Democratic Socialists of Americ, Sacramento will be marching in solidarity with Labor Council for Latin American Advancement - Sacramento AFL- CIO (LCLAA) on the Cesar Chavez Day March.

Meet us at Southside Park at 10am on Saturday, March 31st-look for the red flags!

From the official event page description:


Join the 18th Annual Cesar Chavez march as our community comes together in unity as a reminder that together we are stronger against the racist, corporate agenda that continues to create poverty, and create wealth for the 1%. We are marching for farmworker rights, and the right to unionize, support boycotts, and strikes, support workers, support immigrants, human rights, environmental rights, LGBQT rights, BLM rights, homeless, healthcare, and our water !

We are marching in support of the Driscoll Boycott
We are marching in Support of the "Vuse" JR Reynolds Boycott!
We are marching in Support of Kaiser California Nurses Association!
We are marching in Support of Fight for $15 Workers!
We are marching in Support of South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) !
We are marching in Support of the Mexican Teachers Union!
We are marching in Support of the Chicago Teachers Union!
We are marching in Support of our Brothers and Sisters! incarerated for supporting their unions!
We are marching in Support of our Brothers and Sisters in ICE Prisons!
We are marching in Support of our Brothers and Sisters being imprisoned because they are black or brown, poor, LGBQT, beaten down! WE ARE FIGHTING BACK !

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Sat 10:00 AM PDTSouthside ParkSacramento, CA
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On this day in 1914 Helen Keller—author, activist, and socialist—wrote the Sacramento Star on the treatment of workers in Sacramento and the practicality of socialism.

Brutal Treatment of the Unemployed in Sacramento

I think their treaunent was outrageous." It is not a crime
to protest for your fellows. It is not a crime to be without bread.
They say that these men are IWW's and that means, 'I Won't Work.’ I honor these men for their protest.
I am a socialist because I believe that socialism will solve the misery of the world—give work to the man who is hungry and idle and at least give to little children the right to be
born free. I believe socialism is practical. You tell me these men out of work are unfit. Under socialism they will not be unfit because they will not be overtaxed. With the idle rich and the idle poor working and the work day four hours long their bodies will grow strong again and their minds sane.

There are so many in prison who should be out—with their minds and bodies given a chance to grow straight. There are so many out of prison who more deserve to be inside. There are those who enslave men and women and little children, paying wages that will not let them live.

It is them and the system under which they live that are
responsible for the men who have been treated like inhuman
things at Sacramento.

—Sacramento (CALIFORNIA) Star, MARCH 16, 1914
Sac DSA Presents An Evening of Provocative Film and Discussion. The Newsreel Collective was a national collective of revolutionary filmmakers in the US who produced some of the most important agitational and documentary films of the 1960s. Jesse Drew, professor of cinema and digital media at UC Davis will present Newsreel shorts that highlight the influence of the collective and how activists today can benefit from their work. Sunday, November 5, 2017, 7-9PM 1714 Broadway in Sacramento This event is free! Refreshments will be available!
Landlords, don’t forget, we the tenants pay your debt.

The Roseville student walkouts bear special significance: their school district took more NRA blood money than any other district in the country from 2010 to 2016. #NationalWalkoutDay

Several Sacramento-area school districts and the University of California system received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the National Rifle Association between 2010 and 2016.

This movie night is a fundraiser for the DSA Sacramento Labor Committee to send it's members to the 2018 Labor Notes Conference!

Movie will go on at 8:30pm in the backyard. Bundle up in case it gets cold. We will have plenty of seating, but feel free to bring your own lawn chair, blankets, etc.

Suggested donation for attendance is $3-10, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds!


We will have drinks, snacks, and raffles, so bring cash to participate in the raffles!

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Sat 7:30 PM PDTOrganize SacramentoSacramento, CA

In preparation for signature gathering on the new local measure for rent control, we practiced our canvassing with the Affordable Housing Act!

For info on the local petition follow Housing 4 Sacramento and sign up for updates at


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We may have lost an hour over the weekend, but we’re one hour closer to winning #rentcontrol in Sacramento.

#StopRentGouging Endorse the ‘Sacramento Renter Protection & Community Stabilization Charter Amendment’ Campaign!


Happy Friday y’all ✌🏽

The former pharmaceuticals boss dubbed "Pharma Bro", Martin Shkreli, has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

"This is a reality at bargaining tables across the United States, where bosses try to force workers to choose between healthcare and living wages. We follow in teachers’ footsteps as they say no more: workers deserve both."

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On #InternationalWomensDay2018, we recognize the women of Latin America who have led political and social movements in their countries to fight for a better world.

Check out this overview of the recent tumult in the American labor movement. About a week after the Janus case was heard by the Supreme Court, West Virginia teachers won statewide pay increases with a wildcat strike. The events of the past two weeks prove the labor movement begins and ends with the workers!

On February 26th, the dreaded Janus vs. AFSCME case was argued before the US Supreme Court. The decision that follows has the potential to undo public sector unionism as we know it and cause wages, benefits, and workplace safety standards to plummet everywhere.

Union women lead the way for a more just and equitable workplace and toward a better world.

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International Women's Day
IBEW Local 1245

#InternationalWomensDay is March 8. To celebrate, we’re sharing stories of the #womenofIBEW.

Join the global conversation with the hashtag #PressforProgress.

Let Jeff Sessions know that he is not welcome in our city! We are not a town hospitable to Trump's racist agenda

Wed 7:30 AM PSTKimpton Sawyer Hotel, 500 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
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The city council chose to give our tax dollars to the billionaire Vivek Ranadive and the NBA rather than make our infrastructure safe and now our grandparents are paying with their lives.

Isaac Gonzalez is feeling frustrated.

“...a 2005 Federal Highway Administration analysis, advised cities not to have crosswalks at high-volume high-speed streets like Freeport Boulevard unless the i...ntersection also has added safety measures, such as traffic lights, a raised median or vehicle speed-reduction devices or designs...”

So since the city can’t afford the added safety measures, it’s removed 23 crosswalks in neighborhoods all over Sacramento. Even though it’s state law to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, we’re once again favoring motorized traffic over the needs of all other travelers.

We have better standards and data to support traffic patterns other than motor vehicle level of service yet we still give pedestrians and cyclists the short end of the stick concerning infrastructure investment. We can’t do this and claim to be truly moving towards a #visionzero goal at the same time!

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The intersection of Freeport Boulevard and Oregon Drive, where a pedestrian was killed last month, is one of 23 spots around the city where officials have removed painted crosswalks in the past three years.

We're excited to announce the opening of our chapter's electoral endorsement application. If you are a candidate running for Sacramento City, county, or statewide office and are seeking our endorsement, fill out our form! 🌹

Sacramento local of the largest socialist organization in the United States.

Raoul Peck has made movies on James Baldwin and Karl Marx, next up John Brown and Franz Fanon. 😍

"You’re going to do John Brown and Fanon?

Of course, of course. That’s the idea! I’m not in the movie business to make films. Otherwise I could be very happy doing Scary Movie 6 and 7. It’s about how do we provide instruments and material for the next generation. Whether they use it or not, it’s going to be there, it’s going to exist. The Young Karl Marx that’s, again, the first f...ilm ever in the Western world about Karl Marx. So you can say I don’t like it or I don’t want to see it, but it exists.

For those who want to see it, they can see it. And I see the result. In Germany, in France, young people were the people who got the film right. They understood what it meant because it reflects on their life today as young people in a world of injustice. And it gives them the idea: We can fight, we can organize, we can study. It’s about learning, and working, and trying to come up with something."

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“This is the first film ever in the Western world about Marx.”

20,000 West Virginia school employees are continuing to strike. They've rejected an unsatisfactory compromise. The workers' power is being realized by every striking day. #AFreezeIsNotAFix #55strong

Many risk consequences for striking in districts where school hasn't been canceled so please give anything you can to the WV teachers strike fund.

The statewide public school employees strike that began last Thursday will continue today, despite state-level union leaders' call for workers to return to schools today following a new proposal from