A Spartan is Born
Super glue
Rubber and foam

Well it's been a long while but today I got back to creating. Alots changed over the years but my first project back is a chainsword!

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So the build has taken the direction of Justaerin Terminator of the 1st company sons of Horus

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Ere's what I've been up to. Mk3 Pre Heresy Astartes armour. Top of the helmet is a little pointy but will be sanded down soon, might cover it up with the classic marine helmet vent.

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Who remembers this? Would of been colossal if it was finished

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Lulz, look at the size of it!

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Smog in the air and the sound of machines. The manufactorum is open for business again!
Today we are finishing the rather large boot!

And simce I forgot to do this in the last post. Heres what it looks like next to my normal shoe

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Starting to get an idea of the size of these boots. Need to add the skirt to the rear secrion. This is all I have time for now though.

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Right! Here are the links to a two part special on "will mike live or will he die?"
I've got my stilts to a road test worthy state. They aren't finished and part 1 explains why. The idea here is to try them, see what needs modifying and get feed back from you guys, preferably the ones who have already done this.
All comments are welcome though so here you go and enjoy.

Part 1: ...
Part 2:

Please ignore the constant talking, I think it was the nerves

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Testing the stilts part 1, this is a real time test. I had no idea if it would work so come and find out with me.

Here's a link to a brief explanation of how my stilt works, they aren't finished yet but once they are I'll do a test video where I may potentially get hurt!

So rough height in my power armour with nothing exceeding the height of my head should be about 7foot 3inches, once the back pack is on then we're looking at the 7foot 10inches roughly

I'm posting which can only mean one thing. More work on the way!!
Projects to complete by May for Devcon include,
Upgrades to the SM Scout armour.
Bolt Pistol and Chainsword builds.
My son is to become Link! Kerri will be putting together the costume, I on the other hand will be building his sword and shield....
Keep an eye out for updates towards the beginning of next week!

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It is decided, my son is to become Boba Fett. Watch this space!

Ya never see anyone at conventions in a Punisher costume.......

Plastazote is on the way. One swt of heretic armour is about to be in the making...

So I took up the challenge to complete a build in Four weeks for Devcon.
So far this is the only picture I have but at least I can say I did it

Next project is to continue the SM build that's in the shed and maybe make it heretic armour rather than loyalist. I may have to replace the current torso though, I'm going to start with the legs so it may conspire the torso I currently have is too smAll.

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