Where do I begin to tell the story of...

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Love it.
Hate it.
Do whatever you want with it.
Just don't ignore it!...
Happy Birthday to the world's first Brandtoon.

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Getting closer to Brandtoon...

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Brandtoon, coming soon!

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Sweet people, please help us spread the word...

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Welcome! This very moment I am doing a school project where Russell Brand is the main source of inspiration. DTRB chose to analyze Brand more as a product in…

DTRB Inc wishes all of you a wonderful and merry Christmas!

Jerry wishes you all a lovely weekend from, well you all know where he is...

And we are back!!!
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Andrew Sachs and Russell Brand on ”Senare kväll med Jerry” in Stockholm, Sweden. "Senare kväll med Jerry" was unfortunately canceled after this episode. Jerry…
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This might knock your socks off (during the wait)…

Are you getting bored with your workout? Do you feel like nobody understands what you're all about? Is your singing voice not what it used to be? Thank the g...

Sorry about the delay with our recent clip.
We have had some difficulties with Jerry.
He didn’t approve the angles the video was filmed in.
Something about; ”they” made him look fat!


Oh well, you all know, or at least have heard about how
hard it is working with huge stars like our Jerry.

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Moving completed!

A whole new brand by A whole new Brand! Do you feel that your life is really unsatisfying and dull? Did you do stuff last night that today give you horrible…

And we are back!

Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - @DTRB_Inc This is the first official video by DTRB, Inc. Over 15000 views in less…

Due to the conflict we are at the moment having with YouTube, who think our material is not appropriate for them, we would like to recommend you to take a few minutes and see the clip that is still uploaded.

Banned from YouTube, did not see that one coming...
But anyhow, we will find a new home in no time at all!
Our FB-page still stands strong!

The latest from us!
A whole new brand
by A whole new Brand!

We actually got a lot of complaints about this video within the first hour...
it was up so I’m not sure this will manage to survive by the time you see it
but I do hope so coz it’s to good to miss!

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Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - @DTRB_Inc A whole new Brand! Do you feel that your life is really unsatisfying and d...

Nearly 3000 views for this precious

Do The Russell! News breaking: A Russell Brand experience like no other in just a few short minutes. See the british comedian with a hint of even more humor ...

Jerry is prepping for tomorrows filming.
(He is a bit nervous, it's the first time he has such huge stars on his show.)

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