Eid Mubarak to all students and their families. Please don't forget the poor on this day. May Allah bless all of us. Ameen

High School
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Ramzan Mubarak to all old and new student of DPS.

High School
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Adnan Khan
· April 23, 2016
very bad experience, wasted my time and my parent's amount on fees
its about study here like ounchi dukaan pheeka pakwaan..
few teachers were here in this so called institute are very selfish and bias...ed, they mostly Favored those students who are in their relationship in any term like son, nephew etc etc.
They try to provide any help and every kind of relief in almost all the fields here like 1). STUDY(they provide subject guess in every paper in exams of every term, students know who make upcoming paper).
2). SPORTS (they almost preferred their relatively belong students in every sports in every team, not on merit' BUT In Fact they never ever encouraged those students who need this kind of help even most. )
shamefully and disgrace act from dps teachers. I hate them and i know many students like me agree my words who studied here.
3). They make prefects, head boys, captains of teams and more like these but only preferred first their own relative students specially who stayed also in school homes with teachers not hostel students.
4). Also some relaxation in fees who belongs to teachers.

I never ever forget this treatment of school teachers, and they never being good as they should be.
I hoped they will provide equal rights, equal opportunities to all students who studied here. But first they should avoid biased.

Adnan Khan
former student of this so called institute dps. fsd
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Ahsan Touseef
· February 9, 2018
Thanks for giving me soo many beautiful memories....
Iftikhar Ali Alvi
· May 2, 2014
Some times vocabulary becomes insufficient to express the emotions and associations. Same thing happened with me. Today when I sit and I tried to express my love and association with such an instituti...on where I spend 11 years of my life I found that I don’t have the words to explain that.
DPS is the institution where I spend my childhood time. From where I got the values to live in society and got my education. I got love, affection and guidance of my teachers by virtue that today I am able to attain my current position. DPS is not an ordinary school to give you the education. This is the intuition which impacts your personality to be a good Muslim, Human Being, Patriot, Sports Man.
I always miss the time I spend in this heaven and praying to Allah-Subhana-Wa-Tala to keep blessing this intuition with the teachers what I had during my time who contributed a lot in the lives of their students and Pakistani Society.
DPS I Love you and Miss You. May you always be prospers(Aamin).
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Fatima Ashfaq
· September 18, 2017
So much increase in fee.A lot of extra charges included.This month they added arrears instead of paying all amounts last submission.
Ch Muhammad Danyal Amjad
· May 28, 2014
bcame immnsly happy on hearing ..that Respected Sir Anwar Sab is now Headmaster ...wana c him sitting in his office as soon as owsm n indstrial man...was a mean to polish me ...unlimited... mmries wid him See More
Kanwal Imran
· December 10, 2015
My stay in this school was the best time of my life. The year were 1985 to 1996 11 years of my life.
Bilal Javed
· February 22, 2014
i miss my school so.... much.
when i see my school van on the road feeling with joy.i say"mery school ki bus".
and my daughter reply."papa aap to school jaty nai".
Samavia Tariq
· October 9, 2015
I love my school never ever forget my class fellows my teachers My first love my school
Aadil Mahmood
· September 5, 2015
School life is best in dps but college life is soo booring bcz no functions no party no concerts
Bilal Arshad
· June 27, 2015
I wish I could turn back the clock and manage to get into the school once again.
Asad Awan
· December 4, 2016
Top school for girls give them save as in home i trust to teaching my sweet daughters .
Ali Zaman
· April 19, 2015
Best School with lot of opportunities to groom, thanks to my parents for choosing that school for me
Sheraz Ahmad
· January 21, 2017
My Dearest school. enjoyed very much till 1986. Teachers were professional, loyal and comitted
Kaukab Farooq
· June 10, 2015
I miss my school .l had many great memories .l miss my lovely old friends ,
Wahaab Siddique
· August 21, 2016
Great College tomorrow i will go to this college..
Rana X Shazada
· January 5, 2015
I study in this lovely place and this is for our bright future
Maryam Javed
· June 15, 2015
this is my this place
Mariam Shahzad
· December 24, 2016
This school is too good
Abu Huraira
· April 5, 2016
I Like This School Bcz in This schoo we grow and feel happy....
Smart Jacknjill
· September 1, 2015
We require a female Principal for Smart school Eden Garden Faisalabad.
Contact: 03339935469

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Posted by Lala Hasan Raza
Lala Hasan Raza is with Malik Waris Ali and 22 others.

The teachers of DPS and College who have devoted their entire life to this worthy institution, who have whitened their hair teaching in this college since ages.... But, now these mentors are being deprived of their privileges.
They are being propelled to dedmit their rights. It has been 9 days since this protest has been triggered but our venerable commissioner has not even bothered to utter a few words pertaining this glaring issue. They are combatting for their rights but commissioner sb has been glossing over all these outcrys. I request all of my fellows to share this video as much as possible. Convey the message guys so it reaches the higher dignities who might think over this matter.
As an Ex-Head boy of session 2014, i stand by my teachers, i extend my full support to their cause. I will be on my toes to respond to their call if they need me in any case and my fellows will accompany me too.
Actually, the matter is :
DPS system was introduced in 1963 under Sharif Commission in public sector. In the start DPS branches were established at Division level. DPS Fsd is also one of the premiers. Here the salary package was more attractive than that of the govt. In early eighties same pay structure of the govt of punjab was implemented in DPS Fsd. Since then the staff has been taking salary and raise as announced by the Punjab govt. But it was stopped in 2015 onward. In 2015 only 5% raise was given and in 2016 no raise was given and thus they were deprived of pay scales in accordance with our appointment letters and govt of punjab. Thet have very simple request to restore our scales as were promised with us. DPS arranges its funds through fee only and it has huge funds available for salary and othe expenses. It is run through BOG presided by commissioner Fsd. They, the staff, sent many requests to him to give their due rights but no response was shown. A delegation of teachers met the commissioner but he did not move. And then they launched a sit in in the campus and used black armbands. But all this while they performed all their duties. They also launched rallies but all in vain.
Their Requests
1. In all the versions of DPS, same Pay Structure exists according to Govt of Punjab since early eighties.
2. In mall the major DPS systems like Lahore Pindi Gujranwala Sahiwal the salary structure exists in accordance with Govt Of Punjab and they get annual increase accordingly. In DPS Fsd the employees had been taking salary and raise according to budget policy announced by govt of punjab every year. But after 2015 no raise in salary was given even though our appointments were made in BPS 17 of Govt of Punjab.
3. There is no concept of pension in DPS Fsd. But in DPS Pindi and Lahore employees get some pension.
4. BOG notification is not provided to employees but salary slip is given on which every detail is mentioned.
5. They dont demand additional allowances they simply want their pay scales restored.
All the media is covering our peaceful compaign but still no contact had been made by the authorities.

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Alumini Homecoming 2017

Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad added 246 new photos to the album: DPS&C ALUMNI 2017.

Alumni part 1
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فیصل آباد: ڈی پی ایس میں سابق طلبہ کیلئے ایلومنائی میلہ

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Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad

DPS&C Alumni Homecoming will be held on Friday 5th May at 5:00 PM. All who sent request for registration via e mail, sms, phone call and whats app are informed ...that their registration is ok. Kindly reach before 5 O clock. The assembly will start at 5:15 and then the further activities. Registration is continue till 5th May 2017. Reg is free without any charges.

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