Catch my last gig in KL on Thursday at La Bodega lounge (jln Telawi 2.). After that it is bye bye Asia... it's been an amazing 9 years!

A lot of awesome tunes in this one! All night recording:Old skool no laptop dj set by yours truly, LIVE jam by BURG (Swe). Special shout out to our country man Anton for his visual magic.…/stella-nutella-vs-burg-at-stock…/

Awesome night at PISCO Bar i KL with my fellow Swedish artists : First 1hr 40min is my opening DJ set, then until 03hrs 02 min is BURG jamming live on his analogue synthesizers... the final 1hour 30min I am DJ'ing again. Everything is accompanied by some excellent visuals by ADHD.

Funky Ladies night in Bangsar... every Thursday until mid July!

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My last techno baby in KL for this time.... come enjoy the midnight sun at Pisco Bar!

Sat 10:30 PM UTC+08Pisco BarKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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DJ STELLA NUTELLA is feeling relaxed.
May 19, 2015

Back in Penang this weekend! Chill pool parties at the Equatorial on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night

DJ STELLA NUTELLA is feeling curious.
May 13, 2015

Relocating to Europe in less than 2 months! Oh dear, time to start packing! Which adventures are waiting over there?

did not have a nice week because I was hanging out with my son in hospital, he had some crazy infection and fever, but we are out now in the real world and I'm back at La Bodega tonight as usual! In the mood for music therapy

A pretty quiet week this week! I've got only one gig which is Hits n Heels in La Bodega (jln Telawi) on Thursday, come check it out, it's ladies night!

Back at Skybar tonight! 9pm-12am. HOUSE

Catch me doing a DEEP n TECHHOUSE set at Blue Elephant this Wednesday 8th.

Excited to go and play in Equatorial Hotel PENANG soon at their sunset pool parties! The first ones of their kind in Penang! Lounge and chill cocktail vibe

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Recent interview with Sweden's embassy in Kuala Lumpur!

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Embassy of Sweden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Interview with DJ Stella Nutella

Hanna Flemström-Coleman, or DJ Stella Nutella which is the name she is probably most famous under, has lived abroad for almost ...her entire grown-up life. She was born and raised in Örnsköldsvik in the north-eastern part of Sweden, but has since then lived in England, France, the Netherlands and now Malaysia. Eight years ago her husband got a job in Malaysia and since then they have lived in the country. Soon they are about to go back to Sweden, but before that the embassy wanted to have a short interview with Hanna to get to know how it is to work as a DJ in Malaysia.

• You have been working as a DJ in a number of countries for the past 15 years, if you compare the DJ scene in Malaysia with that of other countries, how would you describe it?

There are some differences if you compare Malaysia and this region to that of Europe. I would say the scene here is not as developed. I cannot play exactly the music I want, but have to adjust and play more conventional music, which has been a challenge. On the other side, I have become more all-round in my selection of music.

Also, here the DJ scene is very much dominated by men and compared to Europe; it is not as common to see female DJs. This has however started to change. When I first came here female DJs were very unique, but today more and more female DJs are playing, which I think is great.

• Talking of female DJs, you have started an agency for female DJs called Amazon Agency, how did you get that idea?

I knew a number of female DJs around the world and as there was no agency focusing on female DJs at that time, I saw the opportunity to start one. It has grown a lot and the response has been good. For me gender equality is important and I am glad I have been able to inspire other female DJs.

What is also important for me is that I always want to promote the music we perform – not focusing on the look of the DJ. This can sometimes be a challenge as there is a big focus on external attributes of female DJs here. Maybe it is my Swedish values, but I do not want to earn money based on how I look and what type of clothes I wear (or not wear).

• If you would recommend one Malaysian artist that we shall keep an eye on, who would that be?

Goldfish and Blink is a duo which I think is very good. They are hard-working and I really hope the best for their future.

• What is the best about Malaysia?

It is a great mix of people, who are always smiling! Almost everyone has a good attitude to life – maybe it’s because of the weather?!

• What plans do you have for the future?

Me, my husband and our two children will move back to Sweden in July. As I have been looking forward to move back for a long time now, it feels fantastic. In Sweden I would like to continue working with music, maybe on a smaller scale and probably not in nightclubs, but at hotels and on events. I will probably miss Malaysia, but thankfully we have a lot of friends here and we will most likely come back for vacation every now and then!

Before Hanna leaves the country, she will however organize one last Stockholm Syndrome party at PISCO BAR in Jalan Mesui. For those of you who are in town in June we can recommend you to check it out (check for more info)!

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It's Thursday!

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La Bodega Tapas Y Vinos is with DJ Augie and 2 others.

Hits & Heels happening tonight! Team Telawi, are you ready with your Secret Code?

Next Saturday I am back in the lovely historic town of Melaka!

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Me and CC Sound Factory (Singapore) at RedBull Party in Skybar! will be highly caffeinated!!!

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March DJ gigs: Thursdays at La Bodega in Bangsar; Saturday 21+ Monday 23rd at Skybar, and 28th in Melaka (FLO Lounge).

For those of you who like pop and commercial house, check out my newest recordings on WWW.MIXCLOUD/STELLANUTELLA -recorded live in Kuala Lumpur!