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Patrisha Newman-O'neill
· August 10, 2017
DMS energy went out of their way to help my family and I who are new to Tasmania. We needed help in identifying an energy efficient way of heating our house etc due to receiving our first electricity... bill which was very high. They responded very quickly and sent someone out to walk around and pointed out what to use and not to use, how to use things more efficient etc. Was very helpful and can not thank them enough for this help. See More
Timothy Smith
· March 14, 2014
Today is just 1 day over a year since we had our solar system installed by DMS so I thought I'd do a calculation to see how much it has paid back in this time. We received a particularly good return i...n the summer months with our last bill over $800 produced by the solar making our power bill not a bill at all. The total produced by the 6KW solar system for 12 months is $2304. A decent effort and I couldn't be happier with my DMS installation. See More
ChelleandChris Smith
· March 14, 2014
DMS would have to be the most efficient installers around- great job gents; really happy with our 3.6kw system. A clean look on the roof and a tidy install for the rest of the gear. Why did we not ins...tall earlier????? See More
Michael Rocca
· September 10, 2017
Great communication, helpful, honest and reliable.
Kevin Morgan
· August 20, 2014
Having a great local business that provides genuine energy savings is a credit to the owner.
Support for this business and other good local businesses provides jobs and a future for your communities.
...Buy and support your local businesses.
They are here for the long haul.
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2017 LG Video
Reposit Power video
LG 315 watt NeOn2 video


Electricians Required

DMS Energy are one of the leading renewable energy suppliers and installers in the state. We also do domestic and commercial electrical. ...
We are a concept to completion company. Completing far flung projects of varying complexity and size.

What you need to be.

*Motivated self starter.
*Competent, qualified electrician.
*Fit and healthy.
*Prepared to work to higher standards than accepted elsewhere.

Skill sets that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Desirable but not a necessity skills.

*Solar experience in either grid connect or off grid.
*Networking and data cabling experience.
*HVAC and Security.

We pay very well for the right people and we invest heavily in training.

Email your resume to or drop one in to 56 Sheffield Rd Spreyton TAS 7310.

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Interesting story about how businesses are taking advantage of all the free energy hitting their roofs every single day for absolutely compelling financial benefits.

DMS Energy, Tasmania’s leading quality commercial solar concept to completion company.

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Posted by 9 News Sydney
9 News Sydney

There's been a surprising surge in solar installations but not on the suburban residential rooftop.

#9News |


Another 100kW out of the way today.
303 LG 330 watt NeON2 connected to 3 x SolarEdge SE27.6K inverters. Great job by the DMS Energy crew.

With the dry weather the demand for our Lorentz solar pumps has been quite high this year. Commissioned this one today. 3,000 litres per hour up a 50 metre static head. Day in day out with no ongoing energy costs.....How awesome is that??

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This weeks Powersavers we talk about the malicious fire at Tasmazia and how it impacted the solar system we had on their roof.

An Audioboom by Breakfast with Darren Kerwin

On this weeks Powersavers we discuss how well the SolarEdge battery backed up system performed across Tassie with all the storm related power outages.
We also look at the NEM and the extreme end of spot pricing for wholesale power.
(Image of pricing available in the comments)

An Audioboom by Breakfast with Darren Kerwin
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Another Mercedes all tarted up and ready to rock. Thanks to Damon Signs for another great job. Just have a few more to go and the fleet will be complete.

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2018 Back on the radio again and straight into the HOT TOPICS!!!

DMS Energy critiques both the Liberal and Labor parties energy policy they are presenting to us at this this election. Comments and thoughts welcome.

An Audioboom by Breakfast with Darren Kerwin

DMS Energy have been the leading installer of Lorentz pumps in Tasmania for the best part of a decade.

Reaqua Solar Pumping added 5 new photos.

#Lorentz recently commissioned a test looking at the Lorentz Solar Pump against leading competitors. Take a look at the results which are quite compelling! All #ReAqua Lorentz pumps come with a 4 year on farm warranty and Clean Energy Council accreditation.

Electric Ferries, in Norway of course.

The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway are starting to get some good data on the vehicle and it’s nothing short of impressive. They claim that the all-electric ferry cuts emi…


It is days like today with intermittent heavy cloud cover where you just have to appreciate the DC coupled SolarEdge battery system.
We have 8.43kW coming down from the solar panels.
DMS Energy showroom is using 1.89kW...
The battery is taking 4.57kW
And we are still exporting 1.97kW to the grid.

Running the site, storing away power for tonight and making money all at the same time.

If you want this for yourself give us a bell on 1300 502 599 or drop us a message.

DMS Energy we have the answers for your energy questions 🙂

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Another DMS Energy commercial solar system doing what they do best. Lowering bills and helping Tasmanian businesses flourish and thrive in these uncertain times.

State government loan scheme benefits Wynyard business

Commissioned a solar pump today 🙂

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Posted by DMS Energy
DMS Energy added 5 new photos — with Mark Kay and Cameron Robinson.
January 16

Commissioned a solar pump today 🙂

52% of new vehicles sold in Norway are hybrid or electric cars! Go Green; up from previous year's 40%. Oslo providing tax breaks and incentives to buyers