🔥 Dragon Ball FighterZ : En attendant l'arrivée de Broly et Bardock le 28 mars...

🔥 Dragon Ball Fighterz: until the arrival of broly and bardock on March 28th...
En attendant l'arrivée de Broly et Bardock, Bandai Namco nous offre ces nouvelles images ! Broly et de Bardock arrivent dans Dragon Ball FighterZ le 28 mars 2018, et pour patienter encore un peu, Bandai Namco a publié ces quelques images inédites. Il s'agit d'extraits des deux Dramatic Finish de ...
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🔥 Nouvelle campagne d'affichage McDonald's x Dragon Ball en France ! Goku mange chez McDo. (Photo: @OriginalFei)

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Stephen Dickens
· March 8, 2018
Just having the hardest time getting into it. Played every dragon ball game since Budokai, and with the exception of the amazing animation, it just feels like one of the worst ones to date. I can lit...erally play with one hand and get perfect rounds. Button mashing at it's finest and gets stale quick. 30 seconds with a character and you can see everything they can do twice. Story is meh at best and the lobby thing with the mini figures is just God awful. See More
Grant Evan Gilliard
· February 8, 2018
The story is pretty fun, the graphics are perfect, playing online is stupid hard though. They said it was easy for anyone to pick up and play but its a lie � I get wrecked so hard no matter what the h...eck I do. You HAVE to be great at button coordinating and perfecting your long combo to stand a chance at all. Its extremely frustrating, but also Ive never been great at fighting games other than Smash Bros. See More
Joseph Alexander Riello
· February 1, 2018
One of the worst Dragon Ball games I’ve ever wasted money on. The combat is mediocre. The special moves have been done better before. The story is absolutely abysmal. The new villain is the stupidest ...character in DB history and that’s including Pui Pui, Cui and Guldo. And the worst thing is it’s boring! Unbelievably boring! Nothing like fighting wave after wave of “clones” with the tiny roster this game provides. Chapter after chapter, map after map of the same exact enemies and the same exact cutscenes, with some cheap “fanservice” ultimately to face the most annoying thing Dragon Ball has ever offered as a villain. I wouldn’t recommend this game to my worst enemies. See More
Kevin Gayle
· February 13, 2018
They made the timing required to perform combos make no sense I've been going to the combo challenges and I swear to God I'm putting in exactly what it's telling me to but always due to some little ti...ny baby flaw they're telling me that it's not passable. (Sometimes i swear there is no flaw.)

I almost always fly through the first 9 or 8 combo lists challenges but I swear number 10 every single time is unfair. Don't get me wrong I like a challenge but this just doesn't make any sense. It makes me feel like I'm playing the claw machine as if it only gives me a chance to win every four turns or so (I'm sure this isn't true) however You guys need to relax with the expectations and make the combos a little more streamlined and easy to perform. Or at the very least provide an explanation to the player as to why their combo didn't work helping the player to eventually make the combo. I swear I'm playing detective and watching the demo so much it just isn't right

I have excellent timing if I'm having a hard time with this I can only imagine how other people feel. So if you disagree with me and think that they're super easy go ahead and try hits combo challenge #10 have fun !
See More
Lukas Hayes
· February 15, 2018
Servers are trash and you can only seem to switch characters when attacking and almost virtually not at all when being attacked. What’s left is a game with wait times over a half a hour and when you d...o manage to find a game you get pumbled by someone doing an infinite combo. There’s a great game here being held down by a need for eye popping action every 2 seconds leading to a flashy one sided combo fight. Every characters combo is just button A x8 or button B x4 then switch and continue till someone’s dead. Interesting concept but when servers lag every game and break up that combo then lead to you being combo’d on till KO because you literally cannot block or dodge till finished leads to frustration match after match because the games servers don’t run properly but insist on being online. Plus the ever fun loot boxes. See More
Carter Sipes
· February 9, 2018
I really enjoy this entry for the Dragon Ball series. Some small things hold it back from 5 stars in my opinion. I don't like how you have to advance the dialogue to progress the scenes. The character... selection is limited in my opinion (it would be wonderful fighting as Mr Satan, chi-chi or even another comedic character Mr Roshi). It seems logical to have kid Goten and Trunks as playable characters since Gotenks is a fighter. Having Racoom and Android 17 would be great as well. The online match making is tough to find entertaining matches (a lot of people disconnect immediately once it's clear they won't win) and the connection to tbe lobby isn't the best. I find myself in the offline lobby most of the time for story and arcade. I love the 2D style. I HATED the Xenoverse series (all of the fights felt rough and clunky). FighterZ is so fast paced and easy to pick up and kick ass. If the fighter selection was larger I would probably give it a 5 star review. If Beerus is there, Whis should be playable. I'm not the biggest fan of Beerus, SS4 Goku and Vegeta along with Goku Black being included with big gaps in the character selection. I feel like the depth could be better if you started with base character to transform during the round. Or start with Goten or Kid Trunks to fuse into Gotenks mid fight. I really enjoy this game but the lack of fighters is disappointing. I was really looking forward to fighting with Raditz or Supreme Kai. See More
Jonathan Talamantez
· March 1, 2018
Best DBZ game yet. My only complaint and a huge one, is that to play with your friends is near impossible. Ring matches rarely work I have yet to play a team battle and the games been out for awhile n...ow with no fix. See More
Luke Rhynalds
· February 4, 2018
Seems like the input delay online is garbage for me but perfect for anyone I play. Seems like a flop for online multi but everything off-line goes smooth. Maybe don't release a game on busted-ass servers?
Sal King Nieto
· March 17, 2018
I like it overall its a fun game online and off but online is just ridiculously hard like ppl all they do is play n do little cheat combos trap u in the corner n theres like no reversing anything once... someone starts to win its alomost impossible to tip the scales they should make it where people can cheat less See More
Trey Gentry
· February 20, 2018
Please add an invite feature ffs. Can't even play ring matches and it takes forever to get matched up with a friend in arena match. This is easy to implement in day one or even a beta. But days pass a...nd still no invite a friend feature. Although most fighters and fps has the simple shit. See More
Don Sckope Flawless
· February 10, 2018
Didn't like it at first, but I quickly started to enjoy the game once I got into it very entertaining! Highly recommend this game to all DBZ fans.
Sckøpe B Charles McArdle
· February 6, 2018
I had a negative view of it when I first got into it but now I'm starting to like it. Next DBZ figterz game should be open world I like running into my opponent and fighting different minions along the way.
Hrachia Stepanyan
· February 14, 2018
They definitely did fan service for this game. Very well made. I actually like the pushing a button for the cutscenes. This way I can take bathroom breaks if I need to between maps.
Addi Omerovic
· February 17, 2018
Takes a long time to fint ONE online match! And you cant even play with your friends online. This is shit. Wait awhile before buying this shit until everything is fixed
Frederico Guimaraes
· February 18, 2018
Server like a trash.. You cannot finish one decent match.. Good game to play offline.. Next time try to keep it simple instead of to create a dummy avatar arena that serve us nothing
Michaelangelo Dean
· February 28, 2018
Absolutely amazing game...One of the best in the FGC right now! I hope the game continues to prosper and become more popular so we can have more tournaments held for this game ���
Joel Deleon
· February 22, 2018
to easy and lags terribly stop specials ,cant make an accurate counter, the game it self is not accurate...not very balanced..smh almost had it.
Anthony Rivera
· February 13, 2018
Awesome game, but Servers definitely need some work. Constant kick outs in ring party matches. The game itself is amazing tho
Zach Goss
· February 3, 2018
I have been waiting for a DBZ game just like this. I love this game and Im addicted to it.
Willie Junior
· February 4, 2018
The last Dragon ball fighting game I bought was super butoden 3 for the SNES when I was a teen! This game is what I've been waiting for in a Dragon ball Z fighting game.....for a loooong time!
🔥 Il est 09:00 ! La bêta de Dragon Ball FighterZ est officiellement ouverte POUR TOUT LE MONDE cette fois ! Bon jeu à tous 💥
🔥 Alors les bêta-testeurs de Dragon Ball FighterZ​ ? Ça vous plait ? Qu'avez-vous remarqué de nouveau par rapport à la bêta fermée de septembre ? 🤓 DITES-NOUS TOUT ! ✨
🔥 On joue les prolongations ! La Bêta de Dragon Ball FighterZ​ ré-ouvre ses portes depuis ce matin 06h00 jusqu'à demain 06h00 ➡️
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Dragon Ball Legends


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Dragon Ball Legends


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🔥 En meilleure qualité, re-voici le 1er teaser du film Dragon Ball Super 2018 ! [INFOS ➡️]

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🔥 Et si vous l'avez manqué hier, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS est le tout nouveau jeu de combat sur iOS & Android en 3D ! Suivez la page pour rester informer !

🔥 and if you missed it yesterday, Dragon Ball Legends is the brand new combat game on IOS & ANDROID IN 3 D! Follow the page to stay informed!
Dragon Ball Legends's photo.
Dragon Ball Legends
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🔥 La famille de Goku s’agrandit dans Dragon Ball FighterZ avec BARDOCK !
Attendez-vous à un nouveau Dramatic Finish et de nouveaux dialogues entre lui et Freezer !
🔥 Le DLC sort le 28 MARS !

🔥 Goku's family is growing in @[1799067043453310:274:Dragon Ball FighterZ] with bardock! Expect a new dramatic finish and new dialogues between him and freezer! 🔥 DLC released on March 28th! 🔥 info:
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🔥 DRAGON BALL LEGENDS est officialisé ! Il s'agira d'un jeu de combat en temps réel, en 3D, et en 1vs1 par équipe de 3 combattants. Voici du gameplay !

🔥 Dragon Ball Legends is official! It will be a real-time combat game in 3 D, and in 1 vs1 per team of 3 fighters. Here's some gameplay!
Dragon Ball Legends est donc le prochain jeu mobile Dragon Ball de Bandai Namco. Il sera jouable sur iOS et Android : Dragon Ball Legends vient d'être officialisé au Japon par Bandai Namco. Le teasing avait commencé le 05 mars dernier. Bandai Namco avait lancé un site officiel pour annoncer une ...

🔥 Voici le résumé complet de l'épisode 130 de Dragon Ball Super !

Voici l'épisode 130 de Dragon Ball Super, l'avant dernier épisode avant la fin du Tournoi du Pouvoir. L'épisode 130 de Dragon Ball Super va enfin nous dévoiler le potentiel de la forme finale de Goku Ultra Instinct. Suffira-t-elle à mettre Jiren en pièce ? Goku pourra-t-il remporter le tournoi...

🔥 Voici le CHAPITRE 34 de Dragon Ball Super [COMPLET]

Le chapitre 34 de Dragon Ball Super est disponible en entier. Il est en Chinois pour l'instant, mais le chapitre 34 de Dragon Ball Super est enfin au complet ! Toyotaro nous emmène à sa façon au coeur du tournoi qui déterminera du destin des Univers en jeu, et comme dans l'animé, c'est l'Univer...
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🔥 Des dramatic finish pour Broly et Bardock ! 🔥 (@ShonenGameZ)

🔥 dramatic finish for broly and bardock! 🔥 (@Shonengamez)
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🔥 [Dragon Ball FighterZ] un DLC "Voice Pack" (commentateur de match) va être annoncé avec les voix de Chichi, C-18, Videl... et curieusement pas Bulma... Etait-elle prévue à la base ? Date de sortie prévue au Printemps 2018. [ARTICLE :]

🔥 [@[1799067043453310:274:Dragon Ball Fighterz]] a "Voice Pack" DLC is going to be announced with Les's voices, C-18, videl... and curiously not bulma... was she Scheduled to base? Date of release scheduled for Spring 2018. [article:]