DJ Mellow in his formative years haha
-womp head haha

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Win free tickets to see myself, D1rty No1ze, DJ Belly, Miss Amphetamine, Airia on November 14th at the The Canopy Club! Click here to enter...

Less than 3 weeks until Luminox takes over The Canopy Club! I can't wait to debut something new for you guys!

Heading over to Durty Nellies to play some tunes! I'll be on 12-3 in the front room while Wedding Banned kills it in the back. Come on through!

Big announcement coming up... Can't wait!

Heading over to DJ at Durty Nellie's tonight from 12-3. Come out and grab a drink!

DJ Mellow updated their cover photo.
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New song up! I started this one over 4 months ago before losing half the file. I let it sit for forever until picking it back up this week. I had a lot of bad habits back then but I think i worked most of them out as best I could.. enjoy!

You looooove someone else...... This is a song I started over 4 months ago but half of the file was lost and it just kinda sat there.. this week ...

Hell yeah! Big ups to the entire Trill Kill Kult for including my submission to their newest mix.. These dude are doing something different in a world where everyone is just following in line. Check out the mix right here featuring some other really dope artists you already know.. I'll release the full version of my submission in the next week or so... enjoy!…/volume-4-trill-kill-kult

To celebrate Friday the 13th we took in some submissions from outside the kult to be featured alongside some of our artist. This weeks samples come...

Why won't Ableton recognize my MPK anymore??? haaaalp!

DJing Durty Nellies in the burbs tonight from 12-3:15. Les goooo

What're you guys up to Friday?? I know what you should be doing..

Fri 8:00 PM CDTThe Canopy ClubUrbana, IL
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On right now at Soma.. Do it...

Here's that new 100 guys! Something for the booties...


Droppin that new 100 tomorrow!

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"Now I'm blowin up; yes! Why? 'Cause I rhyme tight..
Yo my flow is hot, just like the guy from Twilight"…/die-antwoord-dis-iz-why-im-hot

Hey why not... here's a free bootleg I made a while ago and never released...