Meet me at Crypticon.

It's been a busy summer creating the next chapter in our graphic novel, Bender, but I'm taking a break to meet up with you. I'm psyched to be attending as a vendor at Crypticon 2017 in Kansas City and can't wait to meet all you crazy horror-lovers, fellow artists and fans of fear.  I've got a few co...

Happy Father’s Day!

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Today, we want to take a moment to honor those American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you.

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Bender, the Graphic Novel

Murder Monday Update from Bender: The Graphic Novel - The Historical Marker Commemorating the Bender Killing Spree

This historical marker sits at a rest area at... the intersection of US400 and US169 in Southeast Kansas. There's ample parking for you to read the latest Bender: The Graphic Novel chapter while enjoying the peaceful Kansas plains.

The marker reads:

Near here are the Bender Mounds, named for the infamous Bender family -- John, his wife, son, and daughter Kate -- who settled here in 1871. Kate soon gained notoriety as a self-proclaimed healer and spiritualist. Secretly, the four made a living through murder and robbery.

Located on a main road, the Benders sold meals and supplies to travelers. Their murders were carried out by use of a canvas curtain that divided the house into two rooms. When a traveler was seated at the table, his head was outlined against the curtain. The victim was then dispatched from behind with a hammer, and the body was dropped into a basement pit, later to be buried in an orchard.

As more and more travelers disappeared, suspicion began to center on the Benders. They disappeared in the spring of 1873, shortly before inquisitive neighbors discovered the victims' bodies. The Benders are believed to have killed about a dozen people, including one child.

Although stories abound, the ultimate fate of the murderous Bender family is uncertain. Some say that they escaped, others that they were executed by a vengeful posse. Their story is unresolved, and remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the old west.

Check out Volume One, collecting chapters 1 and 2 of seven in a handsome deluxe magazine. It's available through these fine online retailers:




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May 17, 2017
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Flesk Publications is auctioning this book of sketches later this weekend at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. Honored to be a part of it along with Allen Williams Art, Donato Giancola and other fantastic artists.

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Preparing to leave for Kansas City and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Look for me at booth 326! #illustration #sfal2017 #art #fantasyart #bloodybenders

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Thanks to everyone who's supported me by getting a copy of Bender, the Graphic Novel! I'll have several signed by the author and myself at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live this weekend in Kansas City. Hope to see some of you there.

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then simply choose "Support with Facebook" or "Support with Twitter" and on 3/13, together we will make a Thunderous Roar!

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I just supported #bloodybenders Graphic Novel on @ThunderclapIt
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In the aftermath of the Civil War, the great westward expansion of America was fraught with dangers both overt and hidden. Along the Osage Trail outside the tin...y village of Cherryvale, Kansas, the Bender Inn seemed a haven for weary travelers, and one could not help but be enchanted by Kate Bender, the mysterious and beautiful proprietor. However, visitors had a way of disappearing, and time has dubbed it “The Devil’s Inn.” In part one of a three-part serial, witness the construction of the inn and the formation of a partnership that would lead to unspeakable horrors in this true story of murder on the plains.

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Bestselling comic writer Michael L. Frizell teams up with noted artist and illustrator DA Frizell to capture the twisted underbelly of the West in BENDER: VOLUM...E ONE, opening salvo in a three-part serial event chronicling the true story of America's first family of serial killers, the Bloody Benders. Get your copy Thursday, April 13, and #rockthebook with Skye Press and Oghma Creative Media!

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Coming Soon! This perfect bound, graphic novel features chapter 1 and 2 of the serial currently running in Saddlebag Dispatches.

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Coming soon!

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Some of you were lucky enough to get one of these lithos with Avenged Sevenfold Book of Nightmares. If not, good luck on the secondary Market!

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