need to know about the Transport Layer Security 1.3 web standard.

A key internet group has approved a long-in-the-making web security standard that should lead to a safer internet.

IBM's new all-flash systems claim three times storage capacity!

IBM says its new all-flash systems provide three times the storage capacity in the same space as the current FlashSystem 900 and reduce data capacity costs by 60%.
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April 18
Many iPhone users are aware that Apple apps access their device’s data. But this can mean increased security risk, especially if your phone is used for both personal and business reasons. Fortunately, iOS 11 includes privacy controls to limit data access.

What to do if your cloud provider stops offering its services?

Any cloud provider can go out of business or stop offering it services, so it is critical to have a contingency plan in place if it happens.

Tim Cook shares his thoughts about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Tim Cook says the situation around the collection and use of people's data is "dire" and that "well-crafted" rules are probably needed.
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April 11
Cellebrite, an Israel-based vendor that works with the U.S. government, has revealed that they've found a way to unlock practically every iPhone available on the market. It appears to be a significant milestone for law enforcement and forensic specialists, yet it’s also a potential privacy issue f...

Microsoft wants to secure your identity using blockchain.

Microsoft plans to pilot a blockchain-based digital ID platform that would allow users to control access to sensitive online information via an encrypted data hub.