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Courtney Swanson
· October 19, 2017
I am currently sitting in the waiting room at DCH. I got here at 4:00 with a stomach ulcer. I've been throwing up blood all day. The room was full when I got here and now it's 8:00, and there are only... 3 other people here besides me. People who have come in after me have not only been seen, but been discharged and got to go home. I was here last night as well. Waited for 2 hours, then decided to go home and come back. Now I'm here in some of the worst pain of my life and still, not being seen. This is ridiculous. I moved here all the way from Wisconsin recently and this place is giving Tuscaloosa a really bad name! See More
Ginger Moss
· October 13, 2017
Ive been sitting here for 2 hours in pain of a level of 10. Was told to be seated so i did. Several people have come in behind me, one punched a door, one hurting also an they have both been called So i go to the desk an ask, very rude service, i was told that it depends on the pain people are in well if i recall i told them 10 for my pain i havent been called back yet!! There was only me plus 3 other people here an for the past 2 hours ive been waiting only one has came from the back. This place is a JOKE!!! See More
Makyrah Starks-Stewart
· January 29, 2018
This is the worst place to ever come. I’ve been sitting waiting on ONE thing for 3hrs and they came in 4 different times asking for that sample over and over again� I swear I hate this place they need... to just shut it down!!! See More
Cindy Maher Rondini
· July 25, 2017
Texas Congressman Ted Poe will be proposing legislation via a special order (30 min speech) this Friday at 1:00 requesting new legislation that requires a hospital to have a Sexual Assault Nurse Exami...ner (SANE) on staff OR if they don't, they must have a plan in place to get a victim to a hospital that does have one available. He will be talking about Megan and filing the legislation in her honor. Alabama and specifically DCH failed Megan Rondini and victims like her but Texas is stepping up to protect women across the country and getting them the medical resources that will help them in such tragic situations. See More
Tracey Hunt
· July 24, 2017
Took hubby in for severe stomach/side/chest pains with arm numbness. Thought heart attack. He was immediately placed in an intake room and given EKG, which came back normal. He was left in that room f...or over an hour, and the pain worsened to the point he was lying on the floor trying to get relief. He opened the door into the back and begged for help. There were numerous nurses that walked by without even acknowledging him, as he was lying in the doorway begging for something to ease pain. At this point I was afraid it was his gallbladder and that it might rupture. He finally got put on a stretcher in the hall (there were no open rooms) and a doctor came by (for all of 1 minute) ordered a CT scan and he was finally given pain meds. After FIVE HOURS lying on a stretcher in the hall, he had the CT scan and turned out to have a kidney stone that was too large to pass. The nurses up front in intake are the most uncaring people I have ever met. It was like his pain was an inconvenience to them. See More
Sandra Garrette Wade
· September 6, 2017
My husband has been in the ER a few times in the last few months. Everyone has been very professional. This last time he had a nurse his name was John, he was excellent. Ask my husband several times i...f he needed anything. They were very busy, but John checked on us several times. I read all these reviews, makes me wonder if we all was at the same hospital. Thank you for caring for my husband. See More
Ameerreia Paintedpretti Waller
· September 26, 2017
if you want to be sick and wait for hours and hours this is the place to go!!! service is horrible and nurses at check in have the worse attitudes ever !!!!
Kathy Law
· September 15, 2017
The review is in the ONE star. Need I say more? Exactly. AND get this... it is deserted in here tonight. I have never seen this ER so empty! So many empty beds... amazing. Doesn't make ANY difference ...though... still waiting to see a doctor--it's been almost 5 hours waiting so far. Lets take some bets on how many hours total before doc comes in?? Aww come on... just a friendly wager between friends. See More
Keith Vandiver
· June 16, 2017
It is a shame that our tax dollars go to this institution without control! My son was carried in by ambulance with iv fluids and 103.5 temperature. When he got to DCH Emergency Department, they took t...he fluids out and placed him in the waiting room and left the iv in his arm. Three and a half hours later, the waiting room was nearly emptied and they had not even came over to check his vital signs. Then when we decided to leave, we were told they were waiting on a more acute room for him. they would not let him leave until they took his iv out. i would say unless you are having a dire emergency, go to Northport(much better care) or another urgent care clinic or make the drive to Bessemer, Birmingham, Fayette, or even Centreville. You could make the drive, be seen and treated, and back home in bed on the mend, before you will even be seen at DCH Emergency. It is sad that our community has to deal with such poor healthcare when we send our tax dollars to help support them. It would be great if we had other 24 hour urgent care alternatives. See More
Erica MedSchool Ervin
· May 19, 2017
DCH means Don't Come Here. This is the absolute worst hospital in Alabama. It has to be. I have never had a good experience. Not one single visit. And I only came here because Northport's ER was damn ...near standing room only. I think I will actually drive to Birmingham before I ever come here again.
Anyone giving this hospital a good review is suspect. There's absolutely no excuse to be sitting in a waiting room for 4 hours and not a single person has been discharged or taken back. The nurses are standing around playing with the blood pressure machines. People are sending others out to go get food and drink! They literally have more security for their poor service than they do medical staff I guess. Just don't do it. Stop patronizing this horrible horrible horrible place. If it wasn't for the fact that my 14 month old can't sleep and was screaming bloody murder, I would never ever have stepped foot in this place. And I never will again.
Signed a tired 5 month pregnant mother who has been up for 24 hours and is just over it.
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Ashley Milliken
· October 12, 2017
This place is an absolute joke. I’m not sure how this hospital stays open at all. Very unprofessional and very unsanitary. I would rather play leap frog with a unicorn than visit this place. I wasn’t ...even the patient and I probably left with a staff infection. See More
Cheryl Johnson
· November 17, 2017
We sit there 11 hours. We got there before 1:00pm and my brother didn’t get called back until 5:30pm then we got to leave around 11:00pm.
Robin Hendrix
· September 26, 2017
I'm so thankful for the care my mom received from her RN's at the Emergency Room. Our nurses Courtney and Leanna were fabulous! Above and beyond to help in our time of need. We were feeling a bit down... but with their physical, and emotional uplifting we feel much brighter. Thank you ED!! See More
Makia Harris
· June 18, 2017
I gave it a 3 because while i was getting my foot looked at not once but twice i was hit with the door while i was in the wheelchair i feel like it should be flips on the outside of the door to let th...em know when there is someone in the room and when the patient leave out the flip should be green for all clear and red for occupied See More
Kathy Villines Coats
· May 29, 2017
Have to say the worst experience of my life. Don't even being your dog here. All they care about is money/insurance... The security guards are rude and think they a cop. Lynne is the guard at door ...and she put her badge in my face and told me to never forger her name. Dr. Simpson only talked about money when my husband is laying here with 100% blockage and can't walk due to no circulation. Filing complaint and getting lawyer. See More
Kimberly Griggs
· June 20, 2017
Slow as hell and some of the staff can be complete buttholes and make the really nice ones and good ones seem far and few. There is one Nurse Practitioner there that is cut throat blunt but I love her... and she is nice with her bluntness Lisa Crowe... She rocks!!!!! See More
Amy Jones
· July 25, 2017
I was at the ER for 7 hours. Never saw a Dr and they never even checked to see why my chest was hurting. I have severe poison ivy and they tried to say it was acne and I need to go to dermatologist. N...ever again will I go to DCH. See More
Rhonda Barnett Blair
· May 5, 2017
I gave it a 3-star rating just because some of them were very good. But I have to say I'm very disappointed and dr. Green she was very unprofessional. Her and a nurse named Jennifer we're discussing p...atience 30 feet away from each other very loudly. Inow no conditions of people who were strangers to me. This violates Hep a laws. I know one man was an alcoholic and that they felt like he should be given laxatives because in their words he had diarrhea of the mouth and he should have diarrhea other places. I know dealing with a combative alcohol it may have not been fun but that's their job. I also know the conditions of a ladies twins who were in the emergency room there too I should not know this. I know the lady who I had went to the emergency room too see was left in the hall for three hours before she was ever given a wristband or a heart monitor even though she came in with chest pains. I know she had blood drawn from her without them for sure knowing who she was without having the wristband. Now the reason it went from one star to three stars is because when the next shift came on they corrected those problems monitor her heart correctly and we're very attentive they got her into a room quickly run all the tests necessary and had to admit her for heart complications even though I overheard dr. Green saying that she just had throat spasms this diagnosis Kane before any test results we're back from the lab or x-ray xcetra. See More
Laurie Beth Kesterson
· June 25, 2017
Came in with an awful dog bite that I even said I didn't want stitched. Well no dr came to see me and my leg was stitched completely closed by a nurse. Less than 24 hours later and I'm back in the ER ...with an abscess and cellulitis so bad I could not stand. Went in by ambulance and they left me out in the waiting room with my leg rotting off for a few hours. No biggie I ended up being able to keep my leg after having surgery to clean it out. Thanks for nothing but pain and suffering See More
Anita Marie Underwood
· June 3, 2017
The nicest staff were the Radiology staff that did my CAT Scans...Hats off to those 2 ladies!! The doctor spent less than 2 minutes checking me and discussing my problem. The nurse (Tammy) made me fe...el like I was interrupting her day and didnt bother to give me the excuse I needed for my job. The quality of service at this hospital has declined greatly and it's sad!!! Drive the extra miles and go somewhere else is what I will do next time....... See More