Yesterday an prime example of racial profiling and discrimination occurred in our own backyard here in York County. Our Vice Chair Sandra Thompson and several of her friends were asked to leave Grandview Golf Course for no other apparent reason other than the color of their of skin. This unquestionably appalling, reprehensible behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, especially here in York.

Myneca Ojo added a photo and a video.
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Today I was a victim of racial profiling and discrimination. Just a few minutes after we took our Sisters in the Fairway outing picture, Sandra Thompson and I w...ere kicked off the golf course and the police called. The owner tried to kick us off earlier on the second hole, but Sandra intervened. The harassment continued to the 10th hole, with a claim we broke rules. We are golfers and we did not. We are professional women in our 50s trying to enjoy ourselves and was victimized, sectionalized and harassed playing golf. It got really scary the encounters and we are PAID members of this course, Grandview Golf Course in York, PA. Fight discrimination and bias. It is poisoning the progress of this state, the economy and this country. I stand against discrimination bullying. Please share this story and be mindful that times are a changing. I am an advocate for equality and promote equity professionally and personally. It happened to me.

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Tom Charles
August 16, 2012
A great resource for Democrats in York county. As secretary/webmaster of the Susquehanna County Democratic Party I am proud to have our pages affiliated with each other.